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Interview w/ Christopher Bowes

Band Members:

Christopher Bowes - Vocals, Keyboards
Dani Evans - Guitars
Gareth Murdock - Bass Guitars
Pete Alcorn - Drums


Country of Origin:  Scotland/Ireland



Battleheart (2006 EP)

Terror on the High Seas (2006 EP)

Leviathan (2008 EP)

Captain Morgan's Revenge (2008)

Black Sails at Midnight (2009)

Back Through Time (2011)




  • With Us or Against Us (2007) – free album sent with Napalm Records merchandise
  • Battle Metal V (2007), Metal Hammer
  • Battle Metal VI (2008), Metal Hammer
  • With Us or Against Us X (2008) – free album sent with Napalm Records merchandise
  • Battle Metal VIII (2009), Metal Hammer
  • Black Sails Over Europe (2009) – split album with Heidevolk and Týr



1. Tonight we have the unique opportunity to speak with a merry band of drunken pirates known as Alestorm! Chris, you are the lead vocalist and keyboard player for this motley gathering. Tell us how 2 Scots and 2 Irish sea dogs managed to set sail on the same ship?

Twas a bit of a strange accident, really. Originally we were all scottish, but then gradually a couple of guys left because they couldn't be bothered with being in a full time touring band. So we got this Irish guy called Gazz in to play bass, we knew him from his old band Waylander. Then when our drummer quit, he recommended this guy Pete, who was also irish. So happy days.

2. The Folk style of Metal has been growing over the past few years. How did it come to pass that someone said "You know what Metal needs?.........PIRATES!"?

I dunno man, I just accidentally wrote a silly song about pirates one day, and the theme kinda stuck. God knows how it all got so popular. We weren't even a "folk metal" band at all when we started, we just wanted to play cheesy power metal about unicorns!

3. So far we have felt the wrath of "Captain Morgans Revenge", set to sea upon "Black Sails at Midnight", and now we go "Back Through Time" with the latest album. How does one band find so much Piratical material to sing tales of?

Alcohol abuse and rampant stupidity helps. I just make stupid stuff up about pirates all the time, and try and squeeze it into songs. Usually it works. Maybe next time we'll have songs about badgers who are also pirates. And squirrels.

4. What can we expect from the latest album that may separate it from past works?

More fast bits! More silly bits! More singalong bits! Less filler!

5. One of my favorite parts of an album release is the cover art. Alestorm always have great album art. Do you use the same artist and who is the latest album cover done by?

Yeah, as always our art has been done by the very talented Ingo Romling from Frankfurt in Germany. It was his idea to stick the snowboarding rat on the cover, and for that alone I want his manbabies!


6. I have just finished watching the brand new video for the song "Shipwrecked", tell us about the making of this new video.

We went to serbia and got drunk. Suddenly we woke up to find ourselves in some greenscreen studio surrounded by hot eastern european babes, and a midget dressed as a pirate. So we thought "fuck it", and decided to make a video. It's rather lovely I think!



7. Will we see Alestorm live this summer, what is the touring schedule looking like?

Just started the summer festival season in Europe, so we've got few shows to do here, then we head across to the USA with Kamelot to tour for a month, which will be cool. After that we've got the european heidenfest tour in fall, with pretty much every folk metal band ever. After that, I think we're gonna sleep for a month.

8. I just have to ask, please tell me the creative process behind the song "Midget Saw".

Pete our drummer actually came up with the music for that one, and a friend of ours drunkenly made the lyrics. So I thought "fuck it!" and stuck it all together into a stupid anthem of awesomeness. What else can I say: it's a song about chopping off a midget's legs because he had kicked a monkey that had eaten some treasure. Pretty standard stuff really.

9. With 3 albums under your belt and a tour coming what is next for this band of pirates?

Tour for a century, then maybe work on some stupid sideprojects before coming back to do the 4th Alestorm album in 2 or 3 years. We all wanna do something slightly different now, hence all these side projects we've got planned. Gazz is gonna make some black metal, I'm gonna make a synthpop album, and Dani wants to do some weird mathcore. I think Pete just wants to play more drums.

10. In closing, please leave us with any final thoughts or comments.

Eat Scottish Beef.



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