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Review and Interview: 2008 (Updated 2010)

Annatar: ‘Lord of Gifts’, is the name Sauron used when he appeared to the Eldar in a fair form during the second Era in Middle-Earth. (Silmarillion by J.R.R.Tolkien) Annatar’s music can best be described as Melodic Dark Metal, a blend of Gothic-, Doom- and Powermetal. Sources of inspiration are being found in almost all related sub-genres. The story of Annatar begins in the year 1999, when Johan, Wietse and Alex meet each other in Delft and decide to start a band. In the past years there have been some changes in the line-up, but the 3 original founders still participate in the band. Nowadays Annatar consists of Elisabeth Cordia (vocals), Alex van den Heuvel (Grunts and Bass), Johan van Heusden (Guitar, vocals, grunts), Bart Limburg (Guitar), David de Waal (temporary drummer) and Wietse Braam (synthesizers). Annatar played on multiple sold out shows together with bands like: Trail of Tears, After Forever, Epica Imperia, Autumn, Stream of Passion and Oceans of Sadness. They performed on festivals like: Westerpop, Brainwash 4u&u, Archeon Midwinter Fair (2006 and 2007), Occultfest, Rotorock, Enclave Fantasy. Annatar competed for the Vlietpopslag (vlietpop battle) in 2007 and won a place in the line-up of Vlietpop 2007, performing for over 3000 people. In the past Annatar released a number of cd's and was featured on multiple compilation albums. There are 2 official Annatar cd's: In 2001 the first demo was recorded ‘Remember’ in 2006 a mini-cd ‘Quest for reality’ was released.

Band Members: Elisabeth Cordia (vocals), Alex van den Heuvel (Grunts and Bass), Johan van Heusden (Guitar, vocals, grunts), Bart Limburg (Guitar), Daniel Zonneveld (drummer) and Wietse Braam (synthesizers)

Country Origin: Netherlands

2010 - Reflection

2006 - Quest for Reality

2002 - Remember ****

1. To say the least Annatar as it currently stands it vastly different with the loss of half the band recently. How is the new line up coming together?

Annatar is doing quite well. We are working still on making Annatar stronger then before. Still we had to say goodbye to Daniel, our most recent drummer. His spot is now temporarily filled by David de Waal (Magion.) So still one vacancy to fill. We're just starting auditions. Luckily David really liked to help us out so there's less of a hurry.

2.Let's talk about the re-entry of Liesbeth into Annatar as the lead vocalist. When did you know she was the right one for the job?

Well to be honest, she wasn't the first person come up to mind to fill in the lead singers spot at first. We parted not at the best of terms, so not the most logical choice. First we started with auditions and had several good and less good singers auditioning. Most importantly seperate from singing skills were also what the persons ambitions where and how she lay in the group. Being a woman on your own between 5 men isn't easy. Since we where still busy auditioning and still had some gigs coming up, we also needed a temp till the final singer was found. One suggestion first as joke was made to ask Liesbeth. We had a laugh about that. Later on we came around, thinking it wouldn't be that bad an idea. So we asked her. We learned then she really was much more mature, way better a singer and things just worked out for the best. The auditions just didn't beat her singing and then we finally chose to stop kidding ourselves. We really needed her, and she really wanted to stay.

3. What has been the biggest difference with Liesbeth this time in contrast with her first work with the band?

Well her singing got really more mature, she really amazed us with the ease she can come up with lyrics, singing lines etc.

4. Was it ever considered calling it quits with Annatar or changing the name after so many member changes?

Surely it has been said aloud, but then again, the main people who started Annatar are still in Annatar and Liesbeth came back as our original singer. So only 2 original people left ;) So why change name when the core is still Annatar.

5. They say adversity and trials makes one stronger. Do you think this is the case with Annatar?

Yes that's a big sure! When you play as long in a band as ten years, you are due to come up to a point when peoples lives change, tastes change. Priorities change. Bram and Mischa both had interests in very different styles of music as we made with Annatar. They were like family after so many years playing together, so it became hard for them to leave. Still it gets harder to play and have them being still enthusiastic about Annatar. Now with all the new input we really finally are gettting forward again... And going strong!!

6. Even with the major losses in the band Annatar have managed some impressive shows, including one with Stream of Passion. How was that experience?

That's always amazing, playing gig's that are fully loaded, onstage with bands you also like to listen to at home yourself always gives great satisfaction!

7. We see a new line up, will we see a new album anytime soon?

We're now writing new music and in the meanwhile we are auditioning drummers. We like to play gig's this year and make a good start in recording the pre-recordings. The new album will not be this year. We're aiming on 4th quarter 2009. Depends on how soon we find our new drummer.

8. What is it about Annatar that has made you have such drive to keep it going?

Playing gigs with music we like to make our self is really addicting. We have a nice fan base, and we still think we have the possibility to grow. We have lots and lots of new ideas to put into music, so we are not stopping soon at all!!!

9. What is the most important lesson learned over the past year or so?

Never accept half commitment, you either want to go fully forward or you don't.

10. Annatar are coming up on the 10 year anniversary. What stands out in your mind as a few of the highlights from the past years?

Almost getting a record deal of Transmission Records, playing at Westerpop's Peter Tetteroo bokaal, winning the 'Vlietpopslag' and play on Vlietpop, playing with bands as: Stream of Passion, Epica, After Forever, Autumn, Trail of Tears etc. We really like to thanks our fans for all the support trough the years!


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