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Abigail Williams

Live Interview w/ Ken Sorceron

Band Members:

Ken Sorceron – vocals (since 2006), rhythm guitar (since 2009)

Ian Jekelis – lead guitar (since 2009)

Zach Gibson – drums (2006, 2007, since 2011)

Gryph Wotawa - bass (since 2011)

Country of Origin: United States

Legend (2006 EP)

In the Shadow of a Thousand Suns (2008)

Tour/In the Shadow of a Thousand Suns (2009 EP)

In the Absence of Light (2010)

Becoming (2011)

I had a talk with Ken Sorceron, vocalist of Abigail Williams.
While on tour with Mayhem, Keep of Kalessin and Hate this past Dec. 8th. in Atl, Ga.
Great conversation and great laughs.

1. Greetings Ken, How has the tour been so far?

The tours been's been a long tour.. alot longer for us. We do shows before the tour..and shows after.
We had to drive across country and started tour on the east coast.
Have 8 to 9 headlining shows also. Then Will be on tour with Dark Funeral.. we just keep going.

2. You have a new album coming out *Becoming* in January.  Are you playing songs off the new album on this tour?

Yeah really only playing songs off new album.. getting people interested in the new music.
Has been a good response live..Right now really pre-promoting the new album.  When we were in Canada..
we played some older songs.. cause haven't been there for a awile. Wanted to play more of the songs
fans wanted to hear there.

3. You did all the production on *Becoming*.. how did that go?

It's always new experience doing the production..
Has gone good. I do most of production on all of our albums. But sometimes in other places than a recording
studio. (laughs) Drums over at a friends place. Even finishing recording on this tour... at peoples houses.
Fucked up pain in the ass cause we have to bring all the gear with us. So while having time.. did what we could.
First 8 to 10 days basically had no sleep .. 5 days leading up had no sleep.
Leaving things to the last minute. (laughs)
I didn't even think we were going to be able to leave for this tour.. I said..We're not done, I hadn't slept for
days and I started to freak out.
Had to find houses to set up.. we were past deadline, so had to get it done. Did it in true Abigail Williams
fashion... we were at times tracking bass.. at a camp ground, in the van.. I'd say..we have to
do these bass tracks and everyone is like .. you kidding man? (laughs)
I've done vocals back of tour bus before.. We improvise very well.

Did a Bonus track, Ministry cover, on one of the albums.. I did that entire song ,... programed the drums while
on tour When was playing guitar for Aborted.
In the van and hotel rooms.. trying to get shit done while drunk and everyone partying around me. (laughs)

4. Has Abigail Williams music changed a lot over the years?

Definitely changed .. I don't try to stay the same. To me it's like..I mean commerically..
it's probably better for bands to keep their sound, cause the fans like that.. and get pissed when
you change to much. The average fan is like .. they suck now.. changed to much. Quite frankly we don't give a shit.
We do what we want .. still have amazing fans.
On our last album we got some shit from people about changing our sound.. I knew what we were doing.
I'm thinking, If they are mad now.. wait till next album. (Laughs)

5. How are people reacting to the new music, from this album so far?

This stuff is going way better live than anything we have done.
The crowd just stands there and they are really listing. People have said we didn't want to mosh..
cause we wanted to really listen.
I don't encourage it anyway... I see bands be like.. let me see you fucking move and all that shit.
I don't do that. Want people to enjoy the music.

6. Are you mixing up the set on the tour with the new songs?

Playing only songs off the new album and longer songs they are..three songs is a full set. The album is like 5 songs, 55 minutes long.
People ask, Why are you only playing three songs.. I say, well that was a half hour and that's the time slot we get. Even have to cut back a bit on the songs when we play them.

7. What's your take on music videos?

We got asked to do a music videos.. I am Not a fan of them.
Pretending to play a song again and again until it's just right. Then got asked,    What about a performance video?
I was like..Again..Pretending your playing live.. I don't want to do that.
I came up with the idea to do an actually live video.. so we booked a show with all the recording rig..etc. just for that show, to do actually One take.. not multiple. Going to fucking record a live performance.
Then they were like what's the concept of the video? (rolls eyes)
I was like..were playing the song.. it's real and it sounds good. (Laughs) that's the concept.
They were down with the idea.. wow that's a good idea. duh.
We have a cello player we are flying out to do that show and she is on the album. And the venue booked a bunch of death metal bands on the bill. so we were like .. all these people are going to come to the show and fucking leave when we play, and be like.. what's this? (laughs)
But if it's an empty room.. it will be a better representation of our live show anyway. (laughs)

8. What's with this other band "Bro Jovi"?

Bro Jovi is a side project. Started with some friends in Ohio.
Just jamming.. fun to do. Wrote and recorded the album in a week. Working in recording studio with one of
the other guys. Where we did our last album.. had all the capabilities to record. so we just made an album.
We are getting ready to work on another..

9. Where did the name come from?

(laughs) Umm.. have no idea. Just drunken babbling. We had "Skid Bro" at one point. We had a few names, that one
just stuck.

10. Has there been anything entertaining on the road this tour?

Funny thing about that.. I have done so many tours.. those things don't stick in my mind.
Always crazy shit every day. We've had some good memories though.
This tour we had a thanksgiving party with everyone on the tour.
Was really fun, up til 7-9am drinking, eating. Insane. That was alot of fun.
That was one of the highlights of the tour.
To be able to have thanksgiving party with Mayhem, was one of the highlights of my year to be honest.
Alot of entertaining things happened ... (laughs)

11. In closing, I want to say thank you for talking with me. Where do you go next?

Don't even know where we are going next. (laughs) We usually have tour laminates. We refer to those so we know where we are going. Or we ask and  just let who drives get us there. (laughs)
Only have a few days left, then off to do the other shows..etc.
Thank you for the interview and hope the fans like the new album.

( Interviewed by T.W. - I can personally say, it was great talking to Ken, a lot of laughs...and the new music is amazing!  When the new album comes out.. I do recommended it! 
One of the best shows I have been to in a long time. All the bands were great. Honored that he took the time for the interview. Thank you Ken. \m/ )


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