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Children of Bodom

Interview w/ Henkka Seppälä

Band Members:

Alexi Laiho (guitars & vocals)
Jaska Raatikainen (drums)
Henkka Blacksmith (bass)
Janne Warman (keyboards)
Roope Latvala (guitars)


Country of Origin: Finland



Something Wild (1997)

Hatebreeder (1999)

Follow the Reaper (2000)

Hate Crew Deathroll (2003)

Are You Dead Yet? (2005)

Blooddrunk (2008)

Relentless Reckless Forever (2011)

1. Tonight we are speaking with Henkka Blacksmith bass player for the Finnish Metal Masters Children of Bodom. Henkka thanks for your time. COB were out on the Ugly World Tour. You were currently playing throughout the United States. How was the tour?
-Tour was good. Summer is a little tough i guess but no worries, smaller clubs, more intense shows, and the weather is good!

2. The tour was in support of the new highly acclaimed album "Relentless Reckless Forever". The new record is being called the bands best work by some reviewers. What are your thoughts on the new album?

-Well, to me usually the newest one is the best. this one felt a little different, coz it has some elements similar to the older albums, so to begin with we had a very excited feeling when songs started to be in shape...


 3. How long was the writing process for the new material? Tell us about the recording process.

-We did everything the same way. I d say we had January-July for the writing.  And the first time we hired a producer to be included in the process for the whole time, from march til the end of mixing, so it was very refreshing thing. He had cool ideas, very small ones, but those that make impact, we wouldnt have thought of without having an "outsider" with us.. and he also recorded and mixed the whole thing, so the sound is kind a new...


4. I understand your favorite track on the new album is "Shovel Knockout" what is it about this song that makes it your favorite?
-The melody in the pre-chorus is good. The chorus is surprising, and the verse is heavy. Those make it cool... its quite simple but it seems complex...
5. Are you still using ESP basses and which ones are you using on the tour?

-Yes I am.. I'm using my signature ones, the HTB something, 4 strings, one neckthru and the other bolt on.


6. Children of Bodom have become known for a very frantic yet precise way of writing and performing. Was there always the intent of creating a very unique sound or is it just the result of the bands writing?
-It just happened to be like that. We couldn't have created something like the first album, if we'd tried something we're not. and the first album kinda leads the way for the next ones.... and so on...
7.  In closing, please leave us with any final thoughts or comments and thanks for your time.
-Thanks for having us on here, and see u at the shows...


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