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Echoes of Eternity


As Shadows Burn - 2009

The Forgotten Goddess - 2007

Band Members: Francine Boucher (Vocals), Brandon Patton (Guitars), Kirk Carrison (Drums), Duane Cowen (Bass), Bryan Eagle (Guitars)

Origin Country: USA ***

1. So Echoes of Eternity will release the debut album " The Forgotten Goddess" on Feb 20th. What can we expect to hear from this release?

You can expect to hear something new and refreshing, not your typical female-fronted metal. Don't get me wrong, I love what's out there now but we don't need anymore Nightwish & Lacuna Coil clones. The vocals are soothing like that of Enya and the music is aggressive, heavy and melodic and somewhat epic at times. It's ethereal extreme music.

2. With your unique sound Echoes of Eternity managed to land a deal with the massive metal label Nuclear Blast. How did this come about?

When we put out our 3 song demo, we sent it to anyone who would listen. We peaked the interest of dozens of labels, 3 or 4 reputable labels and a lot of indie labels but we held out until we felt it was right. Brandon is really good at networking and somehow got in contact with Roy Z who told NB (Nuclear Blast) about us, they sent an A&R to come see us play, next thing you know we're signing a contract.

3. Will we be seeing a tour after the release of the album?

Yes, definitely! Most likely we will begin in the spring. Once we know all the details, we will be posting the info online.

4. So you are from Quebec, Canada originally. How did you come to front a band in California?

I've been living in the US for about 7 years, almost 8. I moved to south Florida first and lived there for a while, then went to school for audio engineering, which is where I met Kirk & Brandon. Then we all moved to L.A. for work and to start this band.

5. You have a degree in recording arts, did you work on recording this album?

No, I just wanted to focus on singing, it takes away the flow when you're in tech mode, you need to be in artist mode.

6. Echoes of Eternity have a very unique sound. Is this sound a result of a natural progression or is it what the band set out to develop?

The sound was there from the beginning, this was our intention to combine heavy riffs with ethereal vocals. Voices In A Dream was the first song we wrote, Brandon writes all the riffs, then he, Kirk and I piece it all together. I just let the vocal melody lines come to me, almost like channeling them from another world, if you just let the music breath, it just writes itself.

7. So the album is called "The Forgotten Goddess"? Who is she exactly?

She is not one Goddess in particular, rather all the Goddess but more specifically she is a symbol, a metaphor for the feminine side of human nature, one that respects the planet and each other, and that has compassion. I feel society these days leans very much on the male side which leads to things like war. Like Yin & Yang I think it's important to have the right balance. You don't want too much female energy then it's all talk, no action and you care so much about other people you forget about yourself, too much male energy and it's the opposite, too much action, no talk and too much ego! Haha!

8. Is there any particular song on the album that you feel really captures the bands sound the best?

I guess that would be Voices In A Dream, I think it defines us well, it's slow-tempo'd and ethereal and fast and heavy at other times, our fans really seem to relate to that song. The lyrics are about losing a loved one. Both Brandon and I have lost a parent and so that song has deep meaning for us.

9. So it's said you enjoy a good laugh. Do you think it's important to have a good sense of humor in a band, even if the music is serious?

Absolutely, when you take anything in life to seriously, it's bad news, expectations lead to disappointment, you attach too much importance and become very rigid in your thoughts and anything that doesn't conform to what you had in mind will lead to mental disaster, laughter is a good way to break this spell. You must remember to stay fluid and open-minded in all that you do in life, especially music.

10. What do you feel is the most important thing when writing music?

The most important thing I think is to keep an open mind, when you're collaborating with other people it's important to listen to their ideas because they might have thought of something that could work better for a song. Always leave your ego behind (which can be really hard sometimes!) Don't try to control the music, let it flow.

11. What influenced you to play this type of music?

I have always loved metal ever since I was a teen, I even bought a guitar and tried learning but I was too A.D.D. and the poor thing just sat in my closet for years! I always thought it would be awesome to be in a band but since I didn't have Joan Jett type vocals I just didn't think I would ever be in any hard rock or metal band. So I just starting writing my own music, I can play the keyboards well enough to compose. I wanted to score movies, and I had this orchestral / electronic style music with Lisa Gerrard type vocals. That music is what Brandon heard and he knew I loved metal so that's how I became the singer for EOE.

12. When you started your degree did you plan on fronting a band?

Not at all, I always loved music and figured if I can't make a living as a musician then maybe perhaps I can mix & record them! Although finding a job in a music studio is difficult and they pay you barely anything and treat you like shit, I said to myself "fuck that!" so I ended up in a post-production studio where we mix television commercials, not quite what I wanted but that's OK, cause the music thing ended up happening anyway!

13. What other female vocalists inspire you?

All of them! I have respect for anyone that follows their hearts, goes for the dreams and sings their little asses off!

14. What is one thing fans should know about Echoes of Eternity?

EOE loves their fans and we try to respond to emails whenever we can to keep in touch. We appreciate your support and in return will keep pumping out some beautiful, aggressive, & refreshing music. If you like our debut album wait till you hear album #2 next year! We've already started writing some killer riffs and we can't wait to see you all on tour!!! METAL!!!!!


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