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Review and Interview 2007(with updates):

Band Members: Nera (female vocals), Flauros (male vocals), Chris (guitars), Spectre (keyboards), Bacchus (bass), Darkside (drums)

Origin Country: Poland

In the Flames of Black Art - Faithless Productions 1997/Metal Mind Records 2002

In the Opium of Black Veil - Faithless Productions 1999/Metal Mind Records 2002

Oniriad - Avantgarde Productions 2003

Semidevilish - Metal Mind Records/MVD (USA) 2004

Transkarpatia - Metal Mind Records/MVD (USA) 2005

Live Profanity (Visiting the Graves of Heretics) DVD - Metal Mind Records/MVD (USA) 2007

Solfernus' Path - Massacre Records 2009 ***

1. So Darzamat has been around in one form or another since 1995. How is your fan following in your home country of Poland?

The fans in Poland are quite like anywhere else in Europe. Because of our history we have not had many possibilities to see our favorite performers, so every single metal show used to be a kind of a rare event you couldn't miss. Today the situation is different: people became choosy, as they are free to choose, they listen to piles of CDs and are very aware listeners. It means you must be pretty good to attract their attention. When it comes to the relation Darzamat-fan, I must say that our fans change like our music does. There are stages of our band evolution and not each of them can be liked by fans. Some people prefer old albums with strong key-board sound and high pitch voice of Kate (the former female). Some other started being interested in the band only from the “Semidevilish” album, when our music changed drastically. A lot of people came to see us on stage during Metalmania 2007 Festival in Poland. Now, another confrontation ahead of us- a tour through ten Polish cities in May.

2. A large number of European bands are gaining a strong following in the United States. Are there any plans to play there in the future?

We've never been to USA so far. Unfortunately we didn't have a good promotion there, so no wonder we are unknown to the American metal heads. We keep on searching for a good agency that could bring us to the States. We would love to play there one day and I believe we will.

3. Let's talk about the last album "Transkarpatia". How would you describe the album to new listeners?

To be honest, I hate talking about music. It makes you insert yourself in some special atmosphere you're unable to describe by means of words. All I can say is that the album talks of inquisitorial activity, christian church crimes, mass murders and things that are believed to have happened in the Carpathian Mountain in those days. It is our Slavic look at the question above-mentioned, that is why the title sounds “Transkarpatia”. It is very dark, full of passion and melodies. For me it is the best album Darzamat has made so far.

4. What would you say are the biggest differences between "Transkarpatia", and the prior record "Semidevilish"?

For me personally the biggest difference consisted in the way we worked on the albums. “Semidevilish” was the first album made without the co-founder of the band, that decided to leave. It was also the first stuff we prepared being practically strangers to one another, as the line-up was completely new. We had to learn each other and the experience was quite good. All we knew at the moment was the fact that we didn't want to follow the pattern presented on the last, experimental album. We all wanted the band to come back to its root, to the darkness. That was what, in my opinion, we managed to do. Working on “Transkarpatia”was much more conscious. We were well prepared to record that album: music, intros, leitmotiv, cover art, video clip. Nothing was accidental. I went through many books and material to get us much as I needed to write lyrics filled with true emotions. We also decided to make the sound excellent and so the mixing duties were handled by Andy La Rocque himself in his studio in Sweden. That gave us a lot of experience and made us release the best album ever. It was really hard work for all of us. But we knew it was worth it.

5. How was the experience of making the music videos for "The Burning Times", and "The Red Iris"?

It was very exciting and tiring, as in both cases we worked the whole day and night without a break. It was so, because of the organizational matters and the daylight and artificial light we wanted to use. Me and Flauros, we never let someone think for us, so we invented ourselves the stories to show. Then we took part in the filming and then together with professionals we worked on the montage and the final result. It was a hard and time-consuming work, but the effect made us feel good.

6. Do you think it's important for bands to make videos?

Yes, it is. Nowadays people are video-addicted. You can find a lot of bootlegs on the internet. It's a picture-generation, so music is not enough now. It is also another way to present the band and express its message in a different manner. I would surely prefer music speaking for itself, but well...

7. Tell us about the song "The Burning Times", and why was it chosen for the video?

“The Burning Times” was a kind of a representative of the album in terms of lyrics. That is why it was chosen for the video. We also decided to show it in an ascetic and a bit simple way, so the action would be more theater like. I am quite satisfied with the clip. There is a special atmosphere in it that I have never met before in the videos.

8. Are their any songs on "Transkarpatia" that you think best define the Darzamat sound?

I don't know. I think that Darzamat has a kind of specific atmosphere characteristic of the band, but I wouldn't indicate any song as a representative one. The “Transkarpatia” is a collection of the stories of the time, showed from different points of view. To do that we used as many artistic means as came to our mind. For example, play the song “ Letter from Hell” and try to answer your own question. What I want to say is that every song is a part of the whole story, but each of them is different. And the same regards Darzamat's works. The band evolved and from album to album changed, still keeping the same mood, the rebellious attitude with magnitude of the dark and drops of melancholy.

9. Has any work began on the next album?

Yes, indeed. We've been sharing our time between rehearsals, DVD preparations and material writing. At the moment Spectre (keyboarder) and Chris (guitar player) are composing the stuff for the new album and we all are very impressed of what we heard. Flauros and I have the drafts of the idea we want to talk about and any day we will get down to arrangement.

10. For fans coming out to your shows, what can we expect to see from your show?

You can be sure what we do, we do from the bottom of our hearts. We always do our best on stage, no matter what conditions there are. You will experience a lot of power and dark passion from the stage. And remember that you are the key: feeling your energy, we give it back in multiplied doses.

11. What does being in Darzamat mean to you?

It is a huge part of my personal life. I treat it seriously, I mean music and Darzamat. Every odd moment is spent on planning, creating, rehearsing or just talking about things concerning the band. I can't even remember when was the last time I went on vacation... I just live from gig to gig... And I don't complain. ;)

12. What is the next goal for Darzamat?

We've been preparing our first DVD album at the moment. The next step is recording of a new album and in the meantime playing as much as possible. That's what we want to do this year. Then we'll see...


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