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Band Members: Ravn (Vocals), Archaon (Guitar), Seidemann (Bass), Frost (Drums)

Origin Country: Norway ***

Demonoir - 2010

Revelations of the Black Flame - 2009

Hellfire - 2005

Beyond the Apocalypse - 2004

Liberation - 2003

1. For new listeners describe 1349's style of Black Metal.

ARCHAON (guitars) : We aim to make art that we feel is satisfying to our own musical taste. That is music of an extreme nature that somehow moves us, and as it it seems- some others too. I'd say dark, raw unpolished Norwegian black metal- that's what 1349 is.

2. In 2007 there are literally hundreds of Black Metal bands popping up all over the world. Do you think the genres message has really spread this much, or is Black Metal in danger of being the next big thing?

A: Obviously the music thrills the people that are into Black Metal, but I'm not sure if it has increased so much, or whether a lot of bands labels themselves as Black Metal (for controversy or whatever reason), but are not. And frankly- I don't care. I try to follow the music scene when I get some time, but it's to little of that nowadays... Unfortunately. There's only so much time one has to check out all the stuff around, so.

3. 1349's songs are incredibly fast, how much endurance does it take to play live in this band?

A: Playing 1349 live is extremely demanding- and satisfying. If the show goes well, that is- then I feel rewarded. If it doesn't, it's extreme feelings in the other direction.

4. Speaking of playing live, tell us your thoughts on the shows you played earlier this year in the U.S.

A: I found US and Europe to be completely different experiences. We've had great shows at both continents, but personally I definitely preferred touring in USA. The audience are much more into the whole thing, it seemed. Also, it was great touring there, because you get to see the US from many different aspects, you know. Different states- different nature, culture, lifestyle etc.

5. How did the American crowds differ from the European ones?

A: They were wilder, much more enthusiastic about us performing. It felt like a real event, in most cities we were- I'm really looking forward to come back.

6. Your guitar work is brutal and hellish, what guitars and equipment are you using?

A: I just bought a Dean guitar, a Razorback, which is really killer... And I use EMG pick ups, SIT strings, Dunlop Jazz 1mm picks as well as Coffin Cases- because only the best is good enough!

7. Has work started on the next 1349 record?

A: We've started working on it, but we're kind of like in a void right now. There's a few issues to be worked out before we can get any further.

8. Are there any sounds of techniques you would like to use on the next album that you have never tried before?

A: Well, I always tend to strive to do something more interesting than what I did last time, so there will be something I guess. You know, it's usually full- on speed freak metal, but this album should maintain the profile of what is 1349, as well as cover a wider specter of more diverse musical works as well as techniques, that is definitely a goal for me. There will be some things that you haven't heard from us before, that's for sure. But it will still capture the rawness of our music, and be way more extreme than ever before.

9. What is most important to you when writing new material?

A: Time. To have enough time- and obviously, to be in the right mindset. Certain days are better than other, some days is just not cut out for the task at hand. Apart from that, inspiration can be drawn from lots of different sources. I watch movies, read something that inspires, experiences something "out of the ordinary", etc. And of course I listen to music myself- that is also sometimes still inspiring, although not as much as it was 15 years ago, if you see what I mean.

10. What is one thing fans should know about 1349?

A: That we'll be around on tour in not too long, and we trust our troops to turn up and desecrate with us. We're looking forward to it!


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