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Interview w/ Erland

Band Members:

Thorgeir - vox / guitars
Dragon-T - lead guitars
Dooms - bass
Erland - drums


Country of Origin: Ukraine

Древность, Го& - (Demo 1998)                        

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Volki Severa - (Full Length 2002)

Pure Barbaric - (Demo 2006)

Barbaric Blood - (Full Length 2010)


1. Tonight we are speaking with Erland who is the drummer for the Ukrainian Black Metal band Balfor. Hello my friend and thanks for your time. I read that the band refers to itself as "Barbaric Black Metal" please explain how this idea came about and define for us what that description means.


Hello! Erland from Balfor here. We receive this question pretty often so I’ve been thinking about it now even more than when this idea came to us. As for me it has few sides, but first of all the music. Our songs are heavy and rough like the barbarian warriors, but yet epic, pure and beautiful like our nature was long ago before all these modern cities, industries and mines appeared like the scars on our planet. The other side is our lyrical themes; our idea of barbarity is based on the raw primitive understanding of human nature characterized by cruelty, violence and war on the one side and courage, strength, truth and purity on another. Our ideal society is the society of predators based on strength and justice.
2. The band has been working in some fashion since 1997, when did you join the band, and how long has the current lineup been playing together?


I joined BALFOR in late 2005 when Thorgeir decided to rebuild the band after a few years of silence. We've already been good friends that time and when he proposed to join his band the only answer of mine could be "yes, of course". We had few changes in the line-up since that times but our tour last autumn showed that the current line-up seem to be perfect for us. So I hope that DragonT and Dooms will stay with us till the end.
3. The new album is called "Barbaric Blood", take us through the writing and recording of the record. How long did it take to write, record, and master?


When we started rehearsals with the new line-up Thorgeir already had lots of riffs and melodies. But most arrangements appeared while playing and improvising. I had few ideas for lyrics and Thorgeir also had, communicating and discussing we transformed these ideas into words you can hear on the Barbaric Blood. At the very beginning we´ve recorded a raw demo including 4 tracks. Sometime later we entered the Blacklight Studio in Kiev. Shaddar, guitarist from Semargl, owns this studio. He recorded and mixed the album. Shaddar is an old friend of us and a good professional. It was very easy and comfortable to work with him.
4. Does the band have a primary song writer or do you write as a band?


Usually Thorgeir brings some riffs and melodies and we work with them during the rehearsals with the entire band. When we record some demo parts I start writing lyrics, most of them I do myself, but you can find some lyrics written by our friends in Barbaric Blood. We try to let the songs appear step by step in the most natural way.
5. How is the Metal scene in Ukraine, and is Balfor receiving good support?


I think that our scene is developing year by year, lots of new interesting bands appear, new clubs and new festivals. There are not so many fans visiting the local events as we could wish but it's an all European tendency, people like to visit big festivals much more than smaller gigs. But there were pretty much people when we did the presentation of Barbaric Blood in Kiev, and the atmosphere at our gigs in Ukraine is always very good.
6. Have you had a chance to play any shows outside of your home country?


We had a tour last autumn throughout Europe. We played fifteen gigs in Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal and Netherlands. It was a really great journey and we had lots of fun. Met new people, saw new cities, it was really awesome. This year Balfor is already confirmed at Dong Open Air in July and Eindhoven Metal Meeting in December. And now we are planning a tour, and I think you’ll be able to see the dates at our web site soon.
7. Now that the album is released, what is the next big goal for the band?


The only goal is to get more fans all over the world, now we are writing song for the new album that’s why one of the main goals now is to compose and record a kick ass album and play as many gigs as we can.
8. In closing, please leave us with any final thoughts or comments, and tell our readers where they can get a copy of the new album "Barbaric Blood".


First of all thanks a lot for your support, I hope to see all of you guys at our shows and I’m sure we’ll have really great time. Barbaric Blood is available at Amazon, Season of Mist, CD Universe and so on. Please visit our web site for all the information.


Stay fucking BARBARIC!!!


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