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Interview w/ Vocalist: Katra Solopuro

Band Members:

Vocals: Katra Solopuro

Guitar: Kristian Kangasniemi

Bass:     Johannes Tolonen

Drums: Matti Auerkallio

Guitar: Teemu Matasjarvi



Country of Origin: Finland



Beast Within (2008)


Out of the Ashes (2010)


1.Tonight I am pleased to introduce our readers to the powerful and captivating
band Katra.To begin let's explain that Katra is both a band and
a person. Katra you are the lead vocalist and the band is built
around your writing. So tell us how this came to be.

Well, I had played in different bands, but felt like I was missing something: I
wanted to gather a band of my own. During the year 2006 I gathered a
group of great guys and musician around me. One of my friends
suggested that why don’t you use the name KATRA, because it’s really
rare name in Finland.  That’s how we got



2. Katra has just released the second album titled "Outofthe
" this is the first album with a fully invested band, is
that correct?

Yes. Now the whole band takes part to composing and arranging. There is at
least one song from everyone on the album. I think we have found a
good way to co-operate.  Usually the basic structure and idea
of song is made by one of us and then everybody arranges their
own parts. I write the vocal melodies and lyrics. Riffs, chord progressions and
song ideas are usually done before and then we build it
up together.


 3.Looking back to your first album
"BeastWithin" what were the ideas behind these songs?

In the spring 2007  we released an album called “KATRA”. The whole
album was in Finnish and it was released only in Finland. After that
album Napalm Records contacted
us and we signed a deal with them. Beast within is an international
version of that KATRA-album. We changed the language to English and
added three new songs.



4. How do the songs on the new album differ in content from the first release?

I think Out of
the Ashes
is more mature and powerful album dealing with
heavy issues and lyrics like child abuse and domestic violence.
 No more legends or fairytales - the topics come straight from
real life.The whole album is more guitar-driven and the sound is
more straight forward with less orchestrations. The vocal point of view
is also more in rock-technique than
classical technique.


5. I first saw "BeastWithin" advertised on the Napalm Records site, so I thought Iwould give it
a listen. I was very impressed with what I heard. The songs have
great structure, and very nice hooks. What was the approach to
writing these songs and did you have a certain style

A lot of the songs were real
life stories
and feelings, but hid in a form of mystical
stories and ancient legends. And since it was the international
version of KATRA-album, but now in different language, the approach
was to maintain the mystical part and the same



6. Now with the release of the new album "Out of the Ashes" will we see a

The booking management is not in our hands, but I sincerely hope so=)


7. How has reaction been so far to the music of Katra? Are you receiving
good support?

Yes, I think we are receiving a good support. It’s really nice and heart warming to
see whether we have a gig in Germany or in Mexico that there are
fans that know the lyrics and rock with us.



8. What are the thoughts and ideas among the band now that the new album has
been released?

At first we were abit nervous that how people are going to react, since the style is a bit
different now than it was before and we have noticed that the album
clearly divides opinions. But we have received a lot of positive
feedback and now we are quit relaxed and enthusiastic to see what
the future brings.



9. There is a new video from the new album for the song  "One Wish Away"  Tell me about
the making of this video, what are some of
the experiences?


Making this video was lot of fun. We filmed two nights at this circus in
October. Since there was lot of people training during the day our
only chance was to film at night.

In addition to music I also spin fire. It’s my other big passion and I’m a part
of this performing fire group called Flamma. Few guys from that
group came to spin fire to the video. 

The whole team; band, director, fire group etc. had a good sense of humor. We
were joking around all the time and sometimes I laughed so much that
my eyes cried… and I had to fix the eye make-up.

Because it was October and we were filming and spinning fire inside, we had
to keep the front door open and it was really cold outside. 
But when the director placed a huge fan right in front of me, I
was totally freezing and shaking. 

Overall the days were really interesting and I’m really pleased with the



10. In closing, please leave us with any final thoughts or comments, and thanks for
your time!

I wish everyone a really Happy New Year! May your dreams come true
this year!



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