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Interview w/ Vaggelis

Country of Origin: Greece

Vaggelis -
Korrigan are an eight-member band located in Patras. Their music is clearly atmoshperic with death and black metal elements.
Initially formed in late 2005 by Nikos (drums), Panos (Guitar), Kostas (Guitar) and Vaggelis (Vocals),Marios (bass) had joined the band by summer of 2006. It was nearly after 7 months that Manolis (Keyboards) was invited to become a member of Korrigan. A month later Zoe also entered the band contributing with her ethereal voice to the band's evolution.With this line- up Korrigan set off to record their first demo entitled Korrigan, self-released in February 2008. In September 2009 there was a new drummer (Antreas) for Korrigan as well as a new member Stefanos(violin).
Through all this time Korrigan performed several lives in their hometown supporting bands like Septic Flesh and Nightrage as well as co-organizing other live events with fellow bands. Just before beginning the recordings of their debut album Antreas(drums) was replaced by Panagiotis (drums) and Marios (bass) by Giannis (bass).
Korrigan debut album 'THY ART, LAMENT' is out now...!

Thy Art Lament (2010)

Korrigan (Promo 2010)

Korrigan (Demo 2008)

1. Tonight we are speaking with Vaggelis, vocalist for the Greek Atmospheric Death Metal band Korrigan. Welcome my friend. So please start by introducing us to the other members of the band.


Well,apart from me(vocals),there is Zoe(female vocals), Kostas(guitars), Giannis(bass), Panagiotis(drums),Stefanos(Violin), Manwlis(keyboards).


2. So Korrigan is a big band with a lot of members, does the band write as a whole or are there primary song writers.


We always write our songs as a whole. Of course whenever a new song comes up someone comes with an original idea and presents it to the band so as to complete and form the song. That is because we believe that everyone has to offer when forming and writing the songs.


3. We have worked with many bands from Greece. They have told us that the Metal scene there is not very strong, yet the country keeps making great bands.  How would you explain the fact that there are so many involved in Metal in Greece yet not enough fans to support it.


Well I don’t really think that there are not enough supporters. On the contrary I believe that there is lots of them. However I think that the problem is that there are not enough places to promote your music without being exploited by the owners of those places who treat you in most cases as a means of  profit and nothing less.In addition there are not any big companies to distribute your work.I also believe that there many great bands from Greece but due to lack of opportunities they split up or stay in the dark.(with the exception of very few such as Rotting Christ or Septic Flesh.)


4. It is easy to label Korrigan as a Death Metal band but there is much more to the sound you create. How would you explain the Korrigan sound to new fans?


We’ve always declared ourselves to be an atmospheric metal band.I think that our music cannot easily be categorized as merely  atmospheric death or atmospheric black or etc. There many different elements that are merged into our songs clearly due to our eight members. Each one contributes with elements from black-death-heavy-gothic metal but also from classical music and classic rock or even blues.

Let’s say that we are an atmospheric death-black-goth-heavy metal band!!!


5. The band has been together since 2005, have you had a chance to play any shows outside your home country?


Unfortunately it’s been quite difficult to coordinate so many members and we are all university students  so we have not had the chance to play abroad. Nonetheless,we’d love to.


6. Tell us about albums what is your current release?


We released a four- track demo in February 2008 and two years later(May 2010) a promo for our ten-track debut full length which was finally released in November 2010.Our first album was very good reviewed since it’s release(even better than we expected!).


7. What is the next big goal for Korrigan?


Our big next goal…Well we clearly want to set off for our second full-length. However we currently have some line up problems(which are about to be solved),so that done we will be ready to go in studio and  perform some new lives too.


8. In closing please leave our readers with any final thoughts or comments and thanks for your time.


We hope that your readers will enjoy our music. Thank you for the interview!



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