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Mechanical God Creation

Band Members: ALE – (Guitars), SIMO – (Guitars), LUCY – (Vocals), VEON – (Bass Guitar), MANUEL – (Drums)

Country Origin: Italy ***

CELL XIII (2010)

And The Battle Becomes War (2007)

1. MGC seems to be getting a good fan base very quickly. How long has the band been together?

Yes we already had a good response from people, from all the world and i really appreciate it because it is less then one year we started to play together and we did not much gigs yet but we already played with big bands like Ozzy Osbourne , Megadeth, Korn , Black Label Society, Type of Negative and Graveworm and i hope to play some more gig abroad too.

2. MGC hail from Italy , There are a lot of great bands coming out of Italy these days. How is the metal scene there?

Unfortunately the extreme metal scene is not so big in Italy , that is a shame because we already have cool bands here but not easy to "came out" and be famous with that kind of music.

3. So your first release is "...and the battle becomes war." a brutal collection of Death Metal. Has writing for a full length album started?

We are thinking to do a full album next year in May so we could maybe find a record label, we are still searching for it and i hope it wont take so long until we get it.

4. Your vocals on the songs are very strong and impressive. How do you prepare your voice before playing live?

To be honest i don't do much for prepare my voice before playing live, i exercise it a lot in other days and i try to keep it always in good condition, i also smoke and i don't care :-D it doesn't seems to be bad for my vocals at the moment so why stop,anyway i drink often hot drinks with honey and that is good for the throat

5. Speaking of live shows, where can fans see MGC in the next few months?

We will performing in Milan next month at Transylvania Live , and if we will win this Austrian contest we will play in Linz with Belphegor, Nile, Six Feet Under and Fintroll. I hope so because they are bands i really like.

6. How have crowds been reacting to your music?

When we played at Gods of Metal i saw a lot of people shocked in front of me ahah they was waiting Megadeth and Ozzy and they saw this little girl singing like a man...but they said me they really liked us and we received a lot of requests and nice comments.

7. You seem to have a great passion for metal. What interests you most about metal music?

Well not easy to say, music is my only big interest and i am not really able to do other things, i have also two jobs like a secretary and they make me busy a lot.I like to read, go out sometimes with my friends, sometimes because i prefer stay a lot on my own, and see metal festivals.. i like to travel, i love Scandinavian places.

8. So what is the next big goal for the band?

Like a told before we are thinking about a full album and get more gigs also in other foreign countries, i am doing also another cool project with other people but i cant advertise now until we finish, but it seems to be great. I will let you know for sure when it is done!

9. What do you hope fans get from your music?

I hope they will support us and they will come to see us at our future gigs, i love when the crows get crazy in front of us and i hope they will like our new songs.

10. Where can fans get MGC merchandise?

They can ask writing us to our band myspace profile and do an order.easy :-)


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