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Genitortures - Tour Promotion 2011


Band Members:

  • Gen - (Vocals)
  • Eric Griffin - (Guitar)
  • Filip "Abbey Nex" - (Bass)
  • Sean Davidson - (Drums)

Country of Origin:  USA


120 Days of Genitorture (1993)

Sin City (1998)

Machine Love (2000)

Flesh is the Law-EP (2002)

Blackheart Revolution (2009)


  • Society of Genitorture (VHS) (1997)
  • The Society of Genitorture (DVD) (2001)
  • Live in Sin (DVD) (2007)
Movie soundtrack appearances
  • The Society of Genitorture (1997)
  • Raging Hormones (1999)
  • Bike Week Exposed (2003)
  • Vampire Clan (2003)
Video game soundtrack appearances


1.  We are talking to Gen from the Genitortures. Greets Gen. Thank you for talking to us. With all the tours over the years.. How do you keep coming up with new amazing and unique stage shows?

We just try to keep pushing the things as far as we can.  Since we have a lot of die-hard fans who like to be part of the show, we try to use what they can add to add to the show.  It makes it fun because most nights we don’t even know exactly what’s going to happen.

2. The tour seems to go, non-stop, from Feb. to March. Are you planning to add more US dates?


We will probably being do another run in the states this fall.  We have plans to do Europe and South America this summer, so that should keep us pretty busy.

3. On the 2009 tour you had a suspension team. Which was amazing. Are you going to have that on this tour also?


We will have them in select cities.  We have some different people we use across the country so we hope to have them as often as possible.  Some of our performers this tour do piercings and suspension so we will bringing some different elements to this show.

4.  Do the fans seem to differ from the US and Europe.. meaning do they seem better
or the same.. different in any way?


That’s always a hard one to answer.  There is a difference I guess but it is hard to put into words.  There is just a different vibe over in Europe when it comes to shows, they just love coming to see live shows and going nuts.  We have amazing fans all over the world and get a lot of support all over the world.

5. Want to thank you again for taking the time to talk to us. Please leave any final thoughts or comments and anything you want to say to the fans. ;)


Just that we hope to see everyone out at the shows this tour.  We have our good friends Hanzel Und Gretyl out with us as an opener and they are old friends and put on an amazing show.  We are very excited to be bringing this bill to everyone.  We are also going to start working on another record this year.

See everyone soon!!!




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Comment by Toni Wolf on February 16, 2011 at 11:41pm

This is a MUST SEE tour! Genitortures are wicked fun live! If you haven't seen them yet.. you are definitely

missing a great concert! ;)




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