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 GodyvaInterview w/ Vocalist Lady Godyva

Band Members:

Vocals: Lady Godyva

Keyboards: Botys Beezart

Guitars: Mori Alioth

Bass: Nick Barah

Drums: Enyo


Country of Origin: Italy


Advent (2002)

 In Good and Evil (2006)

Planetarium (2008)



1. This evening it is our pleasure to be speaking with Lady Godyva, the vocalist for the Italian Gothic Metal band Godyva. Lady Godyva thanks for your time. It is now January 2011, so it has been over ten years since Godyva first started. Looking back to the beginning in 2000. Tell us how Godyva first came together.


Good evening and I thank you for this interview. Yes, it’s a decade that we have been working together and our life has not been easy as musicians because Southern Italy does not guarantee great opportunities in the world of music. Certainly we would have had an easier life if we were born in northern Europe. We have changed repeatedly our line up over the years and we had several problems and delays because of this. The spring of Godyva starts from my project. In 2000, Nick, Enyo and our ex guitarist Frahn joined my project and we began to compose songs. Then we decided to add keyboards and we choose Botys and since that moment he became the main composer of our music. In 2002, we released our first demo Advent and thanks to this demo in 2005, we signed a contract for 2 albums with the American label Sorcery Studios/Razar Ice Records. In fact, in 2006 we released our first full length In Good & Evil and in 2008 the second one called Planetarium. In all these years spent together we have played in Italy and Europe taking part in many national and international festivals such as the Prestenice Open Air Music Fest in CZ opening for THE RASMUS and the Metal Female Voices Fest with ARCH ENEMY, REVAMP, TRISTANIA and many others big bands.



2. When the band first began, what was the idea for the music, did you have a certain style or sound in mind at the start?


When we started to compose we wanted to play music like Paradise Lost, Dead Can Dance, Nightwish or The Gathering, and we wished to create something unique. Then with keyboards and electronic media, we moved to different sounds a little more original. But I can say that we did not have a clear idea. We met all together to arrange some songs that me or Botys or Frahn have composed with piano or guitar. Now it’s different because Botys compose and arrange music in his home studio and then we meet to play songs and to change or modify something if it’s necessary. Now also our new young guitarist Mori is working very good with us with the arrangement of some songs. I think he has fresh and catchy ideas!



3. Did you think you would still be making music 10 years later?


Sure, I have always thought about making music forever and ever! After these ten years I have still much to be desired and so I would hope to continue playing our music for many years.



4. Over the past decade what is your most memorable experiences?


The most memorable experience is the great Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium! People there are fantastic, they loved and really appreciated our music. We have played with great bands and we have shared the backstage with Arch Enemy, Revamp, Epica and many other big bands. It has been a fantastic day!



5. Now that 2011 is underway, what is the next big goal for the band?


Certainly the next goal is the new album first of all, a good label and a worldwide distribution. After the release of the new album the next goal will be a good promotion for the album touring in Italy and Europe.



6. We have interviewed many Italian Metal bands over the years, some have said the Metal scene was not so good in Italy. Has the scene there grown over time, and is it now stronger than in past years?


Unfortunately I have to confirm these words. The situation has not changed much, in fact it is worse in my opinion. The Italian economy is not positive in this period, it’s a crisis time because people lose their jobs and there isn’t a market for underground music and this is a chronicle of every day! But I will not judge anyone or anything, I love and hate my country for many reasons!



7. So we know how the band started, but how did you personally come to be involved in the world of Metal/Gothic culture?


I cannot say exactly when and how it all started. I was a rebellious teenager when I started to listen to music like Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera, Black Sabbath, Slayer and many others. A few years later I became calmer and I began to listen to other bands like The 3rd and The Mortal, The Gathering, Dead Can Dance. I fell in love Mandylion from The Gathering and from that moment I wished to sing in a band like them. I started to sing in a band called Aragon, inspired by the music of The Gathering, in my hometown with some friends. When I had to move into my current city I wanted to continue what I had left there so I started looking for new members for a band called Godyva.



8. Some of us play music, others write about it, and others are fans of it. What does it mean to you to be able to create your own music and share it with fans?


Making music is a liberation, a vocation for me. It’s like a song of praise or a song of complaint personally and socially. The song is an ancient form of art and communication, music and dance also (I really like dancing). I am a singer, I write music and lyrics but I am also a fan of my favorite bands. I know only these two ways of being and I can say that both are very fun and exciting. I can share with our fans my feelings when they listen to our music and we can share with them what we do and this is a great accomplishment. I think that music can make indelible feelings, fears and passions common to all and this is what we want to do in our songs for our fans.



9. Godyva has a new album on the way, what can you tell us about the new music?


I can tell you that the new album will be innovative and experimental surely, also because we have the new guitarist Mori who worked with us on the arrangement of the songs. There are new sounds but also sounds that come back to the Eighties that we love. In the new album will be present, for the first time in our musical experience, a cover song of an Italian band very popular in those years. Also the new album will be released by a new label but I cannot say more now. For all other information you can visit our official website



10. In closing, please leave us with any final thoughts or comments, and thanks for your time.


We are at the beginning of a new year and these are words of hope to our world, a wish to all of us so that we can achieve our greatest desires and dreams and to live an happier life. A special greeting to all the readers of Nocturnal Euphony! See you soon.


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