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Review and Interview 2008:

Dagor Dagorath are a Black/Death Metal - influenced band that offers a unique and striking sound. The recent addition of female vocalist, Larion, takes the band to a new and exciting level with songs filled with extreme aggression, power and passion.

Band Members: Larion (Vocals), Getman Azac (keyboards and back vocals), Vorog (Guitars and back vocals), Psycopatia Sexualis (Drums), Mizgir (Bass)

Origin Country: Israel

2008/2010 - Yetzer Ha'Ra

Seth Siro Anton (Septic Flesh) did album artwork

1.Dagor Dagorath are a Black/Death metal band hailing from Israel. We have worked with other bands from Israel in the past. They have told us that the metal scene there is still young but starting to catch on. Dagor Dagorath however are by far the hardest and most aggressive band I have heard from the region. Are you getting good support there, and is your music finding a solid audience?

Hails! When we began performing in 2003, we have played pagan black metal, that wasn't up to the Israeli metal heads' taste. Nevertheless we'd found nice and friendly support at our concerts. By now after the 2 years silence at the time of which we'd been creating the debut album, we were even better met by the audience! Also due to the new line-up: now we have the new vocalist and she's really great skilled both in singing and on the stage!

2. Israel is among many things known for it's political and religious tensions. Has the band experienced any protests or opposition to your dark style?

Honestly, no. We have never come across with any kind of protest against us and our music, though in fact Israel is a very religious country. Maybe we're too evil to meet some opponents, hehehe J .

3. I understand you originally were the vocalist as well as guitarist. What made you decide to step down?

I made this decision by myself for being more concentrated on the guitar in further, due to the fact that I'm the only guitarist in the band. But nevertheless I made vocals on Yetzer Ha'Ra together with Getman Azach.

4. Larion is the new vocalist. She is very powerful! Were you specifically looking for a female vocalist?

No, we had no special aim to find a female vocalist. Occasionally happened so, that while this seek we tried on with many musicians, and Larion suited perfectly. She brought something peculiar to our band and became a harmonic part of us.

5. The debut album "Yetzer Ha'Ra" is complete. Is Larion featured on the album?

Not finished yet, the mix and master work are left and also graphic design of the album which will be done by Seth from Septic Flesh. Larion made clean vocal parts, 'cause when she came to the band almost everything has been already recorded.

6. It's no secret that there are countless hordes of Black Metal fans emerging from all over the world. What is it about this music that you think people are finding so appealing?

From my point of view black metal is very sincere and energetic music, which keeps tons of power that makes a soul dread. It teaches to stay as you are, to search for your own way, different from the religious doctrines.

7. In regards to Dagor Dagorath, what is it that you think separates your style from say the classic style from Norway and Germany?

In fact we use the same instruments as so as the classics, not to repeat them, but to create our own music characters and images revealing from the depth of our souls. As far as these images are alike with someone's – we can't define, 'cause we are the subjective and emotional observers of our own music of course.

8. Touring is always a big part of a debut album. Where and when will Dagor be heading out?

It's early to say when and where, but we're surely planning a European tour and hopefully we'll visit as many countries as possible.

9. What is the next big goal for this band?

Release the album, find a label and make a tour. And then we'll marks some new plans of the world expansion J ^-^

10. In closing what does this band mean to you?

The band particularly and the music in general mean much for me. This fills my inner world and makes up a large part of it. Without I wouldn't be a person I am. So this is simply my life.

11. Where can fans get the new album and merchandise?

You can find our merch in some of Israeli shops or get it through our myspace page. And the new album Yetzer Ha'Ra will be found also in your local shops I hope! Thanks to all our Fans for support and to you for such interesting questions. Hope we'll surely talk later after the album's release!




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