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Review and Interview 2009:

The band "Lyriel" from Gummersbach (Germany) established itself in the autumn 2003. Three of the seven musicians originate from the metal band "Sorrowsend", which already exists since 1994. One member and also mastermind of Lyriel, Oliver Thierjung (guitar), decided to found a side project with Jessica. Two other Sorrowsend members also joined the new project: Sven Engelmann (bass) and Daniel de Beer (drums). They chose to add some other instruments. Thus Martin Ahman (keyboard), Linda Laukamp (cello) and Joon Laukamp (violin) joined the band and Lyriel was born. Waypoints of several related music directions are melting to a union of melodies and a completely own new style! The songs of Lyriel rang from sensitive, dreamy ballads, sometimes in a medieval style up, to hard pieces and classical arrangements and elements of folk. On top of this all, Jessica's strong but gentle voice brings a melodic and very special vibe into the music and holds it all together. She emphasises it all with her beauty and personality on stage and it will take you along, if only you want to. The fact that violin and cello do not come from the keyboard, but they were all played live on stage, stands for the characteristic of Lyriel. About the style you can also say, that the band is a successful mixture from "Blackmore's Night", "Within Temptation" and "Nightwish”. The first album was published on January 17th, 2005. Title of the album: “Prisonworld”. A special on this album is among other things the song "Lind e-huil", which is written in "Sindarin", the Elb-language by JRR Tolkien´s "Lord of the rings". The album includes 13 tracks inclusive 2 bonus tracks, which are "Crown of the Twilight" and "Symmetry of disfiguration" in an acoustic style. The complete program of Lyriel can be converted either into harder rock set or into an acoustic set, which emphasises further the versatility of the musicians. Their live ability proved Lyriel as supporting act of “ELIS”, “Vision of Atlantis” and “Xandria” on a route through Germany, Austria and Belgium. Lyriel were 2006 among other things, on one the largest Live-role-play-adventure events in Germany, "New Order". Apart from far over 20 appearances on Middle Ages markets with their acoustic set, Lyriel played on the "Burgfolkfestival" , the "Burger Festival of minstrel" and the "Celtic rock Festival" on castle Greifenstein. Originated of this live act, a live DVD was produced by Black Bards Entertainment (only available over BBE) and this DVD enjoys great popularity. You can also find some of the Lyriel members on the current album "India" from the band “Xandria”. The second album "Autumntales" was released in September 29th, 2006. The album also contains guest vocals by Sabine Dünser (Elis), who died on July 8th, 2006 at the age of 29. Lyriel added a dedicated version of the song "My Favourite Dream", which only features Sabine's vocals and classical instruments. You can also find a video from the live DVD, “Live at Burg Greifenstein”, as a bonus on the album. “Autumntales” has already received some excellent reviews by many scene-magazines.

Band Members: Jessica (Vocals), Olli (Guitar), Sven (Bass), Martin (Keyboard), Linda (Cello), Marcus "Fidi" (Drums), and Joon (Violin)

Origin Country: Germany ******

2006 - "Autumntales"

2005 DVD - "Live auf Burg Greifenstein"

2005 - "Prisionworld"

Record Label: Femme Metal Records

1. To our readers we welcome our first interview with the stunning and unique band Lyriel. To begin lets introduce the band and tell us where you are from.

We are from Germany near Cologne. The Band established in 2004 with seven musicians. On stage we are now only six musicians, without our Keyboarder. But he still keep our seventh member, he is a very important back ground musician for keyboard arrangements.

2. For new listeners of Lyriel, please describe your sound.

The most bands would tell now, that the music can’t be categorized so easily. And we join in this. Lyriel is a little bit Celtic, Rock and Metal, with female vocals and with real cello and violin. But our sound concept does not fit into any scheme.. We like to play different styles, but without loosing the original Lyriel style.

3. One of my favorite things about the Lyriel style is the vast array of diversity involved in the songs. Was this the original idea behind the music?

Not really, that’s just how it turned out. It is sometimes not easy to find music that contains all our musical taste. We try to find a way and solution? that is based on this concept. But we try also to develop our own kind of music and style. This ist the idea behind Lyriel.

4. Along with the sound diversity Lyriel also has the opportunity to play to many different types of crowds at events, festivals, and concerts. Does the band seem to get more support from one type of crowd versus another?

Yes, we are very welcome at the goth scene, that’s amusing. We like the goths, but we are no scene types. Fantasy fans and fans of mediaeval times like often our music. Butt he biggest scene can’t be categorized. We are very surprised that young and old people seems to fall in love with our music. People who has a fable for commercial music like our music, too. That is very important for us. We don’t like to be a band for a special scene.

5. Two albums have been released so far. "Prisonworld" in 2005, and "Autumntales" in 2006. Is there currently work on a third album?

Yes, we are working on our third album this time. We will finalize it end of October. It will be released by Femme Metal Records at the end of this year. We think, that the next coming album will be a highlight of the Lyriel releases.

6. With such a unique style is there anything the band would like to incorporate into the music that you have yet to try?

We like to incorporate more alternative influence into our music.

7. What is most important to you when creating new music for Lyriel?

To find a new concept for every release, based on our style. Otherwise we try to find an enhancement for our style and music. The possibilities and ideas are unlimited, unlike the time.

8. Does the band write as a whole or does each person add ideas?

Linda is writing the most lyrics and I am composing the most songs. The coming release contains two lyrics from Jessi for the first time, also. Two songs are composed by Martin, two songs are composed by Joon and me. So we never work as a whole on our songs.

9. What is the next big goal for Lyriel?

We hope our upcoming third release ?Paranoid Circus“.

10. In closing please leave us with any final thoughts or comments, and please tell our readers where they can get their Lyriel merchandise.

We like to greet and thank all our fans. We know that they had to wait more than three years for a follower of Autumn tales“. Thank you for your patience! We hope ?Paranoid Circus“ can compensate this. Please visit our homepage There you can listen to our music or buy any merchandise.


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