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Forgotten Land

Review and Interview: 2008

Forgotten Land arose in the spring of 2006 when Nordic Valkyrja deceided to form a band that league black metal with pagan culture.

Band Members: NORDIC VALKYRJA : Lead / Acoustic Guitar, Female Voice and Cello - LORD KHARM : Drummer - OLDGOBLIN: Rhythmic / Acoustic Guitar and Chorus Male Voice - ULV: Vocals - FENRIR : Bass

"In Regno Langobardorum" 2009

"Ancient Tales from Forgotten Lands" 2008

Country Origin: Italy

1. Let's begin with a introduction of the band.

Hails to all! We are Forgotten Land, an Heathen Black Metal band from North Italy. Forgotten Land arose in the spring of 2006 and after various line-up changes, now we are five members much unite!! In April 2008 is come out our first demo "Ancient Tales from Forgotten Lands" that contains only 3 tracks. In January 2009 we'll start to record our first full-length .

2. Forgotten Land is a fairly new band and is your creation. What drew you to want to start this band?

I'm so fond of Nordic culture as Viking history and Norse mythology in the same way as the history of my land ( Italy ) and particularly about Longobard Ages. I've mixed all this with a Black metal sounds and folk tarantella. It was my dream... for this reason I've started this band.

3. The line-up has changed a few times since 2006. Have these changes affected the style of Forgotten Land or the song writing process?

No. I think that this last line-up work better then the previous. Our style is not changed, 'cause our spirit it's the same!!

4. Your first demo is now available entitled "Tales From Forgotten Lands". Tell us a bit about the songs that make up this release.

Our demo "Ancient Tales from Forgotten Lands" contains an intro and two tracks and we've recorded it in January/February 2008. It's available since April 2008 and it's auto-product, for this reason, if you listen the demo, you can understand and heard that the sound is not so good, but we think it's better heard the real and pure essence of the band, not some rustles. "The Ragnarok?has just begun", the first track after intro, tells us about the final battle between evil and good forces. In old Norse is " The Final Destiny of the Gods". It's like the?Christian Apocalypse (ahah!!) but the world will return to life thanks Niehoggr. The last track?called as our moniker, "Forgotten Land", tells about a pagan attack, in the full of a night,?to a Christian land.... blood, honor and revenge!!

5. What is your vision for Forgotten Land, where do you hope the band is a few years from now?

We'll start to record our first full-length in January 2009 and I think it's a big thing! Then we have some live dates in 2009 among which the possibility to be and to play in the Heathen Pride Festival in Spain. I can see only improvements!

6. Forgotten Land is bathed in Pagan and Folk influences, what would you say is the biggest influence on the bands style?

Me and OldGoblin, both guitarist, take inspirations from bands like Moonsorrow, Finntroll, Trollfest and more... All the rest it's our ability and fantasy.

7. You are the lead guitarist as well as covering Cello, and female vocals. Are you the lead song writer as well or are the songs written collectively?

Yeah, I'm the lead guitar as cello player and female voice in chorus but songs are written by me and OldGoblin together, then we add drum, bass and in the end all vocals. Obviously cello's parts are written only by me with much tranquility...close my eyes, sing in my head and try to transport all on these four melancholy strings.

8. Have you had much opportunity to play live and do you have any shows coming up?

We have some experiences in show and I think the better live was in Como ( our city ) with another Italian Pagan metal band. Now we'll play: 10/01/09 in Como with Confusion Gods (IT) and Necroshine (IT); 21/02/09 in Brescia with Heol Telwen (FR) + Death Army (IT); 24-25-26-27/09/09 In Spain with Skyforger, Trollfest, Cruachan and Heathen Pride Fest.

9. What is one thing you think fans should know about Forgotten Land?

Probably that we are simple people and we really believe in our music.

10. Where can listeners get your demo and merchandise?

Contact us on our MySpace page ( ) or send an e-mail at this address: We thank you and Nocturnal Euphony for this interview and we would to say to all the readers to continue to support the pagan metal scene and come to visit our MySpace page!!? Heathen Hails from North Italy! Nordic Valkyrja <




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