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Interview w/ Gaby Koss

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Country of Origin: Germany

1. Tonight it is our pleasure to be speaking with the beautiful and multi talented Gaby Koss. Thanks for your time Gaby and Welcome to Nocturnal Euphony.

 My pleasure to have the chance to talk to you, I am very happy about your request!:-)
2. To this point in your career you have had the opportunity to work with many different bands and musical projects. You are currently a part of the live ensemble for Equilibrium, as well as vocalist for Nota Profana. You have also been part of Spi Ritual, Haggard, Death Army and Koyaanisqatsi. Did I miss anything?

Oh there are some more projects to be hopefully finished within the next 2 years.
Soon of course there will be the release of Nota profana - the new CD The Devils Playground.
Also I have found a great singer from Uruguay Maika Cerres and her guitar player Juan with who I am working out a cd and hopefully we can finish it soon and release in spring and it looks like I am a part of the new fairyland project too!:-)

About 2 months ago I have done a trailer  for a series in the USA about War Wraith, but it is not sure yet if it comes to be broad casted yet..

so it is just a commercial trailer for the series and maybe a movie they think to do. I am working with an English composer who lives in Japan
and the movie society is from the US.
Also I have a talented English guitar player called Tom Harris, he wants to compose for me, as also Marco a key board player and friend living not far from me or Adam a great guitar player from France, but nothing is sure yet and we have been talking about that for months and years....
I only can hope as those guys are really great....

Actually the bandleader and composer Rene from Equilibrium also wanted to compose some songs for me but I am afraid he is very busy with the next Equilibrium cd already and does not have time for my songs anymore.

I have had some ideas for myself but it sounds like movie music and as I am not experienced with guitar, drums and bass, I will not be able to do a whole project or cd on my own.. I am always searching for a musician/guitar player who is living close, has experience in studio-technique, who is willing and able to work on my songs..
It is hard to find somebody like that... actually I would have loved to sing in a band what is already set up and has songs and a concept then to build it up as it is loads of work doing everything on oneself...

3. So your interest seems to lie with the folk scene. What is it about this particular style that draws you to it?

I am able to work with a lot of real old instruments, that is why I also do unplugged concerts in the medieval scene or in church.
I would like to do more in this scene - plugged or unplugged and I already built up a band for it with 4 voices, guitars, harps, flute and violin. So we play folk and Renaissance music at medieval festivals or weddings or even church concerts.

But I like so many styles of metal, so what I like to hear, that is what I would love to do !;-)
So when a professional band who's music I like, ask for my vocals, I am looking forward recording it.

4. What determines the how's and whys you work with certain bands. Does each one have it's own story?

Of course there are also personal stories. ;-) as a lot musicians became dear friends I never want to miss again...
with some I just played and they are in my heart as persons and also with and how they use their instrument!:-)
First I have to like the music and the musicians , the music and the project itself has to have a certain standard...

Nota Profana there fits everything.. the best classical musicians I have met in the metal scene for sure.. I was blown , amazed and scared when I first got the note sheets and second I have heard them play firstly in a rehearsal.. I never met so young perfect musicians who are able to play even SOME (the most of them play 3 or 4 !!) instruments
 and that also on a very high level. That is the reason why there exist loads of classical cds of the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra.
In Europe they are very known, having loads of tours, TV-shows (on youtube) and even had their debut 3 years ago at the most important classical festival in Salzburg (it is like Wacken for Classic.).

5. What has been your musical history prior to joining up with these various musical projects?

I can not make a choice as all of them have been an experience for me and influenced me in my life and musical way.. positively as also the negative sides.. of course as it is life it can not be black or white ...;-)

