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Dawn of Tears

Review and Interview 2009:

Band Members: J. Alonso (vocals), J. L. Trebol (guitarist), Israel (drums), Konrad (bass), (vocals), A. Perez (guitar)

Origin Country: Spain

2009 - Dark Chamber Litanies EP

2007 - Descent (Self - Produced) ******

1. So to begin, upon my first listen to Dawn of Tears, I noticed right away, that the band has a very professional and polished sound. How long has Dawn of Tears been together?

Well, i started thinking about the project on 1999, but we didn't became a real band with a solid line up until middle of 2001

2. Dawn of Tears has a great combination of Death Metal style vocals, surrounded by multiple other styles to include Progressive, Gothic, and even Power Metal influences. When Dawn of Tears was created was there any particular style you had in mind?

Since the beginning of the band, we thought about making some kind of heavy metal, touched by other many dark influences. We don't like to close any door to our music...

3. Let's talk about the album "Descent", when was the album written and recorded?

It was recorded and mixed at Cube e-studios, in Madrid, (our natal city) during January 2007. Its hard to answer about when it was written, because i started the composition before the band was formed...

4. From what I have heard of the album, the production is very clean and the packaging is visually striking. Who was the producer, and who did the cover art?

The album was produced, mixed and mastered by Alberto Seara, one of the most important metal producers in Spain and a great friend of us since the recording sessions, and all the artwork was made by Daniel Alonso...he had work with some of the most important spanish metal bands and we are very happy with the final result.

5. How does your writing process work? Do you have one primary writer, or does the band write as a whole?

Well, i use to write all the music and orchestral arrangements, after that, the band listen to it and tell me what they think about it. Since that moment, the text writing starts...

6. When you were creating "Descent" What was the most important factor that you wanted the album to relay to listeners?

Well, its a hard question. We decided to record the songs when we really thought it was the moment to do it...we waited until we were sure about making a really good work, and i think that we have done a honest album, from the deepest void of our hearts.

7. Dawn of Tears hails from Madrid, Spain. How is the Metal scene there, and are you receiving good support?

There are many great bands here in Spain, but unfortunately, not all of them receives support, you have to pay for everything, with a few exceptions. The best helping hand for us is the crowd, the people that tells their friends about us...

8. Here in the U.S. support varies from region to region for Metal music, is it the same in Europe, or is there a good base all across the area?

I thing in general, theres a good support for metal all around europe, but the are some countries that stress about it, like Germany, Sweden or Finland...

9. What is the next big goal for Dawn of Tears?

We have recorded a M.C.D. called "DARK CHAMBER LETANIES", you can listen to the first track on www. myspace. com/dawnoftears, and i think it will be available soon.

10. What do you hope fans get from your music?

Well, as i said before, "DESCENT" is a honest album with metal riffs, beautiful melodies, darkness, love and passion...

11. Where can fans get Dawn of Tears merchandise?

Well, we are doing new material, i think all the information will be available soon on our website. But i think the only way to get it sending by mail.


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