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Interview 2007:

Band Members: Cadaveria(Vocals), Dick Laurent(Guitar), Killer Bob(Bass), Marcelo Santos(Drums), *Frank Booth(Guitar)*

Origin Country: Italy *** ***

In Your Blood - CD 2007 - (Season of Mist)

The Shadows' Madame - (UK Release) - CD 2004 AUDIO + VIDEO - (Salvation/Triple Silence)

Far Away From Conformity - CD 2004 - (Scarlet Records)

CADAVERIA Home Video - VHS 2002 - (Self Produced)

The Shadows' Madame - CD 2002 - (Scarlet Records)

1. Cadaveria started in 2001, how would you compare the band's musical approach then with the new material on "In Your Blood"?

I'm not good in speaking about our style and I prefer to leave journalists the burden to describe CADAVERIA music. We approach each new album as a new beginning, so the three albums cannot be compared to each other. Surely there was an evolution inside our music and I can say In Your Blood is far from conformity as the second album was, in the sense we didn't follow any specific genre. The musical background of the band members is different and the most variegated influences converge into CADAVERIA songs, embracing from Death to Black metal, without refusing Progressive and Gothic contamination's. What remained the same since 2001 is the fact we play exactly what we feel. Considering our feeling, emotions, way of being change continually as we do experiences, our music change with us. Our personality is eclectic like In Your Blood album is.

2. How do you think the band gained the title of "Horror Metal"?

I think the reasons are two: first the fact CADAVERIA style is hard to define, so it is more simple to use a brand like Horror Metal, that means all and nothing, second ‘cause our image is always very strong and CADAVERIA general halo is inspired to darkness and horrifying stuff (horror literature and cinema, for example). All what is strange, twisted and uncommon continues to influence our work. Also the promotional pictures we made for Far Away From Conformity were strange and sick, but they didn't follow the stereotypes of metal, so many people didn't understand them.

3. Your music spans several different genres, is there any particular style of music or metal you most closely identify Cadaveria with?

Again, I don't like to speak about the music I play. Music must be listened, not explained. I invite you all to take the CD and listen to it, without worrying about how to label it.

4. The band is very visually striking. How important do you feel a bands image is when presenting their music?

Even if many people don't admit it, and even if it could be sad to say, image is important as music is. In some occasions images are even more important than music, ‘cause they reached the human senses quickly. Nothing wrong in it, I love images. But is it wrong to judge a band's music from its image. I can wear a total white dress, but darkness is in me stronger then ever. I can have a red make up instead of a black metal face painting, but my music can however be evil like hell.

5. Is there any one particular song you feel best defines Cadaverias style and sound?

The twelve songs of In Your Blood album are very different from each other and each one has an its own identity. I like them all and I can say all together represent CADAVERIA style. The antipodes could be The Dream, a melodic song, and Anagram, aggressive and fast. CADAVERIA music is made of contradictions and stays between these two boundaries. It is not a case that we chose these two songs for the videos, The Dream is already online, Anagram will be ready by November. The first is a quite normal video, based on white and red colors, the second will be sick, splatter and twisted like you have never seen.

6. Tell us about the experience of making the videos for "Spell" and "The Dream".

Making videos is one of my favorite hobbies. I studied story and criticism of cinema at university and Marcelo Santos is an excellent video-maker, so videos are a territory we like to explore. The making of Spell video was interesting but laborious. There were many locations and the one in the water was the most difficult to shoot, ‘cause there were many bad animals like parasites sucking my legs… The Dream was done like an experiment, without a screenplay. The first half, where I'm alone, was like an improvisation, me the camera and a cigarette… We made many shootings of the same piece and this meant a very hard mixing work ‘cause we had too much similar images to chose… Anagram will be realized in a totally different way. We have been thinking about it for two months and now we are ready to act. Many mad artists and actors will cooperate, and I'm sure the result will be magic and perturbing.

7. Do you feel it's important for bands to make videos?

I consider videos a way to complete music and a gift for all our fans, as we actually spread videos for free.

8. In the song "The Dream" you sing "I take back my life. A bit confused, but more conscious of my way." Does this lyric reflect your view of the new album. Is there more confidence on "In Your Blood"?

This was the feeling I had when I wrote this lyric. It was a moment of strong consciousness after a bad day. Fortunately self confidence never abandoned me.

9. What is most important to you when writing new material?

Feeling good and feeling myself. I have to be sure I'm doing exactly what I want.

10. In closing, what does this band mean to you?

I gave my name to the band. I think this is enough to explain what it represents for me.


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