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Soon after this interview, the band made an announcement of disbanding...

We are saddened by this, but we wish them all the best.  (NEI)

In a statement on the band's Facebook page, founding member Tomas (guitars), stated the following:

"It is regrettable to announce that after much discussion Angel, Sverd, George, Constantine, Thanos and I have concluded that we cannot continue to play together in Bare Infinity. This decision is final and irreversible. It has been a wonderful journey. Best of luck to everyone with their chosen paths. As for Bare Infinity, I have not decided yet what the future will hold for it as I must turn my attention now to other matters alot more demanding. I would like to thank everyone for their support and love over the years and wish all the best to everyone!"

Statement from their website:

It is regrettable to announce that after much discussion Bare infinity has been disbanded . This decision is final and irreversible. It has been a wonderful journey . Best of luck to everyone with their chosen paths . I would like to thank everyone for their support and love over the years and wish all the best to everyone !

The future of Bare Infinity has not been decided as of yet however no action will be taken for the forseable future .

All sales of the EP "The passage" are being halted from the official website . It is however still availbe in electronic format via CDbaby , itunes , amazon and other online distribution sites as well as in Asia .

Interview w/ Angel Wolf - Black

Band Members:

Tomas - Guitars 

Angel - Vocals 

Sverd - Bass 

George - Drums 

Constantne - Keyboards

Thanos - Guitar

Country of Origin: Greece

The Passage (2011 EP)

Always Forever/After Forever (2009)

Promo (2006)

Escape (2005 Demo)

Demo (2004) *no photo*

1. Tonight it is our pleasure to be speaking with the beautiful and powerful lead vocalist of the symphonic Metal band Bare Infinity. Welcome Angel. Please start us off tonight by introducing the other members of the band.

Hello, Jason and Nocturnal Euphony people! I’m very happy to talk to you. The current line-up of the band is:

Tomas: Guitars
George: Drums
Sverd: Bass
Constantine: Keyboards
Thanos: Guitars

2. By this point we have interviewed and worked with nearly every Metal band in Greece. However Bare Infinity brings it's own unique style to the Metal world. You have been a member since 2008, since then how would you explain the development of the band?
First of all, I notice that everyone in the band has changed. I mean that we seem more mature than before concerning the matters of music and I can see different approach in the composition and recording progress. New influences have shown up and we’ve grown up as musicians too. Three years are not a long time, but it’s nice to know that during this period we’ve released two CDs, had the pleasure to play several gigs – some of them outside of Greece, and of course meeting great musicians and fans.

3.What is currently going on with the band? Any plans for touring or new music?

We are currently rehearsing for our upcoming gig with Firewind and Scar of the Sun, in Athens on January 14th and we are very happy for it, because it’s been a long time since we played live here, in Greece! At the same time, we are at the composing process for our second full – length release and making plans for possible performances in Europe. After our performance at the Metal Female Voices Fest in October, we had the honor to receive many suggestions for gigs abroad, so now we need to set these in order.
4. When it comes to the writing of the material does the band write as a whole or is there a primary songwriter?

Maybe it’s something in the middle! Tomas is our basic composer who first works on the harmonic sequence of a song, some themes and its orchestration. Then, Sverd and George are working on the rhythm parts, following guidelines if they are any, helping on the development of the song and giving their character too. At the same time, I’m composing my vocal lines and Constantine works more on orchestration adding different style each.
When it comes to the lyrics, Sverd and I are basically responsible.

5. Being able to write and perform music is a true gift that most people never get to experience. What does being part of this band or any band for that matter mean to you personally?
I agree with you and I must say that musicians and other artists are very lucky to have the ability to express themselves through art. Performing and sharing feelings, experiences, thoughts etc with the audience is cathartic, but it’s a big challenge too. Not all artists have the chance to play music. It needs time and money to support it and in Greece it’s not always easy. And that’s exactly what I feel lucky for; for now, I have the opportunity to do it and try to become better and better by studying it. Music is an experience of expression that is not meant to stay between musicians, so sharing it with other people and being creative is the best we can get, in my opinion.  

6. Please tell us about your path to music. How did you come to be involved in music in general and then how did you come to join Bare Infinity?
Music has been my companion since I was very little. My first sample was when I started singing at the age of two and, some years later, playing the songs I was hearing in the radio on a synthesizer by ear. I was remaining a self - taught musician till the age of 11, when I took my first piano lessons, but I quit 5 years later and I joined my first band we were playing punk rock!
After playing with bands of various genres, around 2008, I decided to create a MySpace music profile and upload my own music. It just happened and Tomas passed by it, while the band was looking for a new lead singer. He heard my work on vocals and invited me to Athens to meet the rest of the guys and give it a try. So, here I am!
As for the vocal lessons, I started 2 years ago being taught by the jazz lady Vicky Almazidu and I joined the conservatory for jazz piano.

7. Music is a very powerful tool that can change people’s lives. Is there a piece of music or a song or band that has helped shape or define a certain time in your life?
I like this question! As I go back in time, I realize there are some songs that actually marked different times of my life... The “Phantom of the Opera” music was a threshold to remember during my first decade. If I am to talk about the metal music pieces, the start of my teenage came with Nightwish’s “Bless the Child” to be followed by Dark Suns’s “Swanlike” album. Sentenced’s music (especially the song “Aika Multaa Muistot”) and Draconian’s “Arcane Rain Fell” album have filled my dark days... It’s amazing how many pieces we can link with moments! I'm still counting the soundtrack of my life...

8. What do you hope listeners get from your music?

Music seems to me as one of the elements of communication in this world, so I guess there must be a message there. For example, a song is telling a story and perhaps we can learn something from it - it happens that someone elses experiences can be very helpful to others. Apart from the meaning of the lyrics, music is also fun, so the joy you get, while listening to music that you like, works positively for you. I’d be glad to hear that people like our music, because I think that something positive comes out.  
9. What is the next big goal for Bare Infinity?
We’re dreaming about lots of things, but I think that nothing comes by itself until you plan it and give it a try. So for now, we are putting the papers on the table and making plans for future gigs and working on new material.

10. In closing we thank you Angel for your time. We wish you all the best with Bare Infinity. Please leave our readers with any final thoughts or comments.

I would like to thank you for your time, for giving me the chance to answer your questions and for supporting Bare Infinity and the Greek metal scene. I enjoyed this interview very much! I’d like to close by saying that music is good for all and it would be nice if we support it in any way and spread it to the world!


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