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Review and Interview 2008:(band members updated 2010)

Reborn after the release of their first EP called "SEASON OF SUFFERING"(September 2006- recorded at Soul Sound Studio) ,and the split with both guitarists Massimiliano Camela and Nicola Farina (Kaos Engine), CRYSALYS (the name is ispired by the Chrysalis and the union between the english word CRY and the norwegian word LYS that means "light" ), with two new members Mario Brillarelli (ex-Out of Mind) and Giampaolo Squadroni (ex-Rayden Evilution) on the guitars, are back on work,improving their sound and writing new songs. The band'genre called MELODIC METAL is now renamed in MELODICORE, keeping on mixing different kind of metal, but with a more powerful sounds like the modern american Metalcore (inspired by bands like Killswitch Engage,Caliban,Lamb Of God)with some Swedish Melodic Death Metal's feathering in style of Dark Tranquillity with operistic soprano voice and powerfull clean vocals of Chiara.

Band Members: Dusk (female vocalist), Voivoda (guitar), Diurno (guitar), The Dwarf (bass guitar), and Doomtrain (drums)

New Band Line up 2009/2010 Since this interview: Dusk (female vocalist), Mastro (guitar), Wolf (keyboard), Peppz (bass), and A.C. (drums)

Band Origin: Italy

Label: Indie ******

1. Congratulations on the release of the new EP "White Lotus on Archeron Shores" There has been a couple of new members added since the release of your first EP, "Season of Suffering". So introduce us to the new line up.

The current*OLD* (hope the good one!) line up is Alessandro Camela on drums,Mario Brillarelli and Giampaolo Squadroni on guitars,Matteo D'Ottavio on bass and Chiara Malvestiti on vocals.

2. What do you think are the biggest differences between the two EP's?

Above all,I think the production, that on the first ep was very raw and home-made, while this one sounds more powerful and more"up-to-date". The songs styles changed too keeping on mixing different kinds of metal, but with a more powerful sounds like the modern american Metalcore. At least the experience and the B- Side Studio's advices helped us.

3. Now that the new EP is out. What is the next big goal for the band?

Obviously find a good label that believe in us and of course many shows to promote our music. A full lenght is on our thoughts.

4. Is there a particular song on the EP that you think best captures the Crysalys sound?

Not really..every song is different with each other...The last we wrote are differents too...we don't like to follow a single music genre!

5. What is most important to you when writing new songs?

Collaboration! I think is the most important thing for a band :)..We use to start from a guitar riff ,then the new song grows up!

6. There are so many great bands coming out of Italy right now. Is the metal scene growing there at all?

There are so many bands growing in Italy and is a good goal for Metal Music,but the real problem is the collaboration between bands,live clubs and many webzines be an italian metal band is really hard ,believe me :P

7. Tell us about your live shows, what can fans expect to see?

Ask to our fans :) just kidding..well many people said we're powerful on,power and melody! I think that the feeling with fans in live shows is really important.

8. Are there any shows or bands you have played with that you enjoyed most?

Yes!We shared the stage with bands such as The Famili,Darzamat,Infernal Poetry we really enjoyed these shows!

9. What does being in this band mean to you?

My band is my life,my family and my dream..Singing with Crysalys is a great emotion and energy source for me, I'm also a student of Liric Opera..but create my music with my band is so important,I hope my dream will come true..!

10. Thanks for the interview, where can fans get Crysalys merchandise?

You can find our merch on :, and also on our website at ,and obviously in our shows!




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