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Lacuna Coil: Dark Adrenaline


    Lacuna Coil have been one of the hardest working bands in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal over the past several years. They have toured extensively and managed to create some very innovative and powerful albums along the way. As with any band they have developed and changed their sound over the last few releases. If you are a fan of a band that is able to redefine their sound and continue to develop then you will enjoy the new Lacuna Coil album. If you are one of those listeners who want to hear the same album over and over then you will probably not like the new material. Lacuna Coil have released a considerably more aggressive and dark album which is something they have hinted at on the last couple releases. I really enjoy the new approach and feel it is a logical step for the band in shaping their future. I have followed Lacuna Coil from their first album and I am happy to see the progression. I still absolutely love the bands early material and "Unleashed Memories" is still my favorite album from the band, but the new material is exciting and fresh and marks a real jump in Lacuna Coils musical approach. They have also been doing some great cover songs in the last few years and Dark Adrenaline offers another cover in the form of REM's classic "Losing My Religion". Congratulations to Lacuna Coil on the new album and check them out on tour!


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