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Interview w/ Paul "Ablaze" Zinay

Paul "Ablaze" Zinay – vocals

Kim Gosselin – lead guitar and sampler

Terry "Roadcase" Deschenes – rhythm guitar

Étienne Mailloux – bass and acoustic guitar

Justine "Juice" Ethier – drums, percussion

Country of Origin: Canada


2003: United Under A Shadowed Nightsky

2005: Demo


2007: (Profugus Mortis) - So It Begins

2008: (Profugus Mortis) - Another Round-EP

2009: Profugus Mortis 

2011: Firefight


1. Tonight we are talking with our friends Blackguard. Thanks very much for the interview and your time. Speaking of time Blackguard stay very busy on the road. How much time have you spent touring in the last 2 years?

    Well we’ve done about 7 north American tours and tons of one offs more locally around Quebec , I’d say we’ve done around 200 shows in the past year and a half , maybe more .

    2. I understand you have started work recording the 3rd Blackguard album. What can you tell us about the new album and songs?


      We’re trying to expand a bit on this one. We won’t just be sticking to the typical “Folk” elements we’ve been playing with for the past few years and experimenting with some new ones. We’re constantly growing as musicians and our influence range quite a bit, so with this next record you’re defiantly going to hear something new from us while still maintaining who we are.

      3. Along with the new record you have signed to Victory Records, how did this rather odd pairing come about?


        We parted ways with both Sumerian records and Nuclear Blast this past year and we were looking for a label to handle us for the World and not just a specific territory. Victory heard the demo’s of the new material and showed the most interest in the band and the desire to see the band grow. I know a lot of people are scratching their heads over this but I don’t think it’s that strange considering we were just on Sumerian, but I guess not too many people know that lol .

        4. I guess it's fair to say that Blackguard is one of the hardest working bands out there today. What was the goal for the band when it first started and do you feel like all that hard work is paying off?


          From when we first started all we wanted to do was tour and play the music that we wanted to play, so yes you can defiantly say we’ve achieved that. Ever opportunity we’ve gotten whether it is a tour or a new record deal is truly a blessing because we know that this could all end tomorrow.

          The work has definitely been paying off. With each new tour we meet new people and gain new fans, so slowly you can say we’re building our empire. The only downside to the constant touring is it’s hard to keep people interested in seeing the band since we’re here so often. All we can really do is give the best show we can and make sure people are having fun.

          5. The world of music has changed so much in the last few years with the advent of digital downloads, mp3's and Internet networking. Do you feel this has affected music in a negative way, and do people still come out to shows like they used to back in the 80's and 90's?


            It’s certainly different now. My impression is that people are spoiled with music these days. There seems to be so much of it out there at no cost and that’s degrading the worth of the art. People are just taking it for granted. Attendances at shows are down all across the board and I think it’s eventually going to hit a pretty depressing low, to the point where artists just won’t be able to tour anymore and then there’s going to have to be another huge shift of some sort to right all this.

            6. Obviously the technology can also be a great help. Does the band use any of to days gadgets to write and create music with?


              In recoding we use new technologies all the time. We do a lot of our tracking and demoing at home and on the road. This is something that wasn’t possible a few years ago but now everyone can become self sufficient went it comes to the production of a record.

              7.What is the next big goal for Blackguard?


                At this point I’d really like to get out of North America and go tour Europe or South America …anywhere really that isn’t here.

                8.What would you say is the biggest challenge about being on the road so much and do you get bored when you finally get back home?


                  Right now no one in the band is living off our music so I’d say one of the biggest challenges of touring is the financial stain. It’s hard coming off tour after a few months to have to go find a job to pay your rent, only to have to quit that job a month later because you’re heading back out on another tour.

                  I don’t get bored at home , I really appreciate all the time I have to spend with my family and friends because I’m getting less and less of it these days.

                   9. In closing please leave us with any final comments or thoughts.


                  I just want to thank everyone who’s been supporting the band over the past 9 years and helped us get to this point, and I hope you’ll all be around for the next 9 having a blast every step of the way.



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                  Comment by Toni Wolf on February 2, 2011 at 12:43am

                  These guys are wicked ace in concert! Some of the best I have seen. Amazing energy on stage!

                  If you haven't seen them yet.. you should! ;)




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