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Legion X

Interview w/ Syd Howell

Band Members:

Syd Howell (Vocals)
Chet Powell (Lead Guitar)
Kurtis Campbell (Bass)
Jeremy Kidd (Drums)
Jacob Groce (Rhythm Guitar)

Country of Origin: USA

Beat By Nothing (2011)

Demonic Hour (2006 EP)

1. Hellish Atlanta Metal machine known as Legion X. We are talking tonight with Syd Howell(Vocals). Syd welcome to Nocturnal Euphony my friend. So take us back to the start. How did Legion X come to be?

Kurtis (our bass guitar player) and me kickin it as kids trying to play something, which ended up being nothing. Eventually, we hooked up with the right guys who had already been jamming together and had a solid rhythm section and BOOM!
2. As with most bands Legion X has seen hard times with line up changes. Please introduce us to the current line up.

Kurtis Campbell on bass guitar, Jacob Groce on rhythm guitar, Chet Powell on lead guitar, and Jeremy Kidd playing drums.
3. Legion X has done it's fair share of touring. Has the touring been confined to the U.S. or have you played shows outside the country?

So far, only national U.S. touring, but this is only until we get the opportunity to go elsewhere.
4. Legion X has a very in your face, no apologies sound. Was this the idea behind the music to begin with or just the natural result?

When we started  the band we always wanted to be the heaviest and fastest but do to the fact that we were to inexperienced to get it done.. Then after years one day we realized were not kids anymore and this must be getting good cause the crowds keep getting bigger and we keep getting more brutal.

5. Does the band write as a whole or are there primary song writers?

We all write on our on but bring it to the table and then it get chopped and mixed around till everyone digs it.

6. What is the current Legion X discography?

"Demonic Hour "2006 EP
7. What is the next big goal for the band?

For now just more touring and pumping the kids up on the new album ... Looking forward to hitting the road extra hard in 2012.
8. We all know bands owe everything to the fans, so how has Atlanta treated you guys over the years?

It's been up and down . When we started I guess we couldn't make enough noise to stand out .. A lot of time this is a  problem for most bands .. But over the years touring to other cities and playing for other crowds I can defiantly say Atlanta has the best crowds and treats great every show.

9. In closing please leave us with any final thoughts or comments and thanks for your time.

A big thanks to everyone who has been backing us over the years . Y'all keep it up and we'll see you in a town near you soon ... Till the stay beat by nothing !

Check this out! A fucking brutal time on Halloween from the guys in Legion X and Gorehound Productions!!
Torture Co. at Chamber of Horrors - Atlanta, Ga. ( The Masquerade ) Open the end of Sept. thru Oct. 31!! Read the reviews!!! \m/

Chambers of Horror 2011 - Video


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