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Band Members: Kitty Saric(vocals), Kenneth Lantz(guitar), Erik Röjås(drums), Joakim Antman(bass), Niklas Skogqvist(guitar)

Country Origin: Sweden ***

Chargepoint (2009)

3rd Stage of Decay (limited-2006) - 2nd edition (Japanese-2007)

3rd edition (worldwide-2008)

The Creature (2005)

Decadence (2005)

Land of Despair (2003)

1. So I just recently heard Decadence for the first time and was really impressed! How long has the band been playing together?

We are glad to hear that you enjoyed our music! We started up in 2003 so we're heading towards our 5 th year now.

2. Kenneth Lantz and Simon Galle put out some blistering guitar work, have they played together before?

Kenneth Lantz has played with Decadence ever since the start but Simon Galle recently joined us, this year as a matter of fact. On all our albums, Kenneth Lantz is behind almost all of the guitar work.

3. Building a vicious and tight rhythm section are Joakim Antman on bass and Erik Rojas on drums. Have either of these two played in other bands?

Joakim Antman played in a band called Hellicon prior to Decadence but when he joined us he wanted to focus on 100% on Decadence. Erik Rojas has had various side projects as well but nothing serious up until he joined Decadence.

4. You of course are the vocal powerhouse of the band. I understand your love and passion for this music goes back to a very young age. Tell us about when you first started singing.

At the early age of 12 I had been playing guitar for a while until I, just by coincidence and impulse really, contacted a band searching for a vocalist. I had worked on growling at home but I was never serious with it, it was only something I did for fun. I used to put on some Metallica, Children of Bodom and Death just growl along for fun's sake. So, when I came to audition in 2003 as a 16 year old growling vocalist, I never thought that band would develop into what now is known as Decadence.

5. Guitar is also a hobby of yours, do you play on any of the bands songs?

Well I have written many of the riffs and I'm always working on them by playing guitar but I haven't recorded anything for Decadence.

6. In addition to fronting the band you also manage the band. I would think all this keeps you very busy.

Indeed, it is a time consuming job! I do all managing for Decadence and give it almost all of my time. I'm also the designer of all artwork/website and all other kinds of things evolving around us. I would say Decadence is 150% of my daily routines even though I have other things to do as well! It's fairly hard to find any free-time since I also study at university and work.

7. Decadence blends the melody of Death Metal with the in your face aggressiveness of Thrash is this the sound you had in mind right from the start or was it developed?

It evolved over time. Decadence started out as a melodic Death Metal band but the development was very natural due to the fact that the main song writers (myself and Kenneth Lantz) are both old school thrashers. We found Decadence niche in the combined genre that we call melodic Thrash Metal.

8. In Sweden alone there are many different sub genres of metal, does this ever affect the band by fans only wanting to see a certain type of metal?

Yes, it certainly does, especially because the Swedish scene is very much into the typical Swedish Death Metal which is growing very strong.

9. So I understand Decadence is a very good live band? What can fans expect when they come out to see you?

Decadence has always been seen as a live band. This is when our music literally comes alive so if Decadence would be presented to someone new to us, a live show would definitely be the place to do it. We love being crazy on stage, headbanging, connecting with the fans and simply have a good time with what we love doing the most.

10. In closing, what is one thing fans should know about this band?

The music we do is for us not only a genre, it is a whole lifestyle. I believe this reflects itself into the music we do and the performances we make. As mentioned above, the best way to see and understand this is to come and see us live so hopefully we'll meet you all soon!


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