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Diamond Plate

Interview w/ Konrad Kupiec

Band Members:

Jim Nicademus - Drums

Jon Macak - Vocals and Bass Guitar

Mario Cianci - Rhythm Guitars

Konrad Kupiec - Lead and Rhythm Guitars

Country of Origin: USA

Mountains of Madness (EP) (self released EP 2008)

Thrash Clash 2 - Diamond Plate vs Oppression (Stormspell Records, 2008)

Relativity (EP) (self released EP 2009)

Generation Why? (Earache Records, August 2011)

1. Tonight we are talking with Diamond Plate an up and coming Thrash Metal band from the Chicago area. Welcome to Nocturnal Euphony my friends. Please introduce yourselves.
Thanks a ton for having us featured on here. My name is Konrad Kupiec and I handle lead guitar for Diamond Plate. 


2. Diamond Plate started in 2008. You have came a long way really fast. Tell us how the band managed to get together.
Diamond Plate's inception happened in 2004, when Jim (drummer) and Jon (vocals/bass) lived together and formed the band. I joined in 2007 after they had a ton of different guitar players, and we had our 'sound' together after that. 


3. Diamond Plate was forming right at the time of the resurgence of the Thrash Metal scene. Was this intentional or did you just happen to be playing in that vein at the time?
What we've always done and will continue doing is just playing what we feel. We had no idea about any 'thrash resurgence' going on because we were literally just kids playing in my parent's basement in the suburbs of Chicago. We never set out to play like anyone except our idols like Metallica or Testament. 


4. You are some fairly young guys to be kicking so much ass. How long have you been playing music?
I started playing guitar around 11 years old, so about 8 years ago. I know this is the same story for all the guys as well. 


5. Diamond Plate has really made a name for itself in Chicago. You have also played with some of the biggest names in Metal. Any certain shows that made you realize you were in the big time?
We have an amazing home here in Chicago. The scene out here is great, and we all feel fortunate to be from here. Playing with Behemoth at the House of Blues was definitely one show in Chicago that sticks out for me. Playing with Overkill was one of our first really huge shows, and it's cool to know that we'll be touring with them later this year as well. It's a sign of bigger tours to come. 


6. As of Jan 1st 2012, what is the next big goal for Diamond Plate?
To land as many big tours as possible, and to write better and better songs for the second album. Our live show is going to become a lot better and we're looking to expand it by every means possible. 


7. How has the addition of Mario helped Diamond Plate develop it's sound?
Having two guitar players in a live setting has done incredible things for our performance. We're tighter and heavier live than we've ever been before, and we all feel that there are endless possibilities to go from here. 


8. Where would you like to see the band this time next year?
Still touring, and still writing, but with a much bigger audience listening. 


9. Will Diamond Plate be touring in 2012?
Without a doubt. We have a short run with Anthrax in the UK, followed by a full U.S. tour with Overkill and God Forbid. Plus, many more tours to follow. 


10. In closing please leave us with any final thoughts or comments.
Thanks for reading the interview. Check out our tour dates, and come see and hear us for yourself!


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