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Interview 2008 (with 2010 updates)

Band Members: Sabine Edelsbacher (Vocals), Lanvall (Guitars/Keyboards), Max Pointner (Drums), Dominik Sebastian (Guitar)

Origin Country: Austria

Solitaire - 2010

Live Earth Dream - 2009

My Earth Dream - 2008

The Chronicles of Eden - 2007

For Your Eyes Only (Single) - 2006

The Grand Design - 2006

Shine (Single) - 2004

Shine - 2004

A Lifetime in Eden - 2004

Aphelion - 2003

Arcana - 2001

Sunrise in Eden - 2000

1. Let me begin with congratulations on the new album "MyEarthDream", Tell me about the writing process for the great record.

The whole process took about 1,5 years from the very first note composing till the final master. One year was just composing and last September we started with the recordings. Drums were done in Vienna, the orchestra in Prague, choirs in Germany and Netherlands and everything else in my studio. Then Karl Groom mixed the album in England and finally the mastering was done by Mika Jussila at Finnvox. Of course the orchestra was something very exciting on this new album. It was my long time dream to be able to work with a real one sometimes and now this idea came to life. So we hired the 65-piece “Czech Film Orchestra” which also did recordings for Hollywood movies in the past and recorded all the orchestra parts within 9 hours at the Czech Television in Prague. A big change is the use of 7-string guitars. We tuned them down a half step to Bb to be able to use the Bb keys which sound much more melancholic and in the end heavier. This was a good decision cause due to the low guitars they blend much better with the frequencies of the orchestra, so you don't always have to make a decision which one should be louder. During the songwriting I tried to keep one thing in mind. Not to overdo the orchestral thing. So you will find parts where you find the riffs only with just drums and bass and when the orchestra comes in it sounds huge. This is bringing in a lot of diversification into the sound. And you must not forget that in the end every song had between 100 and 200 tracks to mix. Back to the orchestra. This was the most time consuming process in arranging. Sometimes you find yourself sitting a couple of hours for just 8 bars to orchestrate till everything is to your likes but in the end it's just the result that matters and this is overwhelming.

2. Edenbridge has been going strong for 10 years now. Did you think at the start you would still be doing this a decade later?

Oh yes. Definitely. And there is still a long way to go…haha

3. What do you think are the biggest differences between "MyEarthDream" and the first album "Sunrise in Eden"?

It's 10 years in between, I think this is the biggest difference. With every single album we gave our very best but as a human being, as a composer and musician you are developing. So you always try to reach new frontiers, aiming for new musical horizons. This is what the music is keeping fresh.

4. "MyEarthDream" seems heavier than past releases, was this intentional?

Absolutely. Mainly because of the use of the 7strings and also the kind of riffing we are using on the new album.

5. Are there any songs on the new record you are most proud of?

The title track is perhaps the biggest composition I've done so far. Only the score for the orchestra is 27 pages. I am really proud of this song. But it's always the long tracks that I especially love. That doesn't mean that the other songs are not important. I think it's the mixture which makes the difference. I also love “Undying Devotion” a lot. A real huge song with the orchestra and the bombastic choirs. But all in all I wouldn't change one note on the whole album and I am happy with all the songs.

6. What is most important to you when writing a new album?

The inspiration of course. At the moment I am really burnt out. 1,5 years of working on the album then a long tour. So I am taking some time off at the moment reloading my batteries. I hope that total passion for writing will return soon.

7. The addition of the "Czech film orchestra" really adds a great depth to the new record. Are there any things that you would like to try on an album that you have not yet tried?

Not really. Cause I also worked with real choirs on my solo albums in the 90's. One thing maybe would be a real gospel choir for one song, if the song has the right feeling. But I would love to work with a real orchestra also on the next album and in the future of course.

8. What is the next big goal for Edenbridge?

Bringing the band to the next step. It's great that we could raise our status with the new album and the fantastic press and fan response. Next year we will have our US live debut, we are playing for the second time in Korea this year and I hope there are much more things to come.

9. What is the most important thing you have learned since the start of Edenbridge?

Always be true to yourself and the music you make cause it's the music which matters !

10. Where can fans get the new album as well as other Edenbridge merchandise?

You can order all stuff in our fan shop as well as a lot of other things what you cannot get anywhere else. Thanks for the interview, Lanvall ***


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