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Review and Interview 2009:

Band Members: Hohenstein (Vocals) Kreishloff (Guitars) Chris Lollis (Guitars/Vocals) Jeremy Nissenbaum (Drums) Mike Poggione (Bass)

Origin Country: USA

2008 -"The Age of Miracles Has Passed"

2006 - "Adoration of the Blade"

Self Title EP cover:

Record Label: Unique Leader

1. To begin lets start with a band introduction. Who are the members and where are you from?

Hohenstein-Vox- southern Arkansas. Kreishloff-Guitars-Minnesota Chris Lollis-Guitars/Vox-South Carolina Jeremy Nissenbaum-New York living in Boston Mike Poggione-Florida

2. How is the Metal scene in up state South Carolina? Are you receiving good support?

Haven't really been a part of the local metal scene in awhile(meaning we don't play locally alot), but the metal bands here are great people, and they've shown support for Lecherous superbly in the past, and present.

3. Tell us about "The Age of Miracles Has Passed" what can our readers expect from this release?

Very insane riffing, but also very catchy songwriting, along with amazing drumming, intelligent lyrics, and an overall sense of despair and vitriol. A record born of necessity for all of us.

4. How does this album differ from the previous release "Adoration of the Blade"?

We really focused on songwriting alot more on "Miracles". "Adoration" had a couple of songs we had lying around for awhile, and we wanted to get them on record. The new record is fresh, and?most of the songs were written after we had gotten ripped off on tour, so we came back with an agenda, and a fury.

5. You have released a video for the song "Just War Theory", How was the experience of creating a video?

Amazing. We've known?the director Garrett Williams for awhile now, and he's worked with a few bands locally making vids for them. We saw what he did for our buds in Insidious Demise, and we really wanted him to do it. He had a vision, we had a vision, and the two clicked. He's very relaxed, but he's also an intense and focused individual, who wants the best from himself and whatever subject he's working with. We feel the same. Highly recommended.

6. February 20th kicks off the start of a tour that will take the band coast to coast here in the U.S. Has the band played a tour like this before?

We've played shows here and there, a few dates on the last tour, but nothing like this intense road trip we're about to embark on. 30+ dates with no days off. Nice

7. What other bands will be joining you on the road?

Grind Your Mind Tour '09 will be Embryonic Devourment, Sol Asunder and Lecherous. Local bands will be opening up some shows on select dates.

8. Tell us about a Lecherous Nocturne show. What can our readers expect when they come out to see you?

Controlled chaos. Violence, vitriol and absolute destruction onstage.

9. Once the tour has concluded what is next up for the band?

We're going to come home and start pre-production on the new record, and do another video.

10. In conclusion we wish you guys all the best on the road, we encourage our readers to come out and support you. In the meantime where can we get our Lecherous Nocturne merchandise?

You can get all merchandise through the myspace site, and the live shows. Thanks for the opportunity....Salute


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