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Monolord-Empress Rising

Artist: Monolord
Album: Empress Rising
Release: April 1st 2014 
Genre: Psychedelic Stoner Doom
Label: Riding Easy Records
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Review by: Peter Dul 
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It's quiet. I'm in a dark candle lit I walk over to my turn table I pull out this green album with a very interesting looking woman on the cover. This is the debut album "Empress Rising" by the band Monolord. Formed in 2013 in the wooded west end of Sweden by Thomas V Jager on Guitar/Vocals, Mikka Hakki on Bass and Esben Willems on Drums. The band quickly gained notice from small time indie label Easy Rider Records (later changing their name to Riding Easy Records) based out of Hermosa Beach, California whom released this monstrosity of an album. I pull out this purple marble looking record and start to play it...with the strike of a B note on the guitar paired with a boss flanger on a clean channel it begins...immediately upon the start I felt like I began to slip into a trance like state.
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The album itself being a forty six minute and twenty two second power house of Heavy Fuzz and Bass with a ferocious sound of unforgiving thunder coming from the drum kit. This twelve minute nineteen second song proceeds with this flanged out guitar carrying on a slow but incredibly building groove. Like the beginnings of what you hope to be a good acid trip. The hypnotic groove keeps building and building with light cymbal accents in the background til finally...BOOOM!! Like an atomic bomb the drums, bass and guitar all hit you like the hammer of Thor striking your ear drums.
This is something heavier than anything I had heard in my life. The song continues to carry on with the groove it exploded into, but once again gets quiet returning to that clean flange tone, but only for a few short seconds when everything comes back balls to the wall. You begin to hear the vocals and the opening lines...
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"Wisp of smoke, lifeless tomb
Ritual has yet begun
Awakes from haunted sleep
Eons burned the abyssinian sun..."
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This song and album is the perfect blend of everything Doom should be, but more. its almost takes you on a journey, but for me it does. Empress Rising is composed of 5 tracks. them being as such....
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1. Empress Rising 
2. Audhumbla 
3. Harbringer Of Death
4. Icon
5. Watchers Of The Waste
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This album is bound to grow on you as a daily listen. for me I usually spark one up and kick back lettering the music guide my mind to parts unknown. I get lost in it. this is an album that you can put on the table and chill out to, and not have to skip out on any of the tracks. A true work of art that will forever set itself into the halls of doom for all of eternity. I can sit here all day and tell you how good it is, but with this album you to just experience it for yourself. so get a yourself a copy, fire one up and enjoy the ride. I cant wait to see what these guys have in store for us next. I expect nothing less than perfect. I give this album 10 hammers up!! 
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