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Interview w/ Argos

Band Members:
Galf - Vocals
Argos - Drums
Hanged - Bass
Niccollo - Guitars
Makiavel - Guitars
Country of Origin: Brazil
Myspace page:
Reverbnation Page:
Youtube Channel:
Twitter Page:
1. Tonight we are talking with Argos of the Brazilian Metal band DarkTower. Argos thanks for your time. Please introduce the rest of the band to our readers.

First of all, I Thank you Jason and Miss Toni for the contact and invite for the interview!
The band nowadays is formed by Galf L. - leading screams and grunts,  Niccolo - guitars, backing grunts and clean voices, Hanged - bass, myself on drums, backing screams and leading clean voices and a new member, Makiavel, who stands as guitarist, backing screams and clean vocals. He's new on the band, so we haven't taken official pictures with him yet but he is a full time member and is already contributing to the band!
2. DarkTower hail from Brazil. Brazil has a reputation for having some of the most passionate Metal fans in the world. Is DarkTower receiving good support from the fans there?

Yes, our country has passionate fans, but at the same time, our underground scene suffers from several problems such as lack of support, a few good places to play, bad intentioned people ... We believe that this is a global problem, so we don't let us down, and we continue on our path, convinced of our ideas and goals.
But in this scenario that I explained, I can say that we have really good support! We play in our city frequently, in small cities of the state, in several other Brazilian states, always with a great response from the public, who buy our merchandise, comes to talk to the members, stop for a beer, and stuff... This is very gratifying for us. keeps us strong with the band.
3. How would you describe the Darktower sound for readers who have never heard your music?

Well, we play a blend of extreme metal genres, like Black and Death Metal with a more traditional Heavy Metal. We're not trying to reinvent the wheel, we just do our best, always in search of the so-called "musical personality". 
4. The bands latest release is called "Lord ov the Vast Lands" and is getting some good reviews. How long was the writing process for this release, and tell us about the recording process.

Yes, Lord ov the Vastlands had and has great response from the media and public, even today, since it was launched back in 2009. It was a Single that should precede our debut album, but we had some problems outside the band, delaying a lot the release of our debut.

We will be unleashing a new single in the upcoming months to keep the pace of releases, but we are already in the process of recording for the debut album, and this process is in full progress!

The process of writing and recording for the Lord ov Vastlands was pretty fast, and all members contributed, different from our demo, Specter's Arrival, when I brought most of the ideas, and we worked only a few details together. In this launch, all members composed and brought ideas to the process. It was very good  and we continue this way of working nowadays! 

5. Darktower have played some impressive shows. Has the band had a chance to play outside of your home country and are there any plans to do so?

Yes, we played some good gigs! Some renowned festivals in the scenario and some openings for big international bands such as Marduk, most often in highlight positions and we're very grateful for these opportunities!

We've had ( and still have) invitations to play out of our home country, in South America and Europe, but we believe we must have the Full Album in hands to have something of consistency to work in other countries, and bring together these opportunities in a specific period, to make sparse invitations to become a real tour.
6. Besides launch the debut album, what is the next big goal for Darktower?

Continue to play at several locations in Brazil, Travel touring through Europe, North and South America, Make the DarkTower's name bigger and bigger in the global metal scenario and spread our music around the world! 
7. Has Darktower started work on the next album?

Yes, we already have several songs in progress and many riffs to work for the next release. And also now, that we have one more guitarist, Makiavel, we have one more mind to work in favor of DarkTower's music!
8. In closing please leave us with any final thoughts or comments and thanks for your time.

As I said before, I do appreciate the invitation and opportunity!
Thanks Jason and Toni! 
Hope to be here in the pages of Nocturnal Euphony again and soon!
What can I say to the site's readers is to know our work, our websites and mainly, that you enjoy our extreme, but yet, melodic music!

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