6. Have you ever considered having a band built solely around your voice, basically your band?

I am not really into building up a band on my own, who are willing to built up a new band and are really good musicians is actually not possible..
finding good musicians with a certain standard plus composing plus so many other things, is so hard...:-(
Often you find really nice people who can play ok but they are not so good that they can play the style what you would like to or they can not really compose the style you would like to do... and as I am not a metal composer by myself, I can not do it alone either..
The thing is I need the right music, I can do music I did now for so many years, but I need THE BAND and THE MUSIC for what I can be sure that it will be successful - in my opinion of course - to start with.
The next thing is if there is a label willing to invest in the music and band I am in, and to find a label is almost impossible those days as the most of the labels think , the music as to have a certain level plus reach people as they of course want to make money. Also they have loads of bands already so it is even more hard to get in or even to be heard.
Nota Profana was even rejected as it is too "underground" and not music for the masses.. nothing to earn money,
You can have the best musicians the highest standard and even then you are not good enough when you try to do your own style, so you have to find a style what a label would want to finance.. !!
And then when you have the contract and you have your fans, you can try to go the music path you want to, but first money counts...
So first it is very important to compose the right style, so you have to be very good in this and get a label.
And as I am not into metal-composing there wont be a chance for me for building my own band!

At least I built up an old music ensemble with great musicians from Italy, Spain and France..
We play Folk and Traditional, Renaissance and Bar rock and we long to play at weddings, medieval festivals and concerts. Plugged and unplugged.
The fix members are 4 singers, great voices like the experienced Countertenor Samuel Jaime Santana and the bass-bariton Tommaso Corvaja. Also a Mezzosoprano from France the cute Daizy Heinberg. 
Tommaso also plays piano or rather my spinettino.
Earlier days my flute was the Tenor Andy but now
I have a flute what plays also Oboe called Linda who also was a Haggard member.
So now and then we have guests what might become fix members like
violins  Baba and Ana-Paola.
Guitars are Sebastian and Luca and my 2 harps are from Itlay, Alessia and Elisa.
And for percussion I hope for Carlos from Nota Profana- great guy great musician and composer, who now studies in England studio-technique.

I bought myself a hurdy gurdy.. so I have to learn it !!;-D Hope I have time for it !!

7. What is it that you enjoy most about being able to work with different bands and do you enjoy that freedom?

It is good not to be bound so much only to one style or having a band leader what is not letting you freedom to do what you want.. that exists believe me..!
Once I was told, when I would sing in another band as guest or on a cd, I would either be thrown out of the band or this external band should pay an amount of thousands of Euro (!! ridiculous!) when I perform with them.  rotfl
If I love the music I am asked to sing with a band I even sing without money of course if there is no salary be paid !:-)
8. What is your goal as a vocalist with each of your endeavors?

I would love to have success with every project , that would show me that people love what I am doing.. and I am only singing because of fans or rather because people tell me they like my voice.. if they would not have done this, I might have given up singing already..!
:-) Thank you folks for believing in me , that makes me happy because I love to sing , also when I am not really convinced of my voice
but as long as you are, I am happy and I will go on..  !! as I always say: without fans or people who like what I am doing, I am nothing...!!:-)
 So if you go on strengthen me I will try to do my best in the future !!;-)

9. What does it mean to you personally to be able to perform in such great bands?

Oh believe me, I am happy and honored to be asked for doing vocals in bands, who I think do good music !!!!:-D
10. What is your current schedule looking like for 2012. Where can our readers hear or see your work in the coming year?

I think we will have CD-release-concerts for Nota Profana for 2012, but nothing is sure yet for a tour or so.. hopefully a lot of concerts..!!
As I had not a lot of concerts the last year - more studio work - I really miss it !!:-(
But also it is hard to be always perfect on stage - it is more hard work then studio as in the studio you can just sing the track again and again or come the next day in better shape until it is 200 %.
On stage you have to show your brilliance on the point right away at very moment , no hiding no pushing and making a pause like in the studio !
And when you are in bad shape and you have a concert, you have to function - at least you should perfectly !! No fleeing... ;-)
...of course that is a much harder job then studio singing... !

11. In closing thank you for your time and please leave us with any final thoughts or comments.

As I already said , fans are the world for musicians, without fans we are nothing.. no fans, no music , no job.. ! The truth.. So I hope to satisfy the people who like what I am doing.. I can not say fans, as I am still not really believing I am really known !!??
This is so I feel totally unknown and normal in my little town, were nobody knows me in my house with my husband and my 3 cats !!!;-)
Anyway I wish you all the best for the new year 2012 , may all your wishes come true!
Mine will come true when I know you like what I am doing , and then hopefully be invited with one of my projects to come into your country
and meet you all ...   then I will be the happiest musician on earth!!!
Herzhaft lachen  Send you all a hug !


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