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Interview w/ Myrthe, Chris, Menno


Band Members:

Vocals: Myrthe Van Beest

Guitars: Chris Vrij

Guitars: Arjen Van Der Toorn

Drums: David De Waal

Bass: Menno Bruggeling

Synths: Walter Romberg



Country of Origin: Netherlands


Close to Eternity (2009)

1. Tonight we are speaking with the exciting and powerful band Magion. Hello my friends. Magion have just finished up a very busy year. Let's start with your shows. How did these shows go, I understand you opened for both ReVamp and Epica.

Myrthe: Hello there, Yes we've had quite the year in 2010 and we're hoping 2011 will be an even better one for the band. Opening for Revamp and Epica and some other great bands have been some of our highlights of last year. It's always so nice to play for a big crowd that are very likely new to the music of Magion. It's always great to talk to people in the audience after a show and hear that they really enjoyed our music.

Chris: Hello to you too! Not every show is as smooth as the next. Many bands will agree that sometimes the circumstances are not as was agreed upon. But once we get on stage, we always make it a good show! The nice reactions afterwards from fans are a reason for us to make every show count! In any case, we always enjoy putting on a good show. To be able to open for bands like ReVamp and Epica is great! We're seen by people that have never seen us before and the response was very positive! And that's what we're doing it all for.


2. You are an upcoming band trying to get your name and music out to the world. How valuable is it to have the opportunity to play with such influential bands as ReVamp and Epica?

Chris: It is very valuable for us to play with bigger bands. It's a very good way to get your name out there, but most of all to get the music into the world. In this day and age there's obviously internet to spread your music, but to do it by getting on stage with bands like ReVamp and Epica is way more fun! And I personally prefer getting our music out there live, because the impression we make on people discovering us at that very moment is much more interesting!

Myrthe: Opening for big bands like Epica and Revamp is a great opportunity for us to meet new fans and reach out to a bigger audience. It's THE place to win over new fans and let our music be heard and show the people who we are. That's why we always go into the audience after a show to talk to people, and also to enjoy the shows of the other bands ofcourse ;)



3. Reading through the Magion Bio it seems to me that you have a real drive and determination. So much so that in 2009 when you were ready to find a record label for your album you eventually paid for it and released it yourself. Where does this drive and determination stem from?

Chris: After a long search for a label we were convinced that we shouldn't wait any longer with releasing "Close to Eternity". It would obviously have been more fun to release the album through a label. But I must say, we are all very surprised by how well things are going as a result of this independent release. A lot of poeple knew we had the album finished already, and after some time people kept asking "when the album is finally getting release?" ALtogether, it was clear to us that we should do an independent release instead.

Myrthe: I think after all this time we've been together in Magion we have come to know each other very well and we all want the same thing. To reach a big audience and move people with our music. When it comes to our music we are perfectionists, we always try to make the songs as good as possible. It's a shame that we didn't find a label to support us, but we believe in the music we make, so we decided not to wait longer and just release the album on our own. I think that was a very good decision for us at that time and we didn't regret it for one minute!

Menno: I used to read a lot on the music business online. There's of course some successful experiments from bigger bands, but you never really know how successful a smaller band can be. There are success stories, but you never know how many tried and failed. Although I do believe in our music, I felt that if we were realistic, signing to a label would for us probably mean a small label at this stage. I was convinced that we could reach as much on our own, and when I managed to convince everyone to go independent at least for this first album, we had the album pressed and out there in only a month. Making music is very much a "flow" type of thing though, and I was convinced that with Magion we can create a quality album every two years. We can always sign to a label for a second album in the future, if we feel that it will bring us opportunities that we can't reach on our own. As was said before by Chris and Myrthe, Close to Eternity is doing very well in sales! We have sold out our first pressing in about 8 months; over half of the sales went outside of The Netherlands, with many sales coming from the US and Canada, as well as Japan. That's amazing! We're convinced that with some more promotion, we can do really well in many other countries too.


4. So the album was released with great success. What did it mean to Magion to finally have the album in hand?

Myrthe: Like I said in the question beforen, we have been searching for a label for a very very long time. At one point we didn't want to wait any longer and took it into our own hands. It was such a weird feeling to see the final result for the first time. I still remember I went to pick up the cd's from the manufacturer and he opened up a box to show me the cd. I still feel that lump in my throat when I think of that day. It sounds cheesy but I felt really moved. As if I saw my baby for the first time haha!

