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Double Square


Interview w/Costas Papadopoulos

Band Members:

Steve Venardo - Vocals
Costas Papadopoulos - Guitars
Costas Tasakos - Bass
Fotis Benardo - Drums

Country of Origin: Greece

The Hive (2011)


1. Tonight we welcome from Athens Greece guitarist Costas Papadopoulos of the Death Metal band Double Square. Hello my friend. Please introduce us to the members of the band.
A big hello from me Jason and thanks for the support. Unfortunately Steve didn't make it  for the interview so it's only me and i'm very happy talking to you. The members of the band are Steve Venardo on Vocals (Valet Parn), Costas Papadopoulos on Guitars (Karma Violens) ,Costas Tasakos on Bass and Fotis Benardo on Drums (Septicflesh, Ex-Nightrage).



2. Double Square has been together since 2004. From the beginning you decided to create music in the American Death Metal style. What led you to play this style and how have you made it your own?

It's not exactly what you decide to play  but what is coming from inside you , your innerself , your  " Hive "   to be more specific and it's  your music personality that gives to your music creations the entire style. The band consists of four members and each one of them has a unique music character. What we play in the songs is what we are.
Name it whatever you want , American Death Metal , Metalcore, it's just us playing metal. It's all about metal.
" You have long hair , you sweat your ass off, guess what ...your are metal "   as once Chuck said. Concerning  the story of the band , we first formed it as a side project back in 2004 but the circomstances we dealt with then didn't leave us the time we wanted. After years we gathered together and  put down our stuff and created our debut album.


3. Your debut album is out called "The Hive", how long was the writing process for this album and does it contain songs from the beginning of the band?
All the songs are new stuff exept of two , that are a little bit old but we give them a new taste , more aggressive and puncy.
We did a month for the recording sessions in the studio and about two more weeks  for the mixing part that took place in tico tico studios in Finland by Ahti Kortelainen.



4. Will there be any tours or live shows in support of the album?

Yes ,after the release of the album we will be in touch with some venues for some support lives.


5. We have interviewed many bands from your home country of Greece, and most of them have mentioned that the Metal scene there is not very strong. Yet we keep seeing great bands that are emerging. How do you explain the large number of great bands versus the lack of support.
Well that's a true story. Here in Greece the Metal scene is weak and the local people do not easy support you unless you are a big name.
I think the Greek musician society has reached  to a level of doing something good worldwide. We have of course  bands that open up the doors for the world to know that Greeks learn how to play metal, such as Rotting Crist , Septicflesh and of course the example of  Gus G with Ozzy, which  is a dream coming true for every guitarist. So ,we  prove that we can have the job done.



6. Now that the album is complete, what is the next big goal for Double Square?

A tour is what we are about to do. It is something we discuss at the moment.



7. Would you consider doing a package tour with several bands from Greece all supporting each other?

That's a very good idea but difficult to do. ...we will see.



8. Where can our readers get a copy of the new album?
The album will be realeshed from the Greek Metal Hammer , so over  12.000 people will get to know us better and that's something good.
For those who are not from Greece, we will upload it  to "  cry babe"   site so anyone could download it.
And of course we will have our online shop on the official site of the band on July.
Until then just send an email to



9. In closing please leave us with any final thoughts of comments and best of luck with "The Hive"
We are very pleased to talk to you. Take a listen to  " The Hive"   and find out our point of view about metal.
seize the day...




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