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Interview w/ Anders 'Blakkheim' Nyström

Band Members:

Mikael Åkerfeldt - Vocals
Anders 'Blakkheim' Nyström - Guitar
Per 'Sodomizer' Eriksson - Guitar
Jonas Renkse - Bass
Martin Axenrot - Drums


Country of Origin: Sweden



Breeding Death EP (2000)  

Resurrection Through Carnage (2002)

Nightmares Made Flesh (2005)


Unblessing the Purity EP (2008)


The Fathomless Mastery (2008)

The Wacken Carnage *Live* CD/DVD (2008)

Bloodbath Over Bloodstock *Live* DVD (2011)



Tonight we are speaking with guitarist Anders Nystrom of the world renowned Death Metal band Bloodbath. Welcome Anders and thanks for your time. For those that don't know Bloodbath is a powerful gathering of well known Metal names that decided to work together to create Death Metal in the Old School style to start off but then blossomed into what is now a very respected band.


1. Is it fair to say that Bloodbath accidentally became what it is today?


Yes you could say it was an accident along the way hah! We never planned to make this anything more than a studio project that might not have lasted for more than the first recording, but once we got a feel of what we had going the inspiration and urge came over us like rapid fire! We had a fun ride doing all these albums and even more fun doing the few selective shows! Death metal is what we all share as a common style that goes back to when we were teenagers growing up, so it's a very dear nostalgic thing.


2. The band started playing in the style of early American Death Metal bands. Soon after however the band was able to add it's own influence to the style. Most bands say their style is a natural development but Bloodbath started to pay tribute to the early Death Metal names. What was it about these early Death Metal pioneers that made Bloodbath want to pay such homage?


We grew up listening to it, so it made a great impact on us and more or less became our lifestyle back then. Forming Bloodbath was our way of honoring this sound and our own opportunity to go back and visit these times again. 


3. The big news right now is the all new DVD "Bloodbath over Bloodstock" These large festivals are always great for live footage. What made Bloodbath decide this particular show would be best for a new DVD?


When investigating which of the festivals we could film Bloodstock turned out not only to be the most convenient and affordable choice, but more or less the only technically possible of them all, so we just went for it and thought it would be cool to close the last gig with a DVD shoot. If we had gotten the opportunity to film each and every one of the shows I would eventually have chosen the Tuska performance for the DVD, but these are things you never know in advance and the possibilities are very limited. But I'm pleased with what we created, the playing is good and the mix is very heavy. I also think "Bloodbath over Bloodstock" rings like a classic title already and the cover artwork is some of the best I've ever seen. The artwork alone is worth the price tag! Also worth to mention is that there's some essential bonus features as well such as a interview documentary with all the members and an older performance from the German Party.San Festival back in 2008 and that really shows Bloodbath in full force delivering the goods. It's dark and chilly with smoke and fire and there's blood, a lot of blood!


4. The DVD is showing well in the charts so far. How does it feel to know Metal in still strong and Bloodbath is noticed and appreciated by the fans?


We are obviously proud and happy to be part of the metal history. Writing, recording and performing music is always done foremost to please ourselves, but when the fans love what you do and the success is real that can be considered quite a flattering bonus!


5. Speaking of releases I know fans are desperate for a new Bloodbath album. Are there any plans coming for new songs?


Well, time is the main issue here. We simply do not know when to squeeze this in anytime soon. We just have to keep looking for a gap appear in our schedules and jump the opportunity as soon as it comes. Musically, we know our next direction and the plans have been made to pursue them. In the past, we have touched upon the classic Florida Morrisound studio death metal sound, we've covered the legendary Swedish/Stockholm Sunlight studio sound and we've also crossed over from the real simple styles to the more technical approach, but one thing we haven't touched upon at all is that real gritty sludgy low-fi death metal school pioneered by bands such as Autopsy. We wanna make a truly rotten and ugly album next time and keep things organic and as analogue as possible. Expect the next Bloodbath album to be the antithesis of a modern technical death core album!


6. You are a key member of Bloodbath and also the phenomenal Katatonia. Does the writing process differ much between the two bands?


Yes I would say writing music for Bloodbath is a lot easier and can be done pretty at any time regardless what mood you're in, this is not possible with Katatonia as it digs more deeper and demands more depht. Also Bloodbath songs are made out of riffs where harmony and dissonance play an equal role, so it's a lot easier to "get there". There's also a lot more freedom with the rhythms and patterns in Bloodbath, you're free to use whatever pace and beat you want whereas in Katatonia anything too fast will sound weird. I've said it numerous time before but the best way to conclude the differences between the two would be to say that Katatonia feels like being at work while Bloodbath feels like being on a vacation. You need both of that to be happy, right?


7. You have been working in the world of Metal for many years, what has been the biggest changes you have seen in music since you first started out?


Nor surprisingly that would be when internet came around in the late 90s and changed basically everything for everyone.


8. Why do you think Metal has managed to stay around all this time and do you feel it is still as important has it once was?


I think metal has been going strong ever since came onto the scene. Surely there's been trends and up and downs within metal's subgenres, but "metal" has never gone away and never decreased in popularity, quite the opposite as new generations come onboard daily. 


9. In closing please leave us with any final thoughts or comments and thanks for your time.


I'd like to point out to the younger listeners that you owe to yourselves to go back in time to discover where the sound of Bloodbath came from! If you still haven't heard albums like Entombed's "Left Hand Path" or Morbid Angel's "Altars Of Madness" it's time you pick these up!




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