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Luna Obscura - 2011

Band Members:

Gogo Melone - Vocals/Orchestrals
Aris Potonos - Vocals/Words
Dimitris Papachristos - Guitars/Orchestrals/Programming
Stratos Kountouras - Bass
Alexi Charalampous - Guitars
George Montes - Drums

Country of Origin: Greece


“DARCANDA”  – Demo 2004

“EVILYN” - EP 2007

“FELTIA” -  Full length album 2008 - 2009


1. Tonight it is our pleasure to once again be speaking with our friends Luna Obscura. Last time we spoke it was 2008 right after your album "Feltia" was released.
So that release was a big time for the band. Looking back to 2008, was their any pressure on the band when releasing "Feltia" was the band nervous at all?

"Hi guys, it's very nice to talk with you. It's been a long time since our last interview but it's better to speak when you have something to say.
Well "Feltia" was our first release and it was something unique for the band. Of course we had pressure cause we wanted to have the best results,
mean the best results for the songs, the sound, the production, the artwork...everything. It was hard for us to release an album if you consider that
we were only 3 members in the band those days and after the release we didn't knew which way was the best to promote our music. Well websites
like MySpace, Lastfm, FaceBook helped us a lot but it's always not enough, you need to get signed with a label. 1 year later we made a contract
with Casket Music/Copro Records and now the band have a good promotion and the most important is that "Feltia" is in stores and our fans and other
people are able to find this work in their towns without using the band's store from the internet. This is good for us."


2. The album received a lot of very good press and high reviews. Did this come as a surprise, and what was the bands reaction to the praise?
"To be honest with you we didn't expect such kind of high reviews. Ok, we knew that we have some good stuff in our hands and we totally believed
a lot into this album but if you don't see the reactions, you can't be sure for anything. We felt great and satisfied when the first reviews came and we
still are but reviews are only some nice words. The biggest critics are the crowd and especially the unknown people who listen your music live,
see your perform and never knew you before this moment. If you can grab their attention then you can talk about success.
At this level the band has done and stil does a really good job."


 3. I understand the writing process for a new album has started. Do you expect a similar sound and feel as "Feltia"?
"Well, we'll be Luna doubts about it. We've written all the songs from "Feltia" in different periods and was hard to mix them all,
we're still finding small details that we could change but that's the beauty of listen, learn and becoming better.
This time all the tracks are new so we don't have to deal with the past. It's not our goal to make another "Feltia" album and we don't do that
but if this album gave you something, the new one for sure will gives you more. The sound is more dark, more melodic and can't wait to finish

the writing process and get on studio work."


4. Is there anything you would like to incorporate into the music of Luna Obscura that you haven't tried yet?
"We want to make a concept album. We can't reveal if at the new album you will see it cause the lyrics are not finished yet, but in our minds we want
to make a good concept album soon or later."


 5. We have just started 2011, other than a new album, what would you like to see Luna Obscura accomplish by this time next year?
"We need more gigs this year. We have new merchandise and now the re-release of "Feltia" by Casket so we want to do some things
but our first priority always is the new album. In other news, you can find a poll to our website, people vote their favorite songs.
This vote will be finish in two weeks then a big surprise will follow."


6. Touring is always a question fans want to know about, will you be able to fit any shows in between the writing this year?
"Yes but not outside of Greece because we want to safe money and time for the album.
Our fans outside have to wait until we finish our things here."


7. Often bands feel that they have to top there previous albums, when you have such a great album like "Feltia" does that add any pressure when it comes to making new music?
"Well, what you feel it's not exactly pressure but it's something. When we started, we felt completely empty and we didn't like at all the first samples.
We were writing and delete all the ideas. It was something like "Hey that reminds me another song" or "Not again this melody" :)).
All have moments of ups and downs but in the end you'll find your way."


8. We have been working with several bands from your home country of Greece, has anyone suggested taking several of these acts on the road together, to maybe do some international dates?
"Actually no, only bands from other countries. Maybe they can't or don't want to :)) but it doesn't matter.
We contact with many bands so if you want to arrange a tour, we can do it anytime but like we said not until the new album finished."


9. In closing we wish Luna Obscura all the best with the new music, and we look forward to hearing it. Please leave our readers with any final thoughts or comments.
"Thanks for everything! For more updates please visit our website at
Many many greetings to your readers and our fans."



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