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1. Tonight we are speaking with Dimlight. To begin, please introduce the band.

We would like to begin by saying a huge thank you to you guys and for your support.
Well the band members are Peter(aka Invoker)on the guitars and vox, Makis on bass, Nick on guitars, Andy on drums and Sanna on vocals.


2. Dimlight started in 2006. I understand that the idea for the band was carefully put together with a certain goal. Tell us what the idea behind the band is.

When Peter and Makis formed this band in 2006 the idea was simple, to play music and express ourselves. In time we realized that music became our way of living. So we could say that we want to be able to express ourselves through music as best as possible and hopefully make people follow us through this journey.


3. You also had in mind the idea of using both male and female vocals. Why was this approach important for you?

Yes we want to use both male and female vocals and we will keep doing that! We believe that we keep the balance in our music by having both male and female voclas, we like to say that it is the one's yin to the other's yang.


4. The bands first release is called "Obtenebration", what can listeners expect from this album?

They can expect a creepy journey through the most isolated corners of our minds.


5. I have watched your new video R.I.D. a couple times now. The imagery in this video is very stunning and really does a good job of making you feel some what uncomfortable. I think it is one of the better music videos I have seen in a very long time. How did the idea come about to make this video?

The director of our music video is Antonis Papantoniou and he is an amazing and talented  and one can see how much he enjoys in what he is doing by simply looking at his works. This collaboration was meant to be because our aesthetics coincide tremendously. There was no script for the video so Antonis was entirely free to input his ideas into the videoclip and guide us into the right direction, therefore I think the result speaks for itself. We believed in what he creates and trusted him entirely with his ideas during the editing of the video because he had so much material to work with from the shootings and we thought that it would be wrong to interfere and to limitate him in any way so all the ideas came up during the shootings.


6. Do you feel videos are important for bands to create, or should the imagery of the song be left to the listeners imagination?

We believe that the power of musicis strong enough to inspire poeple's minds and hearts. So one could say that a music video is not a necessity but on the other hand a music video is one of means a abnd can use to expose it's optical view of the music and also is a cool way for listeners to meet the band.


7. Do you have plans to make other videos in the future?

Right now we are focusing on finishing our second album, but yes a second music video is definitely in our future plans.


8. As far as touring are you currently planning a tour, or do you have any shows coming up?

We are still in discussions concerning Europe and the USA, and we really hope we can book a tour or two, but all will be decided with the completion of the second album which at the moment is our main concern.


9. Has work started on the next album, and is there anything you would like to incorporate into Dimlights sound that you haven't yet tried?

Yes the work has already began and right now we are at the production of the album. We seem to have an appetite to experiment, to try some new things out, we have so many new ideas and we are trying to put them all together. So we are waiting for the final result!


10. In closing please leave us with any final thoughts or comments.

We would like to thank everyone who supports us in any way, we honestly appreciate it.
Make sure to follow us and stay updated for any Dimlight news.

''Those who truly shine can be seen only dim light!''



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