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GWAR show 12/06/2014 - Review by: Peter Dul

Going into this I was a little bit taken back. The last time I saw Gwar, the infamous Oderus Urungus was front and center leading us all into a bloody, vile yet beautifully disturbing performance of Blood, Sex and Crack. lol.

I stood by a stairway for the first part of the show. American Sharks opened..needless to say, they killed it and they gained a new fan that night. Check them out you wont be disappointed. Corrosion Of Conformity went on after and they played to perfection as usual...

But... we are all here for GWARRR!! I'm surrounded by freaks, geeks, punks, metal heads, and everything in between. From a guy in wedding dress to random people in zebra outfits. I felt at home as I always did seeing this band. Tonight chaos will reign supreme for sure!!

The stage slowly grows dark and roadies from the Gwar camp set up what appears to be a projection screen. Its completely dark now..then I hear an all to familiar sound. Black Sabbath's War Pigs comes over the loud speaker. The roar of the crowd almost deafening.. as we all start to sing along in unison with the song. GENERAL GATHERED IN THEIR MASSESSSSSSSSSS JUST LIKE WITCHES AT BLACK MASSESSSSSSSSS. Oh yes we're definitely in for it I thought to myself. The tune plays on as the crowd gets even louder and louder. The Sabbath Worship is very very real. You can feel the energy growing til the song stops and as a whole we finish with SATAN LAUGHING SPREADS HIS WING OH LORD YEAH!! ;)

The screen I had spoke of before, is now lit up with a very familiar face. Its none other than Sleazy P. Martini. He is telling us all that he is going to explain why our beloved Oderus is no longer with us and how his departure happened. He says to us all..."Why don't I let him tell you". I started tearing up leading into a full blown cryfest. Oderus projected onto this screen made me and probably everyone else in this place finally realize he was in fact gone. It actually hurt hearing his voice, and not seeing "him". However, as they go into the second song, a new face comes out and we are all presented with the mighty Blothar the new Scumdog in his place. He is certainly not Oderus, but he'll do until we are once again graced with the presence of ODERUS URUNGUS, when we finally can physically.. travel through light years of space and time!! Haha!

Green piss and Blood fly through the air.. as the fans crave more. Stopping in between songs to makes jokes and pay respects to Oderus. The evening was filled with laughs and sadness. At least for me, it was.. 

Then something changed...I noticed this very sexy, but dangerous looking, female creature with huge space tits step out from behind the darkness of the stage. She announces herself as the almighty Vulvatron. Between us.. I wouldn't have minded seeing this galactic beauty with less clothes on then she already had ;) she was dynamite. With a voice that could tear down a mountain and a beautiful tight butt that could tear a heart in half. She was ready to tear us all to shreds. She also comes with blood spraying breasts... how can you not love this creature? haha.

I told myself when I first got there, that no matter what, I would be opened minded with the show. Its different seeing new faces when you're so used to seeing old ones, but none the less.. Oderus would have wanted them to carry on and I believe, would be proud. So, did i hate this show? Not one bit. I accepted what was in front of me and embraced it.

Oderus Urungus.. some of you know him as Dave Brockie.. his human alter ego.. is forever ingrained in the hearts of millions across the world and across our surrounding galaxies. I was lucky enough to meet the human form of Oderus on several occasions and every time, to no fail, he remembered me..was always a stand up individual. He was the "give the shirt off his back" type of guy. Always friendly no matter what. He is and always will be truly missed. 

So for all you naysayers out there, I recommend you go see this new line up and give them a chance. Just think about how much Oderus loves what he sees, wherever he may be.. I give this show 10/10 Hammers for sure, and with the old performances forever chiseled into my head. I look forward to chiseling new performances in. The future looks bright for Gwar, lets see what else they have in store for us. ;) Cheers til next time.

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