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Review and Interview 2009: (band members updated for 2010)

Band Members: Eloko (Vocals), Kentaro Takada (Guitar), Junya Hagi (Guitar), Beni (Bass), Ken (Drums)

Origin County: Japan ******

Hello from Japan. I'm Kentaro Takada who is the guitarist and leader of Devour. And thank you for your question and I would like to answer them. 1. Devour hail from Japan. How is the Metal scene in your home country?

A: The metal scene is not big like in USA and Europe. Due to this situation, many metal bands have to give up on the way.

2. Is Devour getting good support from fans?

A: Yes, our fans are true metal heads because they want real metal sound. They are my treasures.

3. Tell us how Devour was started.

A: 5 years ago, I started Devour because I wanted to start the worldwide metal band in Japan. However, good members couldn't join for a long time. And last year Eloko, who is a female vocalist with a growling voice joined and we could start NEW Devour.

4. What is the goal for the band's music?

A: This question is difficult. I don't want to distinguish our metal music between the different metal music types like Death metal, Black metal and so on. Devour sounds suddenly flashes in my head and I think that our metal is evolutionary. Of course, our music is based on Metal.

5. Your music is very brutal and powerful, what drives the ideas behind your songs?

A: As you know, Japan is a very peaceful country and the Japanese people work harder and children study harder too. I understand that it is a great thing. However, on the other hand, I feel that usually Japanese don't have their own concrete opinion and we are forced to live equally (same life level) due to such an education from childhood. We can't endure such a situation and we started Devour to oppose.

6. Devour just played the Asia Metal Festival, how was this experience?

A: It was the greatest night in my life and I will never forget the night. When we played at the Asia Metal Festival, over 500 Korean metal heads raised their hands with devil horn to the stage. It was the biggest show in our life (we always play small clubs in japan) and All bands and members were very kind to us. This is my greatest memory and I would like to play in Korea again.

7. Has Devour played outside of Japan, and are there any plans to?

A: At the moment we don't have any plans to play overseas. However, we are ready to play in other countries- so we would like to go to any countries if we can get an invitation.

8. What is the next big goal for Devour?

A: Now we are preparing the new album for release in 2009 and also we would like to have many shows in this year as much as possible.

9. What do you want fans to get from your music?

A: We would like Fans to get and feel the strength, the energy and the power of the life.

10. In closing please leave us with any final thoughts or comments.

A: Our dream is to travel around the world with Devour music. Check out and Listen to Devour and invite us to your country if you are interested. Metal is forever! Thank you for this Interview. Kentaro Takada from Devour


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