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Dylath Leen

Country of Origin: France


Band Members:

  • Kathy / growls, melodic voices, guitars
  • Igor / growls, guitars
  • Jeremy / bass
  • Bertrand / drums 



Insecure (2002)

Semeïon (2008)

Cabale (2010)



DYLATH-LEEN results of an alchemy of styles, vocals, sounds and atmospheres that give it its so particular mark. In a Death-Metal vein, the band draws its originality from the performance of a surprising female singer-guitarist who mixes death, black and melodic vocals in a personal and innovative style. The deep male vocals, the polished bass and drum parts and the massive guitars offer this band a unique personality on the Metal scene.

In 2002 DYLATH-LEEN releases its first album "Insecure" that comes as a bombshell in the underground and pushes this atypical band, when female death vocals still were unusual... This first self-production will bring DYLATH-LEEN many opportunities, in particular in Belgium, where a loyal fanbase will support the band until the successor of "Insecure" was released, 6 long years later. "Semeïon" hits the stores in 2008 and strikes loud, confirming what first album had implied : DYLATH-LEEN is here to stay and impose its universe.
After touring with Arch Enemy and Samael, walking the mythical stages of Hellfest and Metal Female Voices Fest, sharing the bill with Vader, Obituary, Moonspell or Cynic, DYLATH-LEEN sweeps away the prejudice with powerful shows and establishes as a safe bet of Extreme Metal.

DYLATH-LEEN is back in 2011 with "Cabale" which will undoubtedly hit hard and will be a consecration, striking with a more oppressive, more furious, more apocalyptic style... To be continued !



1. Tonight we are talking with the Powerful Death Metal band Dylath Leen. Thanks for doing the interview my friends. So for those who are new to your music, they may not realize that you have actually been around since 1999. When you first started there where only a couple of Death Metal bands with female vocals. How was Dylath Leen received from fans at the start?

Bertrand : Hello, you're welcome! Well, that's a fact, in 1999 there were very few bands with female growlers! It's a thing that had been done by a band named CRISIS whose singer, Karyn Crisis, was a huge influence for Kathy. Another famous band with a female background growler was CYNIC (Dana Cosley used to do brutal vocals and keyboards on the band's shows). But even the most popular band in that musical genre, ARCH ENEMY, had a male growler at that time. I remember our first shows, people were surprised hearing Kathy do brutal vocals but the feedback was good : in a way, that labelled us as an original band, on a live point of view also.

2. In 2002 your first album came out, and was well received. What was the feeling among the band at this point?

Bertrand : we had a very good surprise because, even if we believed in our music and were happy to release our first album "Insecure", we didn't expect to have such a good feedback. We achieved to leave a mark and that is something we would not expect. So the feeling was very positive and encouraging, it gave the band a good kick after the line-up change that happened at that time.

3. What was the goal for the band when you first started, and has that changed over time.

Bertrand : we wanted a simple thing : write music, play music, play our music live, and release our music. Finding music on the Internet wasn't a common thing in 1999 so we made everything we could to find financial support to make our first CD. We avoided the "demo" step because we felt we were ready for a CD album. It is something that has not really changed since then, we still love writing and playing of course, and we still work hard to find shows and festivals to play. Even if recording has become a much easier process now, it it still difficult to find a label, maybe even more difficult than few years ago! Fortunately we have a good management team with us, 2wild4, that helps us in many processes.

4. The Dylath Leen sound is absolutely brutal in every way. Was this the intent from the beginning or just a result of the writing style?

Bertrand : It was our intention and that's why we never wanted to release a demo. To us, music needs to be strong and oppressive, it has to bring strange atmospheres, that's why some of our riffs and keyboards arrangements can be dissonant. Music must also reach the listener straight to his/her mind, and that needs a lot of work on the sound for vocals and the instruments. Since we're not a brutal-death-metal band, we have to find another way to have that "brutal" feeling and that's an interesting thing to work on.

5. Does the band write as a whole or do you have one person who does the majority of the writing?

Bertrand : Igor (growls, guitars) usually writes most of the riffs, Kathy also wrote some riffs on our first album. They share the work for the lyrics. When Igor brings a song we usually add the drums and the bass, sometimes second guitar is also written, then we decide together which riff could be repeated, shortened, or placed anywhere else in the song... this is necessary to give a soul to the song and we really work on giving each song its own identity and atmosphere... and that's a way to not let Igor write everything hahaha :D

6. The latest release from the band is called "Cabale" tell us about the songs and writing of this album.

Bertrand : we wrote it very quickly, it is the most spontaneous album we did so far. What has changed compared to our first two albums, is that we didn't write the keyboard arrangements ourselves. We asked Thibaut Basely, a friend of us and also a professional musician, to bring his touch on these parts and we participated in saying "yes that's a cool one" or "that sucks, start over" :D
He brought the outside point-of-view we needed and that helped us gain a lot of time in the writing process. The result is stunning and we can't wait for the album to be released! We played 3 new songs live so far : "Never Rising Sun", "Forever... still" and "I'm the crusher" and we're confident since the audience seemed to love them.

7. I understand Seth from Septic Flesh did the cover art for the album. Who produced the record?

Bertrand : yes, we loved Seth's work for other artists and he could be very fast on working with us, we gave him the lyrics, the album's general concept and the final artwork is not so far from the first drafts he sent us. He made something very dark and beautiful, 100% linked to the album concept. For the production we recorded the album near our home, in Roncq (North of France) with RomTomCat and the mix was done by famous Stéphane Buriez (singer / guitarist in LOUDBLAST). Stéphane knows us very well since he already worked on the production of "Insecure" and the mix for "Semeïon" and his very good knowledge of metal always helped us in releasing good records!

8. Is there anything you want to incorporate into the music of Dylath Leen that you have yet to try?

Bertrand : is something we don't really think about, for example, in our new album "CABALE" the keyboard arrangements are the most rich and complex we have ever written and we realized how much our music needed that... but that was after hearing them! So it was not something we needed to incorporate but the result sounds like a natural evolution, which it is, indeed. I don't know what we could bring next, let's be spontaneous :) But I think our music will get even darker in the next years...

9. What is the next big goal for the band?

Bertrand : the Dylath-Leen albums have to get a better distribution worldwide, that's what we are working on! In the meanwhile we're trying to setup an online merchandising system so the fans can get the CDs directly from us. We would also love to keep on playing bigger festivals, play in new countries... step by step we will achieve that! It's a mix of hard work, meeting the good persons and a little part of luck.

10. In closing please leave us with any final thoughts or comments.

Bertrand : OK, what can I say... it's a great thing we can do such an interview via the Internet. It's a fantastic tool that helps be in touch with fans, with the webzines, magazines! Communicating has never been so easy with the e-mails, websites, Myspace, now it's Facebook and who knows what the tools of tomorrow will let us do?! I hope that people will keep on coming to shows and see their favorite bands live, because that's what music is meant to be : played and shared on stage! And that lets us meet people for real which is great. Thanks Jason and Nocturnal Euphony for your support!!!


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