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Interview w/ Chris Reifert

Band Members:

Joe Trevisano - Bass

Chris Reifert - Drums/Vocals

Danny Coralles - Guitar

Eric Cutler - Guitar/Vocals


Country of Origin: United States



1987 Demo (1987)

Critical Madness Demo (1988)

Severed Survival (1989)

Retribution for the Dead EP (1990)

Fiend for Blood EP (1991)

Mental Funeral (1991)

Acts of the Unspeakable (1992)

Shitfun (1995)

Ridden with Disease - Compilation (2000)

Torn from the Grave - Compilation (2001)

Dead as Fuck - Live (2004)

Dark Crusades - Filmography (2006)

Horrific Obsession - Single (2009)

The Tomb Within (2010)

Macabre Eternal (2011)



1. Tonight we are speaking with Chris Reifert of the legendary Death Metal band Autopsy. Chris, welcome my friend, it is a real honor to speak with you. Autopsy have a brand new album out called "Macabre Eternal" Tell us about the writing and recording of this album. When did you start writing it and how long was the recording process?

Thanks for the welcome, the honor goes right back to you, the hour of death is here and we are all macabre eternal. Writing goes on as it always has....create morbidity, darkness, death, insanity and gutwrenching brutality and that's the bottom line. What else is there? Hhhmmm, how about more morbidity, darkness, death, insanity and gutwrenching brutality! With a worm ridden skull on top for good measure of course.....


2. I really like the cover art for the new record. Who is the artist?
I like it too. Actually I love it and it's absolutely perfect for freaks like us. It's horror personified and this particular vision was brought to unlife by Wes Benscoter. Sick bastard that he is.
3. Let's take a look back at the road that has led to the new album. 1987 the Metal world was on fire and Glam was king. While the hair bands were on every radio station and MTV was pumping out video after video. You decided to create this Death Metal juggernaut. What made you decide to start Autopsy and what were your thoughts on the "Hollywood" metal scene that was going on in the 80's?
Glam was never king in our world. We were fighting that shit tooth and nail though we knew we'd ultimately win. Trends come and go, be they big or small. Death metal is it's own beast and the beast exists only to gnaw your
face off, rape your senses and leave you bleeding and craving more. Rewind back to when Autopsy was first envisioned and you'll find a band of of sickos deep in the quest for death metal supremacy and total cranial annihilation. What else is there to keep you up at night digging your eyeballs out of your skull while bleeding profusely from every hole in your body and loving it?
4. The 1989 release "Severed Survival" would later serve as a very influential album for bands such as Cannibal Corpse, and Dismember. Did you realize at the time that you were creating something that would help launch such a powerful Metal scene?
Well, we spent half of the recording budget on weed, so what does that tell you? In our minds it told us we had the plan in our pockets, green smoke in our lungs and a horrifying slab of insanity to record. That was about it for the extent of our foresight. I think that was enough.
5. Autopsy have always hung with the best when it comes to sick song titles (in a good way of course). From what dark corner of the mind do you draw inspiration for such horrific titles?
The dark corners of our minds certainly contain all the ingredients needed to construct these things known as Autopsy songs. Titles, music, artwork, lyrics, it all stems from the same place. And if you dare take that journey to the back of our strange minds, all I can say is there is no ticket to the way back home available. Enjoy the ride! Haha!
6. The Metal scene is in a constant state of change. Each type of Metal has had it's time in the spot light. What has kept you going all these years still cranking out more and more classic Death Metal?
Fuckin' hell, you got me on that one. I'm horrible at examining the state of things and things that motivate us to do what we do. Suffice it to say that death metallers are a stubborn breed and for the most part don't know when to stop. It's always worked for me at any rate.
7. I know there are still legions of Autopsy fans out there who are looking forward to the new material and a tour. Will Autopsy be hitting the road?
The road indeed calls, but for our own sanity (if you can call it that) forbids us to go on tour. It's more important to keep our ever churning insanity alive and festering through select dates that hammer the point home rather than pounding the pavement via countless gigs in weird and badly promoted places. Plus, we do have matters to keep in check on the homefront and that's something we have to keep in consideration. Keep an eye or two out, 'cause we may just be invading your area when you least expect it.
8. You are a Metal veteran, with many years of knowledge and experience. What would be your advice for new bands coming up in the Metal scene?
Play this madness because it's in your very veins and because you love it. It's like asking Charles Bukowski why he wrote. Some of us freaks just don't know any better and the end of the road holds uncertainties and untold weirdness. Right up our alley, but is it up yours?
9. Is there anything within the realm of Metal that you would still like to accomplish with Autopsy that you have yet to do?
I'll tell you when we get there. Until then, keep your brains rotting and your guts churning!
10. In closing please leave us with any final thoughts or comments and thanks for your time.
Thanks for your time as well. Don't you have anything better to do than talk to a weirdo like me? Haha! In all sincerity, thanks a ton, cheers, metal, noise and atrocities, blood, guts, insanity, horror, death and depravation, terror and tombstones to all.....


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