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Review and Interview 2009:

Band Members: Charlotte Wessels (Vocals), Martijn Westerholt (Songwriter & Synths), Ronald Landa (Guitar / Backup Vocals), Rob van der Loo (Bass), and Sander Zoer (Drums)

Origin Country: Netherlands ******

2009 "April Rain"

Record Label: Roadrunner Records

1.We are talking tonight with Charlotte who is the lead vocalist of the amazing band Delain. To be honest I was only vaguely familiar with Delain when I first picked up the album "April Rain". However, it only took one listen for me to be obsessed with it. The melodies work so well with the hard edge guitar work. It is really amazing. So please introduce us to your fellow band mates, and tell our readers where the band hails from.

After leaving Within Temptation because of health problems, Martijn Westerholt started his project Delain and asked me to join him in 2004. In 2005 we got signed by Roadrunner. When our first album Lucidity was released, we decided to get a band together to be able to get on stage with it. We found our drummer Sander Zoer, bassist Rob van der Loo and our guitarist Ronald Landa. We’ve been playing with them ever since and when it was time to start writing a second album it was only natural that this would be a real band album. And that’s exactly what April Rain became.

2. "April Rain" is Delain's second release. The album is very well put together. How did the band manage to create such an ambitious album on only the second release?

By never thinking a song is good enough until it’s good enough. Which means nitpicking over every tiny detail, which can be annoying, but apparently it’s worth it J.

3. It's really impossible for me to pick any one favorite track from the album. I do find myself hitting the repeat button on a couple of tracks however. Please tell us a bit about the tracks "On the Other Side", and "I'll Reach You".

I’ll reach you was initially written for a charity project called inspiring young minds. A project by BT and Unicef. This song was to me actually the first time to not only be writing the lyrics/vocal lines but also some of the music, which was really exciting, that’s also why I’m very proud that it made it to the album. The lyrics on the album are different from the original lyrics though. The original version was really a charity song and however I feel that also as a musician you can stand for your principles in life, I felt that the original lyrics where a little bit too preachy for a normal album track. The original lyrics were really about reaching out to other, less fortunate people, while ‘I’ll reach you’ on the album gets a more literal meaning, it’s about hoping to get in touch with someone you lost track of a long time ago. On the Other Side is really my baby on the album. I’m in love with the cello parts Maria Ahn played for this one. It’s my favorite song, which is kind of strange, because it was written about a period that was actually very difficult. The song On the Other Side is about dealing with people passing away.

4.Tell us about your experience so far as the lead vocalist. Do you feel any extra stress being the first person the crowd sees?

Actually I’m the last one the crowd sees, I enter the stage last, haha. Ahum, anyway. Yes of course there is extra stress being the front person of a band. I used to be a very shy girl and sometimes I still wish I could hide behind whatever instrument when something goes wrong. But then again, (I will not lie) I do like the attention, and I feel very proud when I look at the cover of our album where I’m all at the front with flying hair and flashy clothes, but at the same time I wonder why my band mates should stand so far at the back .. this question is hard, Next!

5.You list a very diverse grouping of musical influences in your bio. Tell us about some of your favorite artists.

Yes I like a lot of different musicians and music styles, but my favorite artist must be Radiohead. They don’t ever get me bored with their music. When it comes to lyrics I really like to listen to Nick Cave and I also like Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls) a lot for hers. Sia is one of my favorite singers and I bought this album two weeks ago of a band called ‘Florence and the machine’ which I really like, I’d never heard of them before and saw them at LOWLANDS (festival) two weeks ago. Very cool. Anyways these questions are always so hard to answer, there’s so much artist which I really like!

6. Delain has a lot of shows coming up. What can our readers expect to see from a live Delain show?

We have a really cool new live production, really nice stage props so it’s a pleasure to the eye and besides we really love performing live so readers can expect a lot of energy and enthusiasm!

7.You have a documentary on your web page showing the making of "April Rain". You also have released videos. Do you feel videos are an important part of experiencing a bands music?

Well, I know that internet and social media have become very important, and I think video’s make a very interesting part of internet and social media interaction. We try to get both our official music videos and our ‘making off’ video’s online at a regular basis. A lot of fans say thay really love it but we might even love it more ourselves because of all the inside jokes.

8.The "April Rain" video is made very well. Tell us about your experience making this video.

The video was recorded in Serbia by a company which was recommended to us by Ad from Epica. It was all green screen work which we hadn’t done before in our previous video’s, so it was a whole new experience. And a great trip too!

9. The lyrics on "April Rain" seem to be of a personal nature, would you say this album is more personal the the first album "Lucidity".

Yes definitely. On Lucidity, a few lyrics weren’t even mine. On April Rain they all were. Also, on Lucidity I was really concerned with how to say certain things in a pretty poetic way, while on this album I tried to focus more on what it is exactly that I’m trying to say without being too complicated about it. You shouldn’t’ need a dictionary to figure out what my lyrics are about. Forget about sounding smart, let’s get personal (sounds like a slogan, haha).

10. What is the next big goal for Delain?

To have a successful tour and then deliver a kick-ass third album.

11. What does being part of Delain mean to you?

It’s awesome, we got a lot of chances a lot of people are only dreaming about.

12. In closing, please leave us with any final comments or thoughts, and best of luck at your upcoming shows.

Thanks for reading! I hope to meet all of you on the road someday!


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