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Ex Libris

Interview w/

Dianne van Giersbergen

Band Members:

Vocals: Dianne Van Giersbergen

Lead Guitar: Paul Van Den Broek

Bass: Peter Den Bakker

Keyboard: Koen Stam

Drums: Joost Van De Pas



Country of Origin: Netherlands



Drawn *demo (2005)

 Amygdala (2008)


1. Tonight we are speaking with the band Ex Libris from the Netherlands. Good evening my friends. Let's start with a introduction of the band members. 

My name is Dianne van Giersbergen and I am the vocalist of the band. We have Paul van de Broek on guitar, Koen Stam on the synthesizer, Peter den Bakker on bass guitar and Joost van de Pas on the drums. We’ve been together in this formation for 4 years now.
When Joost and I started the band we were fascinated by bands like Nightwish who successfully combined metal and opera-like singing, Moonspell, Dream Theater, Symphony X and the Metal-Opera Aina.  We knew that the music we would like to make would not be an exact copy of one of our favourite bands but should be a well-blended mixture of different music styles. To play this kind of music we needed good musicians who share our ideas and interest. After quit a few line-up changes Paul and Koen joined the band and we began exploring the sound that was to be ‘Ex Libris’. Later on when we were recording our debut-album ‘Amygdala’ Peter also joined and completed the band.



2. The music of Ex Libris is a combination of Classical and Progressive Metal. This allows for a large amount of influences. How does the band decide what direction to take the music?

We want to make music that fascinates us and our audience, music that can inspire, impress and move people. We try to be innovative, challenging and out spoken but always remain true to the ideas we set off with. The outline of the genre of music we compose is clear to us, but how the songs should be filled with music is up to our inspirations and interest at that time. Our ‘Amygdala’ album is a great example of us trying to blend our combined, but also different ideas of composition and genre, into our music. When we were writing the songs for this album we were also getting to know each other’s interest and personalities. The result of this process is that the music on ‘Amygdala’ is very rich and provides a very good basis for us as band. The compositions of the upcoming album ‘Medea’ are composed to serve the story of Medea from Greek mythology.

So I guess that we do not decide on the direction the music should take, but merely on how we want to be influenced to fill our songs with music.



3. Does the band write as a whole or are there primary songwriters?

Most of the songs on 'Amygdala' have been written in the rehearsal studio. A case of going back and forth, trying different melodies, riffs, rhythms. The compositions are the result of us getting together, trying stuff out and getting to know each other.
For the new album ‘Medea’ it's a combination of  Koen and Paul working together, they often come up with a riff, idea, melody or  the foundation of a song, and rehearsing in our rehearsal studio. The parts are written down and put online so everybody can weigh in and see if the arrangements work out. It's a very easy way to get an idea of how a song will turn out, get feedback and to make sure everybody stays in touch with the ongoing composition process. The vocal lines usually come at the end. Koen will send me some ideas he came up with for the vocal work and I will use them as inspiration to write the actual vocal lines. When finished I often collaborate with Koen to see how the vocal lines would work out while performing.



  4. I understand Ex Libris have recently signed a new deal that will expand your music to other nations such as Germany. What can you tell us about this? 8. Are there any shows or tours coming this year?

We signed a worldwide booking contract with Agentur EAM - Event and Artist Management from Germany and have recently been contacted by them to discuss shows and maybe even a tour that they could arrange for us outside of the Netherlands. We look forward to working with them and are sure to rise much faster with their support.



5. With one full album complete, what is the next big goal for Ex Libris?

We’re very busy planning new gigs, rehearsing the songs we’ve already completed and perfecting the songs last songs for the new ‘Medea’ album. Currently we are also recording a ‘three-track promo EP’ to promote the upcoming album to bookers, venues and record labels to let them know that our second full length album is coming and will be like a Hollywood sequel: ‘bigger, better and bolder!’



6. We are just now into 2011, where would you like to see the band this time next year?

I think Ex Libris is ready to show itself to the world! 2010 brought us a lot of gigs, and I hope 2011 will bring us even more! A tour would be great, festivals like MFVF even better! With the help of Agentur AEM we are sure to promote ourselves to the world.



7. In closing, please leave us with any final thoughts or comments and thanks for your time.

We would like to thank our fans and followers for their support! Thank you for experiencing our music with us! We hope to see you somewhere in 2011.



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