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Interview w/ Sako Helwajian

Band Members:

Sako Helvajian : Vocals
Serge Keshishian : Guitars
Ray Hage : Bass
Chris Michael : Drums


Country of Origin: Lebanon

*InnerGuilt - Slanderous Society (2011/2012)

*TristMoon - The Dungeon* (2010)

Tonight we are talking with Sako Helvajian of Death/Thrash Metal band InnerGuilt. Welcome my friend and thanks for your time. InnerGuilt, hails from Beirut, Lebanon how is the Metal scene in your home country?

Cheers Toni…

The Lebanese Metal Scene is one of the biggest scenes in the Arab World as Metal Fans and quality bands alongside UAE. But, the difference between these 2 scenes is the support from management and investors, Lebanese Metal bands are struggling of lack of support from music investors that are only interested in investing on Arabic pop music. So basically bands are forced to record, and promote their music on their own.You can check out the Lebanese Metal Scene and its Metal Bands you can access the Lebanese Best Metal Portal

The band started back in 2004 under the name Tristmoon. Why did you change the name?

Well, with Trismoon we used to play symphonic black metal stuff with keys and melodies… after changing some members, the new materials were more into heavy and aggressive, due to Serge “Guitarist” influences and background…

After releasing Tristmoon’s debut album “The Dungeon” Serge and I decided to change the name Tristmoon into something more aggressive that suites the new compositions, and Theme.

The big change was in November 2010…

I have been listening to some of your tracks and I am very impressed. The band has great riffs, and a very aggressive style. Was this the style that you had in mind when you first started off with the band?

Actually, I was more into Black Metal genre. But, after we welcomed Serge to take the guitarist position everything changed. His compositions are heavier and more technical than what we used to play.

After releasing our first single “Burden of Guilt” in 2010 we got many positive reviews from the Metal Fans…

So this is gave me motivation to work on new stuff that will surprise and attract the fans in the region and beyond.

Tell us about the latest album "Slanderous Society" How long did it take to write and when will it be available?

The writing of this Album was fast, it took us about 1 month to finish it, mixing and mastering included. I know everyone will ask how this is possible… but I’d say “Slanderous Society” will be one of the best releases of 2011.

Slanderous Society has been recorded mixed and mastered at PhaTrack Studios Produced by InnerGuilt, Bassem al Daouk and Sary Abou Ismail.

The album contains seven songs

In This Prison


My Time to Destroy

Slanderous Society

Burden of Guilt

A New Deception

Terrorized By Silence

About the marketing issues we’re still negotiating with labels we’ll announce everything soon.

Are there any touring plans for the new material?

Of course, our management “EM Management and Orka Networks” are working on a tour across Asia Hopefully everything will be announced soon.

6. Have you had a chance to play any shows outside your home country?

Yep, our first appearance on stage was in Dubai at Holy Noise 2011. It was great experience for me to travel with my band mates, to meet new people. Everything went smoothly the ambiance the bands the sound, the food… would love to thank our friends in Dubai, Fawez, Adnan, Barry, Fadi, Samer, Lara, Barney (Nervecell) James (Nervecell)…

After two months, we headed India to Co-headline Deccan Rock Festival 2011 organized by Orka Nerworks, headlined by DECAPITATED.

It was our first international festival participating. It was an amazing atmosphere, awesome crowd, fantastic sound and lights setup.

To add about Deccan we played with one of our favorite death metal bands Decapitated, I can say a dream come true…

What is the next big goal for InnerGuilt?

Well, for the mean time we’re looking forward to the Asian tour, we’re excited to see people’s feedback on the album, festivals, and composing new material for the second album. But you know, we’re working on everything step by step.

In closing please tell our readers where they can get the new album?

All I can tell you stay updated with our news on Facebook fan page to be informed about the album release and the tour dates, till then keep it brutal and spread the word.

Thanks for this interview mate, cheers to you and all the readers…\m/

(Thank you for doing the interview, Sako. Much cheers.) 

Everyone please check out Innerguilt, an amazing band!!! \m/


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