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Country Origin: Greece


“Forest Oblivion” - 2005 Demo

Blinkers Define the Spasm” - 2009 E.P.

   1. Tonight we are speaking with the Greek band Veil. Hello my friends. Please introduce us to the band.


VeiL is a Greek Death Metal band formed in Karditsa, Greece in 2003. We've recorded a demo, “Fornest Oblivion”, in 2005 and most recently, “Blinkers Define the Spasm”, our first E.P. which was self- released on September 2009. Throughout the years, there were many line- up changes and now the band has the following form: George E (drums, vocals), Chris Sven (guitar, vocals), and George Sven (5-string bass).




2. With this interview you will be reaching out to the world. So please describe the music of Veil to our readers.


We’ve started as a black/ death metal band. Over the years, our style changed and nowadays our music genre is death metal. Bands such as Dying Fetus, Bolt Thrower, Nile, At the Gates and the pioneers of the genre, Death have definitely an impact on our music.



3. What is the history of the band? How long have to been together?


The band was formed by five classmates seven years ago. With this line-up, we’ve recorded our first demo. Since then many line- up changes took place and now the band has the following form: George E (drums, vocals), Chris Sven (guitar, vocals), and George Sven (5-string bass). George E and Chris Sven are the only members remaining from the initial line- up. Under this form, we recorded and released our first E.P.



4. What is your current discography?


As mentioned above, the band has released a demo and an E.P. so far. The demo, “Forest Oblivion”, was recorded in summer 2005, consists of five songs, accompanied by an intro and an outro, with a style of music that fuses black, doom, and death metal. The “Blinkers Define the Spasm” E.P. was home- recorded in summer 2009, contains five death metal songs and was self - released on September 2009.



5. We have worked with many bands from Greece over the years. How is the Metal scene in your home country?


Things are getting better year by year. There are many metal events taking place in big cities, such as Athens and Thessaloniki, but the situation is significantly different when it comes to smaller cities. There, the metal shows are not so frequent and local bands have a hard time to make a name for themselves.



6. Have you had a chance to play any live shows outside of Greece?


Unfortunately, we haven’t had the chance to play abroad. It would be a pleasure though and we are always interested in booking live shows.




7. What is the main focus and goal for the music of Veil?


Our main focus is to express ourselves through music and to improve our skills, each one individually but as a band as well. We always try for the best and we want to take the band one step further.



8. Does the band write the songs as a whole or is there one primary song writer?


We always write our songs as a whole. Unity plays an important role for us and it is also very vital to be inspired from each other.



9. Are you currently planning any new albums or tours?


We are planning to book as many live shows as possible for the new year. At the same time, we’re working on new stuff.



10. In closing, please leave us with any final thoughts or comments.


If you are into death metal, check our music on:


Anyone who is interested in buying our releases could send a message on myspace or facebook.



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