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Meden Agan

Interview w/Diman and Iiana

Band Members:


Country of Origin: Greece

Promo (2010)

Erevos Aenaon (2011) *New Album/Photo Art by Seth Siro Anton - Septic Flesh*


We at NEI, want to say Congratulations to Meden Agan on the release of their upcoming album, Erevos Aenaon. \m/ Cheers


1. Tonight we are speaking with Iliana (vocals) and Diman (guitars) of the Greek band Meden Agan. Hello my friends, thanks for speaking with us tonight. If I am correct Meden Agan means "nothing in excess" is that correct and how does that phrase fit the band?

Diman: Yes this is the meaning of our name and we think it describes the overall attitude of the band. As the ancient greeks have said, in life we must use moderation above all.
2. For our readers who are not familiar with your music please introduce us to the entire band and describe your sound.

Diman: The band is:
Illiana -Operatic Vocals
Aris-Bass-Brutal Vocals
Our sound is symphonic metal with operatic vocals and elements from proggresive and black metal but it is difficult to put a label on our music!
3. How long has Meden Agan been together?

Diman: Iliana joined the band 2 years ago. We started playing with the current line-up in November 2009 apart from Ploutarhos (drums) who entered the band one year later.
4. 2010 saw the release of your promo CD. Will we see a new album in the future?

Diman: Our debut album will finally be released in the 23rd of September and you are all invited to our release party! Of course there are plans for a second full-length album but we think it is too early to talk about that.
5. I have recently read a review of one of your live shows in Athens. It was said the show was incredible, and the band seems to be really close. How would you describe the band's relationship?
Diman: We are like a big family, we love each other and we support each other. We think that communication beteween bandmates plays the most important role.
6. Iliana, you were described as a flawless lead vocalist. How long have you been performing and what is your training history?

Iliana: I have been singing ever since I remember myself. I started taking singing lessons when I was 11 years old. My training as a classical singer started 3 years later. I believe that love for music comes from inside, and has to do with the way you see the world around you. I play the piano since I was 11. I have also learned to play a traditional greek instrument called lira. My musical studies are still in progress. Currently my vocals range is between 3 to D6.
7. Diman, how long have you been involved with Meden Agan and have you played in any other bands?

Diman: I created Meden Agan in November 2005 and I am still very proud and happy for my band and how things turned out. I have also played in many other bands like Lake Demons, Aleph, Process.
8. In closing, please leave us with any final thoughts or comments and thanks for your time.

Diman & Iliana: We would like to thank you for this interview and we hope that metal fans will embrace our debut album "Erevos Aenaon". We hope to see you soon in one of our shows!




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