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Review and Interview 2010:

Since 2001 Domina Noctis published two demo cd (“Venus in a dust whirl”, 2001; “Nevermore”, 2003) gaining a good success with public and critics, before the excellently reviewed debut album “Nocturnalight” (2005), published by the italian label Officina Rock Records supported by Vampyria Gothic Café and distributed by Masterpiece Distribution (Europe) and Century Media (USA and UK) and reprinted by the Mystic Empire Records in Russia and ex-soviet countries. Domina Noctis was voted as THIRD BEST NEW BAND 2005 by italian RockHard's readers. Bringing a melodic metal with a modern and rock taste, Domina Noctis reached a good position in the metal scene thanks to the many live performances during these years, like the ITALIAN GOTHIC FEST (Milan, 2006), DARK FEST (Modena, 2007), ULTIMATE GOTHIC NIGHT (Gorizia, 2007) sharing the stage with bands such as Labyrinth, Macbeth, Theatres Des Vampires and Lord Vampyr’s Shadowsreign, and the RUSSIAN TOUR (event by Metal Agen Records) in November 2006, together with the russian band Dark Princess. In 2008 Domina Noctis started a collaboration with Alkemist Fanatix Europe Management and signed for the label Black Fading, recording the album "Second Rose", produced by Cristiano Santini and distributed worldwide by Code7 via Plastic Head Distribution.

"Second Rose" - 2008 Full Length

"Nocturnalight" - 2005 Full Length

"Nevermore" - 2003 Demo

"Venus In A Dust Whirl" - 2001 Demo

Record Label: Black Fading Records

Band Members: Edera (Vocals), Asher (Guitars), Azog (Bass), Ruyen (Synth & Piano), Niko (Drums)

Origin Country: Italy

1. We are speaking tonight with Domina Noctis vocalist Edera. Please introduce the other band members and tell us where you are from.

Hello, it’s Edera here, I’m the singer, the author of lyrics and vocal melodies in Domina Noctis, a Parma (Italy) based band. Asher is guitarist and music composer; Azog is the bass player, Ruyen plays synth & piano, Niko plays drums.

2. Domina Noctis have been together for several years now. Since 2001 the band has released 2 demos, appeared on many compilations, and created 2 full length records. Is this where you envisioned the band being when you first started out?

When we started we didn’t have a precise idea of what we wanted. We were absolutely focused on expressing our emotions and creating atmospheres…. We were yearning to record our music and we couldn’t imagine anything clear. What we can say is that we’re really glad of what we had so far and we hope to always grow in the future.

3. Your first album "Nocturnalight" was released in 2005, the latest album "Second Rose" was released in 2008. What would you say are the biggest differences between the two albums?

We think that “Nocturnalight” had good songs in it, it is a more intimate, slow, melodic record, and yet more classically metal in some way. We’re aware that today it sounds a little “old fashioned”. “Second Rose” is a melodic rock album, with a twist of electronic sound and some metal groove, and we wanted to show our influences from dark/pop/rock music of the 80thies and early 90thies. The songs are simple, direct, full of emotions, and the sound is very brilliant and powerful, thanks to the great production from Cristiano Santini (Black Fading Records).

4. Is there anything you would like to incorporate into the music of Domina Noctis that you have not yet tried?

We’re actually working on the acoustic rearrangement of some songs from “Second Rose”, for fun and to try this way too. Maybe we’ll decide to include an acoustic version in the next album, who knows..

5. How does your song writing process work in the band?

Asher composes a song or even just some riffs and bring them to the practices room: I start singing on them and put down some words and a basic melody to see how they would fit; then, at home or at the next practices, I develop melodies and lyrics. During the next practices we usually develop the ideas, the members are free to make their part as they want and we adjust time by time, and so we start arranging, very simply, Asher always work on arrangements a lot but we all put a lot of ideas. We really concern about atmospheres and emotions, we like to find always better solution to express the feeling of a song, and we try to reach a final result that satisfies all of us. During the last few months, while working on the new songs that will be included in the next album, we experimented the inverse process too: I’ve been composed some vocal melodies and together we worked on the construction of the songs and their arrangements.

6. Over the years Domina Noctis have played many concerts and festivals. Are there any that really stand out in your mind?

Oh yes, many of them. For example the Italian Gothic Fest in 2007 and the Russian Tour, but also the recent gig during a summer fest in our area, where we really felt the warm embrace of our supporters.

7. What can our readers expect from a live Domina Noctis show?

Us and our music. Energy and passion. Sometimes this can be enough!

8. I have interview many Italian bands, some have said the metal scene in Italy is not that strong and that getting shows can be difficult. How has support been for Domina Noctis?

The live situation in Italy is really hard to manage, it’s not easy to find venues and things get worse because of the economic crisis. Luckily, we have many supporters who love our music and we can feel their appreciation during the shows and on the internet. Maybe we don’t play often as many other bands, but we play where people claim for us: we don’t like to “push” to get a place in the scene no matter how.

9. Has Domina Noctis played any shows outside of Italy, and are there any future plans to do so?

We’re going to play at the Angels of Darkness Female Gothic Voices Festival, next October 24th, at Off (Modena, Italy). Other gigs are coming soon, so stay tuned on

10. In closing, please leave us with any final thoughts or comments, and tell us where we can get our Domina Noctis merchandise.

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