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Review and Interview 2010:

ANGELSEED is a logical continuation of the band Drinking Skull which has been active on the Croatian metal scene during the period from 1987 to 2001. During that time Drinking Skull played numerous live shows both in their domestic country and abroad and released five full-length albums. Due to the significant changes in style and completely new ideas based particularly on combination of various metal sub-styles, complexity and female vocals, main axis of the band consisting of two Drinking Skull members (Damir Marijan – Maras and Jurica Baljak) and one ex-member (Sinisa Antunovic – Medo), made a decision to change the band's name. The new formation emerged under the name ANGELSEED and was supplemented with new members. The new line-up now consists of three original members who also contributed in many other Croatian side projects and bands, and new members who also made a significant contribution to Croatian metal scene – a female vocalist who was invited to audition for new Nightwish singer, both guitar player and back vocalists gathered a lot of experience during their involvement in various bands and projects particularly relevant for Croatian metal scene. When it comes to music, ANGELSEED skillfully combines various metal styles, but traditional metal, gothic, thrash and power dominate that interesting and complex mix. Long story short - the band's existence started during 2002. as a side project but two years after that has developed into a band (Damir Marijan - Maras – guitars, Sinisa Antunovic; - Medo - bass, Jurica Baljak – drums, Ivana Anic; - Lara – vocals, Marijana Varga - backing vocals, Irena Ivanisevic – backing vocals) and has started to write new songs. The new material took concrete shape during 2006. In the meantime, ANGELSEED also presented their live skills as a support act for Within Temptation at the beginning of 2008. in Zagreb. Recording of their debut album which will consist of sixteen songs is completed and the band currently works on the production and final mix...

Band Members: Jurica Bažant (Keyboards), Ivana Anic - Lara (Lead Vocals), Jurica Baljak (Drums), Damir Marijan - Maras (Guitar), Sinisa Antunovic - Medo (Bass), Juraj Birin (Guitar)

Origin Country: Croatia

1. We are speaking tonight with Ivana Lara (lead singer) & Jurica Baljak (drummer) of the Croatian band Angelseed. Hello Ivana & Jure, thank you for taking the time to talk with us. Angelseed is the first band we have interviewed from Croatia. How is the metal scene in your country?

Ivana: Hello back & thanks for the opportunity to present ourselves to your readers. Metal scene here is pretty much still in the "underground". Many people still don't get there are many types of metal music now, not just the screaming and shouting, so bands are still part of the "underground" and only people aware of our existence are alternative folk (Goth, punk, dark, emo, metal..etc...) But there are many bands from many different genres of metal music now in Croatia, which is great, I personally would like to see Croatian metal scene grow even bigger and stronger, and we hope times will change for metal music here, so it may become the mainstream music like for example in Finland. Jurica : Metal music in our country is extremely misjudged. Most of the 'ordinary people' believe that metal music is like delivering a vast amount of senseless noise.So in that order record labels are not stimulated to promote that style of music by signing metal bands of any type. But the whole underground keeps growing in all directions,genres and sub-genres. There's a whole bunch of activists who work for the sake of metal not for the sake of money. Personally I think that metal is going to break to the surface in our country very soon.

2. Does Angelseed get good support from the fans there?

Ivana: We are quite "young" band. Sort of. We have been working on our material for quite some time now, but we haven't had the chance to present ourselves in the proper way yet, so not many people have heard of us yet. Those who have (especially those who were at Within Temptation concert in 2008 in Zagreb where we supported them) are rather anxious to hear more of our music. Jurica : People who heard us are very anxious to hear our music on a CD. There was a lot offers for concerts and that time will come very soon but we in the band decided to wait for concert activities .At this moment we are concentrated on recording the album.Our wish was (and still is) to present ourselves in a best possible way to the audience hoping that they will become our fans.

3. Has Angelseed had a chance to play any shows outside of Croatia?

Ivana: No, not yet. We have a primary goal now, and that is to finish the album. When that is done we will probably do some shows in Croatia and outside.

4. The band has recently under went some member changes. Who is in the current line up?

Jurica Ba?ant :: KEYBOARDS Ivana Anic - Lara :: LEAD VOCAL Jurica Baljak :: DRUMS Damir Marijan - Maras :: GUITAR Sinisa Antunovic - Medo :: BASS Juraj Birin :: GUITAR

5. Angelseed has a unique sound that is made up of several different styles. How would you best describe the Angelseed approach to music?

Jurica : There is no specific formula in our approach to music.We all listen to a various types of music, and accumulated melodies and grooves that was hidden in our subconscious breaks free in our rehearsal room. And then creative chaos starts, of course chaos in a good way. At first in our songs you will hear a powerful,melodic groovy metal but underneath there is a lot layers of other musical stuff that made our material very diverse.

6. How does the band write the songs, is there one primary song writer, or do you write as a band?

Ivana: We all write, compose, contribute in all ways. Most important thing for all of us is that song sounds good enough to please us. We all give ideas and suggestions on everything.

7. Now that the new line up is established, what is the next big goal for Angelseed?

Ivana: Next goal is definitely recording the album. We have been preparing for that a long time now, and we will finally have a chance to finish it sometime in 2010. Jurica: It's not only the line up changes that made us think more than twice, will we ever be able to finish this album. Now that the ghosts of the past are behind us,with the new line up and some fresh ideas. We reinvented songs and we all are assured that THIS IS IT. 2010 will be our year.

8. Ivana...You personally have recently been featured on the latest Beto Vazquez Infinity record. Tell us about that experience.

Ivana: Working with Beto was a great experience and great opportunity. Beto is an amazing friend & artist, and I am glad I got to know him, and work with him. I was a fan of his Infinity project long before I ever met him, and I was especially amazed and thrilled when he asked me to sing for his Darkmind project. I was very satisfied with how it all worked out at the end, how the people reacted to the album, and the reviews were amazing.

9. Are you or any of the other members of Angelseed currently working in any other bands?

Jurica: Of course,but you will need another interview just to mention all the bands! We are a small country with a big heart,and in the metal community most of the people are willing to colaborate.The only purpose for playing in other bands is to gain extra experience by playing with other musicians and to make a unified giant step by placing the Croatian metal to the world's metal map.

10. In closing please leave our readers with any final comments or thoughts. Thanks again for the interview.

Jurica: Stay tuned and listen carefully cos I shall say this only once.. ANGELSEED IS COMING! Ivana: Thank you, and like he said ANGELSEED IS COMING!


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