Chris: I think I can speak for every band member when I say that we're all very proud of the end product. It gets you some recognition, a feeling of "look what we've accomplished!" Especially for me, the element of recognition for your effort is important when I look back on how much work I put into it. Of course everyone contributed, but the recordings took a lot of effort. Without getting into details too much, we were collaborating with a producer and it went very slowly. In the end, I did all editing and mixing myself. I suppose it was logical in a way, because I know all the songs by heart. As such, I got all songs ready to go into mastering. "Close to Eternity" is to me a very successful album and I'm really very proud of it!

Menno: it was not just what it meant to have it in our hands, but also to have it in our fans hands! 2010 was the year when we first saw people we'd never seen before singing along our lyrics during shows, when someone told us she's singing our songs in her vocal lessons. That's pretty great, when you see that happening before your eyes :)


5. I understand work on a second album is underway, what can you tell us about the new album?

Chris: I can let you in on some details for the new songs. There are many more key arrangements in the new material that I've written, which will maybe make it all sound a bit more "Epic"! I've recorded a great number of new songs. Out of these, the band will make a selection for the new album. The metal influences will always be there of course, but because we also have the luxury of Myrthe's diverse voice, we can vary in the themes we use for the music. At the moment I'm still working on pre-productions, and when those are finished we can get into the studio again. We intend to release the new album by this year!

Myrthe: The new album does have a more orchestral feel to it, and it is also a bit darker in my opinion. With the lyrics I went a bit deeper too, I'm describing a lot of things that happened to me over the last year and as you may have guessed they're not always pretty. We went a bit more overboard with choirs and orchestrall arrangements. At this moment we're still working on the last couple of songs that will be on the album and we hope to still bring you some surprises ;)



6. Do you expect 2011 to be bigger than last year, and where would you like to see the band at this time next year?

Myrthe: We had alot of things going on in 2010. For starters the release of our debut album “Close To Eternity” and alot of great gigs. In our personal lives 2010 was a very turbulent year. I hope things will calm down a bit in 2011 so we can focus more on our music and on having even a better and more productive year than 2010. My hopes for 2011 is to finish the recordings on our second album and hopefully release it as well. I can't wait to get on stage and show people our new songs.

Chris: Obviously we hope to accomplish even more in 2011 than in 2010. Last year was a good year for us, and we continue to work hard to be able to accomplish even more. Of course I would be most happy seeing Magion as one of the bigger names in the genre by next year, but sooner would be even better ;)



7. Having the opportunity to create and play music is a powerful and passionate experience. What does being in Magion mean to you?

Chris: To me, Magion is a part of my life. I believe there's no better outlet for someone than to make music! It's something where I can direct my emotion and of course my passion into. It's safe to say, Magion is like a child to me.

Myrthe: Like Chris said, music is a real outlet. On stage I get to be someone else than I am in normal live. I think I'm more myself on stage than anywhere else. It is where I feel at home. It means alot to me that people listen to our music and tell us how much they like it. As for writing lyrics, it's the perfect way to express my thoughts. In real life I can be very quiet and I don't like arguing very much but in my lyrics I can say whatever I want, that's a very liberating feeling.


8. Obviously getting the second record complete is a major goal, what else would you like to see happen with Magion in the coming months?

Chris: Gigs! In the next few months I'd really enjoy to play live a lot. And I do mean across the borders! It would mean the world for me to be offered a European tour together with a bigger band. That way we can get our name out there even more and play our music live wherever we can!

Myrthe: Indeed, gigs gigs and more gigs. And hopefully have some longer shows. When we are a support act for bigger bands we ususally don't get alot of time to show ourselves. I love shows where we get to play for at least an hour. That way we can really show what Magion is all about and we have the opportunity to play some of our longer songs.



9. Have Magion had the chance to play outside of your home country and will you do so this year?

Chris: We've played a show in Antwerp (Belgium) once. As I said in the previous question, we'd love to play abroad. It's funny, considering over half of our record sales have been abroad. But there's a future for those things, at least we hope so.

Myrthe: We would love to see other countries with Magion. We haven't been further than Belgium unfortunately but you never know what the futere might bring!

Menno: things are cooking! We'll see how far we can take it in 2011 and beyond :)



10. In closing, please leave our readers and your fans with any final thoughts or comments, and Thanks for your time.

Chris: Thank you for interviewing us! To the fans and the readers I can only say: keep an eye on us and we'll be in your neighborhood soon for a good show!

Myrthe: Thank you everyone for reading this interview. Your support means alot to us and don't hesitate to stay in touch with us through our website or social media sites (facebook, myspace etc). Thank you all!
Love Myrthe


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