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Interview w/ Chelsea Knaack

Band Members:

Chelsea Knaack - Lead Vocalist
Frank Tosi - Guitar and Vocals
Ron Porcelli - Bass and Vocals
Nick Gati - Keyboards, Orchestration, and Vocals
Justin Baranello - Drums & Percussion

Mike Marrone- Session Drums

Country of Origin: USA

The Awakening (2009 EP)

Through The Gates (2011)

Special Guests:
Tim "Ripper" Owens - Guest Vocals on "The Burning Martyr"
Amanda Somerville - Guest Vocals "Into Shadow"
Joe Stump - Guest Guitar Lead on "The Burning Martyr"
Sander Gommans - Guest Guitar Lead on "In Dreams" *Japanese Bonus Track*!/desdemonmetal

1. Tonight it is our pleasure to be speaking with the beautiful and dynamic lead vocalist of the NYC based symphonic Metal band DesDemon Chelsea Knaack. Chelsea, thanks for your time. As we all know the NYC Metal scene has not been producing very many big names over the last few years. Please tell us how DesDemon managed to rise up from the NYC scene.

Well it all started with Frank and Ron getting this band together years before I was ever in the picture. They eventually gathered Nick Gati to help with revising the music and adding a more symphonic feel to it and then just 8 months back I joined the picture adding my classicly trained voice to the mix. We have this interesting style of music. We have added a progressive or power metal feel with this symphonic metal twist and operatic vocals that help us to stand out from the crowd.
2. In 2009 the EP "The Awakening" was released and gave everyone a taste of the DesDemon sound. With the new album "Through the Gates" is their an expansion on the sound and does the new album include any tracks from the EP?

Yes actually all of the songs from the EP have been redone and put on the new album. The EP was sort of a sample of what the album would eventually be and now with the album it is the complete vision and story from the original EP.
3. As we all know the popularity of female fronted Metal bands have skyrocketed over the last 6 years or so. What do you think DesDemon brings to the table that makes your music stand out?

As I said before we have an interesting mix of sounds all the way from our almost progressive and power metal feel to the noticeable elements of symphonic metal, and then add my classical voice. It was a match made in heaven that gives us an interesting, dark, and beautiful sound.
4. Speaking of standing out, I have read the guest list for the new album and it is as impressive as the music itself. The album will include many greats including the powerful Tim "Ripper" Owens, Sander Gommans, The mighty Joe Stump, and our beautiful friend Amanda Sommerville who we love here at Nocturnal Euphony. How did you get such a star studded line up together for the album?

Well that was all Frank's doing. The band was lucky to contact many of these people and are actually personal friends with some of the others.
5. I love the song you did with Amanda "Into Shadow", tell us about your experience working with these icons of Metal.

Well by the time I came into the picture the guest vocalists had already recorded their parts and sent them in so unfortunately I never got to work with any of them in person. I was a few months too late for that sadly.
6. So here you are, the face of a very talented and upcoming Metal band. How did you come to be involved with DesDemon and what is your musical background?

I actually saw an article they put out talking about needing a new singer and this was shortly after I had tried out for another band so at first I wasn't too into the idea of flying all over the world again and wanted to stick to my classical guns. Then I sent my information in not expecting anything to come of it. About two days latter the guys contacted me asking when I could come to New York. I was honestly stunned and had no idea that in that moment my life was forever changed. Also as far as my training I have been taking music lessons since I was 15 years old and since I was 18 have been taking private lessons and being trained as a classical opera singer. I have a deep passion for both metal and opera and am happy living a life balanced between the two.
7. In your bio you credit such greats as Tarja Turunen, and bands such as Epica, Lacuna Coil and Within Temptation as being influences and favorites. When you first heard these great bands did you think "that is what I want to do!"?

Yes. The first time I heard Tarja Turunen sing I told myself I would do that when I grew up. I kept that promise to myself and never gave up and I am lucky to be here today. I continue to look up to many singers and I am lucky to have so many wonderful friends who continue to inspire me every day and keep those fires burning in my heart. From here on out it's up and onward correct?
8. Have you had a chance to play with any of these bands?

I have actually had a chance to play with one of the big time metal queens which just shocked me. We recently had played with Doro and I have to say it was one of the best shows ever to share a stage with such a big female metal icon. I was a little taken aback by that. I also am lucky to be in a community of female singers where I get a chance to be friends with many of the women I looked up to as a little girl.  
9. Will there be any shows or tours coming up and has work started on the next record?

Well we just finished our last tour and are indeed in the workings of some more tours for next year. As for an album we have been working on some new songs and hope maybe in the next few years we will get working on another album.
10. In closing we want to again thank you for your time, and give you this opportunity to say any final words or comments to our readers and your fans.

Thank you so much for supporting the band. You guys mean the world to me and we couldn't do this without you. Thank you.


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