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Review and Interview 2009(Band Members Updated for 2010):

Abriosis was formed in Vancouver British Columbia in the winter of 2007. The band Line Up consists of Kris Mathis (Vocals), Taylor Lipton (Guitar), Ryan (Bass), and Robin Iwasiw (Drums). With a self titled 5 track EP under their belt they will be Touring across Canada and back again this coming summer. The band is looking forward to recording a full length album in the fall and beginning to tour the United States. Abriosis has more drive than Lance Armstrong, and more hair than your sister. They’re gonna get up in your ass… eat a snickers bar, throw the wrapper on the floor, spray paint “Abriosis Was Here”, and leave the fuckin’ door open on the way out.

Self Titled EP - ABRIOSIS

Band Members: Kris (Vocals), Taylor (Guitar), Ryan (Bass), Robin (Drums)

Origin Country: Canada

Record Label: Shit Knife Records

1. We are talking tonight with Kris Mathis, the vocalist and one of the founding members of the brilliant Canadian Progressive Metal band Abriosis. So Kris please introduce the other members of the band, and tell us what part of Canada you hail from.

First off I'd just like to quickly thank you guys for the interview. Ok so we got Taylor Lipton on Guitar, Robin Iwasiw on Drums and Ryan on bass. We are based out Vancouver,B.C. for those who have to idea where that is, its on the west coast.

2. Getting right into the music, I must say I am highly impressed with the work of Abriosis. The songs are very well written and are tight and unrelenting. Is this sound what you originally envisioned or is it a natural progression?

Pretty much. We (Taylor and I) knew what we wanted right from the start, something very intense, spastic yet with a real nice pocket. Since securing a full line up we have naturally progressed and found our "sound". We really want to have something original and easy to recognize, so when you hear the guitar work or songs a listener is like "That's Abriosis". We strive to differentiate ourselves from a lot of the death metal coming out these days.

3. All the tracks I have heard are blistering, however I found myself really cranking "Bottom Feeder" and "Architecture of an Anomaly" on the interstate the other day. Tell us a bit more about the ideas and writing behind these two songs.

Well back when we first started it was Taylor and I with a drum machine in my apartment. For "bottom feeder" we going for a real steam roller of a song just real fast and pissed off. The lyrical content has to do with the walking dead I see everyday downtown, all the crackheads, junkies and whores. Architecture on the other hand is quite a bit more spastic and (I hate using this word) technical. The lyrical content here is about building a dooms day device to destroy the planet.

4. How does the band structure the writing process of the songs?

When writing Taylor brings us his riffs, we listen, make suggestions, and then just try out different drum beats, bass lines and vocal patterns to make the songs as best as we possibly can. Really focusing on the song as a whole, the flow and mood to make something brutal.

5. One thing that immediately jumped out at me about the songs is the off timings. The songs jump around in rhythm but still maintain a central groove. When playing live do you really have to focus to stay on track with the odd timings?

Speaking for myself there are a couple parts we have going on in a couple new songs that I really have to listen to. I had to leave Canada for a bit in December and when I came back they had this new song. Obviously I wasn't there for all the long hours of writing and arranging, when I first heard it I thought "holy fuck, how am I going to remember all these weird counts and changes." But after hearing it a million times it all eventually clicks.

6. Speaking of live shows, how have fans been receiving the band, are you getting good crowds?

Very well, every show we play there's more people coming out, chatting us up and just stoked on the music. Its awesome.

7. The band is planning a U.S. tour in 2010. How extensive will this tour be?

This is not 100% yet, but if we decide to tour the U.S. next year it will be VERY extensive probably around three months trying to play as many places as we can.

8. Getting back to the core of Abriosis, is there anything you have not yet tried musically that you would want to incorporate in future work?

We're up to experiment and try anything to make a song better so who knows what the future holds.

9. With the incredible style of Abriosis is it safe to say that while you certainly pay honor to classic Death Metal you have managed to take the genre to a different level?

I am not sure if that's up to us to decide but we are the Marion Cobretti of death metal.

10. In closing, please leave our readers with any final comments, and please tell us where we can get our Abriosis merchandise.

If your in Canada come out to one of our shows we'll be on tour July-August come say hi. If you want a cd or shirts message us on myspace or email We'll be putting a pay-pal store online in the next few days to alleviate this problem. Stay Wolf.


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