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Band Members:

Maria "Tristessa" Kolokouri – bass, guitar, keyboards (1995–present), vocals (2003–present)

Derketa – keyboards

Hybris – guitar (2003–present)

Ice – drums

Lycon – session guitars, bass


Country of Origin: Greece




Dancing in the Dark Lakes of Evil (1997)


Doomed Dark Years (1998)

Rise from Within (2000)

Quod Superius, Sicut Inferius (2002)

Sirens (2004)

Demonized (2007)


1. Astarte has been around since 1995. The original name was Lloth. Why was it changed to Astarte?


Astarte is a Goddess of war and rebirth. Astarte in Ancient Phoenicia, is the great goddess of fertility, motherhood and war. She is associated with the moon and called the Mother of the Universe, giver of all life on Earth.  She is very popular and she is worshiped in several places under different names like, ISIS and HATHOR of Egypt, KALI of India and APHRODITE and DEMETER of Greece. We choose that name cos she is a source of inspiration and in every album we dedicate a song to Astarte.

 2. Your first official release was "Doomed Dark Years" , the next album was "Rise from Within". What do you feel are the biggest differences between the two albums?


The first one is recorded and composed at the old times of Black Metal which is raw and aggressive. The second album we have added more synths and it is more nostalgic and sad.

Although, both albums belong to the pure aggressive Black Metal period of 90’s.

 3. By the release of your 4th album "Sirens" the band went through some line up changes. How did this affect Astarte's sound?


The line up has nothing to do with the sound changes cos behind all music compositions and the final sound it is always me. In this album we made the mix and Mastering in the finish studio Tico Tico. That means tremendous improvement and changes in the final sound. We renew our ideas and we ry to make a new sound for Astarte.

 4. Along with member changes I noticed you lost the corpse paint. Why was this?


We just wanted to make a different image which is more representative for this album. In the near future we may return to our old image. It always depends from the album.

5. The 5th and newest album is "Demonized". What can listeners expect from this album?


True Black Metal with lot of new music elements more technical and even brutal.

The production it is the best we have ever try until today. I think it is a big step for us and until today we have a positive feedback.

6. You were recently featured in the controversal Black Metal documentary "Murder Music", What are your thoughts on this film?


It was a good time for the bands to speak about the True and Real history of our music and for the fans of the music to listen from the real source all the background. Black Metal sometimes has give negative messages to the people. So, it was the real way to peak out of the truth and to answer lot of questions that we all have. This documentary was also a good medium to see the faces of the musicians that we know and listen real opinions.

 7.  So female fronted Black Metal is rare to say the least. When you first began did you have any problems being accepted by Black Metal crowds?

Yes at the beginning we were facing prejudice. Only negative comments all around us trying to make us get rid of music. We never pay attention to the negative comments, we only wanted to share our music and we tried for this cos we wanted to enjoy it. So, we continue making albums and playing music. Day by day, year by year, people accept us and love our music. Still there are some people who do not like (do not accept) women in metal but this will remain their problem and not ours. It is better to ask them!!!

8. Overall how is the scene in your home country of Greece, Are you getting good support there?


Thing here are quite disappointed. We have very good bands, but there is no system and Labels to support these bands. So, we stay stable without potentials.

9. What is it about Black Metal that interests you most?


Everything. Music is my life. And I am very happy to have the effort to create muscic and to share it with all of you.

10. Do you think Black Metal will ever be able to overcome the evil and sinister reputation it has gained, or is that reputation part of what makes Black Metal what it is?


Black Metal is itself the Dark Side of the music. I support and I love this but to the point that we do not give wrong messages and mislead the minds of its fans.








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