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Last Red Ransom

Band Members:

CHARLOTTE KELLI- Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars, Programming

SAINT- Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Programming

ADAIR- Drums

FKS- Bass

Country of Origin: USA

Sleep Well Sweet Vanity(2010)



1. Tonight we are speaking with the Atlanta based band Last Red Ransom. Welcome my friends. So I have been listening to the tracks you have posted and I must say I am really impressed. your music has a very captivating sound with a nice balance to it. Let us start with an introduction of the band members..

Thank you we are very glad that you enjoyed it. There are three of us on the album. Charlotte Kelli is lead vocals, keyboard, and guitar. Saint does vocals, guitar, programming, and keyboard. Adair is on drums. Recently, we have added Florian who is playing bass with us on the road. 
2. The first thing I noticed about the songs is the fact that they seem to flow effortlessly. How does the writing process work within the band?

It usually starts with guitar or keyboard. After we come up with the skeleton for the song. We sit in the studio and add in all the programming. And then we finalize lyrics and vocals. Sometimes we come up with as many as three or more different choruses for a single song. But it comes down to what fits perfectly for that song. We keep writing until it is 100%.
3. The music is also very atmospheric yet powerful, was this the intention from the start or just a natural progression of the writing process?

We are glad that is how you hear it because that is exactly what we are trying to do. We try to make sure that the song is a powerful song that would fit for a standard band. Once we know that has been accomplished, we add in other elements to create more of an atmosphere. 
4. Your debut album came out in 2010 called "Sleep Well Sweet Vanity", How long was the writing process for the album?

The actual writing process, coming up with the skeletons, did not take very long. For this album we decided to self-produce and build our own recording studio. This what what took the longest. From malfunctions to certain equipment just altogether taking a dive to where there was no hope for recovery, we built the studio for at least a year. Once it was finished, the writing could continue and it all went pretty smoothly after that. The actual performing went fast: drums took about 4-6 hours, guitars took 1 day, bass took about 2 days, and keyboards took about a week. (If memory serves us correctly.) 
5. Let us look at a few of the songs in particular, are there any certain songs that you feel really capture the Last Red Ransom sound the best, or are there any personal favorites for any of you?

One Word and Lay Down capture the overall sound of Last Red Ransom the best, we believe. As far as favorites go, there are many answers depending on whether you are performing them or listening to them. We made sure during the writing process that we were all equally happy with each track; however, One Word, Lay Down, and Empire seem to keep coming up as some of our favorite tracks as a band.  
6. Nocturnal Euphony works mostly out of Atlanta and our excellent photographer has had the pleasure of seeing you live. Her report of your live show was very favorable. How would you descibe your live show and are there any plans to tour?
Ever since SWSV was released we have performed as a three piece. Adair on drums, Saint on guitars and vocals, and Charlotte on vocals, keyboard, and guitar. Charlotte held down the low end for live performances. Recently, however, with the addition of Florian on bass, the live show has really opened up. We do have plans for some mini-tours around the Southeast early next year to spring. 
7. With such a great album under your belts the question begs to be asked. Are you currently working on or planning a follow up album?

We are working on an EP right now that will be about five songs and will feature more of our electronic side and less of the heavier vocals. In this EP there will also be a remix of One Word that kind of started the whole idea. We where working on the remix first and thought it would be cool to keep going while we were at it and record some more electronic songs.
8. What is the next big goal for Last Red Ransom?
Right now this EP is first on our minds. After that we hope to be playing more and attracting bigger crowds which is all made possible by great people and interviews like this one!
9. In closing, please leave us with any final thoughts or comments and thanks for speaking with us. We wish you all the best!
Thanks for keeping us in mind and interviewing us. We hope that people will enjoy the new EP as much as the last album. We would also like for everyone to keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter, and



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